I recently left my iPhone on the washing machine whose final spin shattered the screen for good. As I cycled early around Oslo, finding all the phone repair stores shut, I thought of @pluralistic's recent thread - and Apple,s persuit of a Mac repair specialist, and by the time I was home I decided to try ( @Fairphone ) again. How could I justify not going thru a bit of pain to try to live my values?


I'd tried Fairphone before with model 1 and had struggled with the fact I needed a Google account for everything - so when I lost it a few months later on a drunk night out, I felt bad but a little relieved. To Apple I returned. And it is hard - I've used only Apple OSs since System 7 in 1992. But this time, there's a 'Google-free' Android OS - e (who have chosen the least Googable brandname!) - @e_mydata. So I bought my Fairphone 3+ from them & it arrived in under 48 hours.

(Nothing in Norway arrives that quickly!)
First impression: it's hard & I'll have 2 phones for a bit. There's subtle annoyances like scroll is much jerkier. There's bigger challenges of having to find new apps for everything (bye MetaText, hello Tusky) & bigger frustrations like getting contacts across. Hours of trying and I got them all from the letter K onwards. I've made life harder using e. But it's not as hard as quitting cheese or swapping a flight for a 24 hour bus ride; tho similar vibe.

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