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Hey! My name is Nat. I'm a nonbinary computer science student and software developer. I'm particularly interested in , development and ethical software design philosophy.

I'm currently working on a client called which aims to show how social media can be less addictive, though I've recently been on hiatus since getting to university.

I love what the Social.Coop community is doing and I'm excited to be a part of it!

I've been using for a few months now on the promise that feeding garbage data into my ad profile would protect my privacy. Interestingly, while there's been a few outliers, the portrait is still plausibly true to my interests. I think I get even more ads for things I'd be likely to buy than before I started. I plan to keep using it, since I still have high hopes for what it's at least trying to accomplish, but I'm not sure it's done anything for me besides waste bandwidth so far

racism, ableism, sexism; 

It kills me, the number of people who log onto that site just to complain about stuff like liberal bias. If you can't handle a bit of liberalism, what are you doing in Women's Studies 1000?

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racism, ableism, sexism; 

RateMyProfessor can be useful for figuring out which professors are going to help you learn and which will just make you feel miserable, but only for the ones who are white, male and able-bodied (among other intersecting axes). You can get a pretty good estimate of the accuracy of a prof's reviews if you take it as inversely proportional to their disprivilege

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@FrazzledBrynn and @diffractie ‘s home just caught fire! Everyone is out and okay but their place is crispy, smoky, and dangerous. Please help them and their sweet kitty get a hot meal and a place to sleep for a couple of nights!

Posting for them as they’re understandably out of brain juice. #mutualaid

I have officially moved all of my work to @codeberg which I believe is a small step in the right direction of Doing Things Correctly. It's remarkably easy to just set it up to mirror everything onto GitHub, allowing me to still be a real person in the eyes of the industry without directly serving GitHub's interests. That doesn't put me much more in control of my data, though.

I know there's already a ton of wiki projects on the subject, but I'm particularly thinking of something organized as a book that you can read from cover to cover. There's a huge difference in experience between navigating through a web of links in a MediaWiki site vs. say, reading through a readthedocs site

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I'd love to see a book written on getting started with the indieweb, aimed at people who don't have much experience with computers. Part course on tech literacy, part how-to guide on how to escape the grips of big tech companies. Anyone know if something like that already exists? If not, I'm kind of interested in writing one, so if you are too, send me a message.

Boosts appreciated, and also tagging this in

Once upon a time, I was trying to pick a license and, reasonably, decided that I probably didn't need people to make money off of my work. Then, the Creative Commons license picker warned me that CC-BY-NC-SA isn't a "free culture" license. Now, every time I see it or something similar (like, say, GPL), my brain goes "but wait! What about free culture???"

I feel like it's going to take a while to get over that.

"Monads are scary; or, The Queering of Object Orientated Programming"

First article in a year, wow.

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That was the thing that I found incredibly relieving when I started using Elixir, and it seems that this goes for most programming languages as well. All you had to do was learn how to use Elixir and maybe the Phoenix framework, and that was it. You could start making projects. But here I am, tentatively opening the Next.js docs...

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I've literally just learned what Next.js is today, so (I really hope that) maybe I have the wrong idea, but it never fails to amaze me how consistently people's solution to the mess that is the ecosystem is to throw another technology on the heap.

Every year, there's a new end-all-be-all solution to JavaScript's problems that you have to learn. It always seems to make things more complicated

Mind you, if someone's web forum forces you to pick between "male," "female," and "decline to self identify," they've probably never heard of non-binary people before

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Even better yet, which I encountered today, is "I do not wish to answer." "Decline to self identify" suggests that maybe you're refusing to fit yourself in the framework. "I do not wish to answer" says that *you* are making a personal choice not to answer the question, insinuating that were it any other way, you could fit yourself into one of the two options.

IMO that's as bad as choosing between "female" or "male," only that now they won't be able to deduce my AGAB until we meet in person.

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My favourite gender identity is "Decline to self identify"

I spent my whole life being told by computer science educators that if I just learned HTML and JavaScript, people would be throwing jobs at me. That theory is being thoroughly tested right now. Particularly every time Indeed reminds me that I'm competing with nearly 10000 other applicants every time I apply for a summer internship.

This could be a huge win for privacy for all I know. I'm very ignorant when it comes to DNS stuff. The fact that the default service they appear to use in some places, judging by the image in their blog post, is from Cloudflare is a little worrying. For me, it looks like the default is CIRA Canadian Shield, which I've never heard of.

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I'm not making any accusations, but this sounds a lot like something I would read in Chrome...

I think this is a big part of why I like Cooperativism, which my younger self thought was just some boring employment thing, can be a convenient way to introduce radical ideas in a way that's palatable to centre-left folks.

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Mention of the really bad kind of social conservatism & queerphobia 

Always having to ask what Karl Popper would think about me blocking self-identified nazis is exhausting. I always wanted to join a safe space instance like, but since my fediverse identity is tied to my "professional" identity, the internalized transphobia reminds me that if I show myself as being "too queer" for Captial (which I already am) then I'm shooting myself in the foot somehow.

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