when did corporate social media begin to define our relationships? How different would your friend network be if Facebook wasn't there? Breaking out of that type of hold on our relationships is daunting.

How will I see pictures? How will I organize and attend events? How do I build an entire social life outside of the purview of silicon valley? Has this whole generation lost the ability to form relationships like that?

TIL: under general relativity, energy is not conserved because spacetime itself is expanding. preposterousuniverse.com/blog/

Introducing #Botober, a set of AI-generated drawing prompts for each day in October!

I generated these using GPT-3, a neural net trained on a huge amount of internet text, but not on drawing prompts specifically. (This explains a lot)


@redoak @nicksellen are non-tech-team folks OK to join the tech call today? I'm curious!

roguelike devs be like... 

“The availability of source code is less important than the organization of software labor.”

This is an interesting license. (v2.jacky.wtf/post/5a9c2612-6c9)

Oooh, someone went and built a thing I've been imagining for quite a while: a Patreon alternative that's structured as a creator- and worker-owned ! comradery.co/

I wanna follow more folks on here, my feed is too sparse. I'm interested in , , , , and like... cool chill creative folks who talk about things other than the news. Who should I follow?

Huh, did social.coop get an upgrade? Things look different!


On a scale from froze to coze, rate your toes

It's time for Hammerplaits: co-op edition: round 2!! Come be a dwarf in the plucky Axe of Wines fortress in the south. Our Great Magma Project is ... more of a hot jelly project at the moment. But we're working on it.

6pm PST, twitch.tv/nornagon

modding is super confusing. Here's a mini-FAQ on all the different modding tools, mostly for my own reference:

Bukkit (aka CraftBukkit): One of the first Minecraft modding tools. Server-side only. Some weird DMCA junk means it's complicated to download.
Spigot: a souped-up Bukkit.
Sponge: Similar in goals to Bukkit, but different and newer. No DMCA junk.
Forge: A different approach to modding than Bukkit. Much more invasive. Optionally includes client-side modding capabilities.

Streaming some "co-op mode" Dwarf Fortress! Come be a dwarf in Hammerplaits: twitch.tv/nornagon

This is tonight! In 4 hours!

Come watch the grand opening of the Hammerplaits Magma Moat, and take your rightful place in the history of the Axe of Wines. Possess a Hammerplaits dwarf and bear witness to the first moment of our glorious future!

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I'm working on a mod for that adds some limited "co-op mode" support: folks watching my Twitch stream will be able to "possess" a dwarf and take some control of them, see their innermost thoughts and feelings, and decide their role in the fortress.

If that sounds like fun to you, I'm going to be trying it out for the first time on Wednesday, 6.30pm PST! Follow me on Twitch to get a notification: twitch.tv/nornagon

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