Hello Social people :)
Here's a shameless plug for Open Web Systems, where we provide surveillance-free hosted email and Nextcloud, powered by renewable energy... openweb.systems/ if you're still using Gmail you might want to think about how much data they're gathering about you...>> openweb.systems/2021/11/16/if-

OPEN 2018 conference, will focus on 3 themes:

The showcase will present examples from functioning platform co-ops

The Collaborative & Peer to Peer tech sessions will feature presentations on alternative digital currencies, open source tools and technology and the development of the new platforms and protocols

Discussions on the changing narrative will explore the co-op vision and the evolving politics and philosophy of a world of abundance


First toot(!) here - very excited to be part of the and to be organising 2018.open.coop/ in about and all things and I already see a few familiar faces :)


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