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“We are specks of dust on a strand of Mother Earth’s hair. There is no need for us to ‘save’ the Earth; we simply need to let her discard what has become stale. We need to release our planet of our wanting and begging, our ignorance and confusion, and be weaned from her breast, even when it feels we won’t survive. When we stop exploiting Earth, she will return to sustainability on her own and share her bounty generously.”
Zenju Earthlyn Manuel, Sanctuary

This week the EU published a draft law mandating governments to open data in 6 thematic areas. In 2020 I was involved in a study to suggest the data sets to include. Now I'm taking a look at the results.

#EU #opendatadirective #PSIdirective

video codec wikimedia gibberish 

So, quick rundown on the video codec situation at Wikimedia: our traditional formats policy demands open formats that aren't patent-encumbered, which has at various points in the past made trouble for GIF, MP3, and the H.264 & AAC codecs used most often in MP4 videos.

We committed to Ogg Vorbis, Theora and WebM VP8/VP9 waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when. ;)

When a community vote in 2014 cemented that, we were left unable to work with H.264 ourselves due to policy.

A hundred replies later, here’s what I gathered:

— people seem to like the idea :D
— there are other projects with similar idea of making recipes publishing more communal
— there are quite a few recipe formats:, FatHub, RecipeML, h-recipe, Cooklang
— semantic markup is a must
— discoverability will be tricky
— Nextcloud has a cookbook app; it is unclear how it works with (federated) Nextcloud Social
— name ideas: Recipedia, Cookwyrm :blobcatgoogly2:

I’m quite hyped to say the least

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I don't like the metaphor of "starting where people are at and bringing them along" -- who wants to be the mule being brought along? Better to meet people where you are both at and see where you agree to go from there. Maybe the destination you had in mind will be rejected and another plan will be chosen...

Does anyone know why the Platform Coop space regularly obsesses over DAOs and Crypto while ignoring Open Source? Hypes up Web 3 while ignore the Fediverse? Is it just lack of understanding, or something worse?

A few of the tech old guard, people who benefited from the weblog bubble, who see the cryptobubble, want to cash in on it without losing their reputation, and so insist that crypto is just like the “early internet”

Because that’s what the early internet was for them

The weblog bubble was hyperinflated mix of adwords fraud, content farms, spam blogs, and grifters grifting the gullible (“here’s how to get rich from blogging”)

"yes he might have been at six of the eight illegal parties but it's not like he's in a position to command influence, authority or respect"

Main lessons..
- best journey was the cheap VY bus from Göteborg to Oslo at the end. Cheap, v comfy seats, more leg room than train first class, punctual. As coach fleets become electric, maybe they're the way to go.
- not having enough (ie 1hr+) transfer time is stressful, espec at end of day for last trains. Best to schedule in meetings and a decent break at each change. This journey normally takes me 48-72 hrs with overnight stop.. trying for 28 hrs (it took 32 hrs) wasn't worth the stress.

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It felt like tooting/tweeting this journey jinxed it - soon after I had written this yesterday & the train from Malmö to Goteborg was cancelled, we were moved to another train that took us 80% there, then after waiting half an hour for a replacement bus were put on another train that took us 80% of the remainder, when we got on a bus (for about 80% obvs). Then we got a tram and about 15 mins from Göteborg Central it broke down! At least we all laughed & three of us shared a cab, but wow.

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A good discovery en route was this site - - which gives the lateness performance of any German train (and maybe others?). So it was there I learnt that my train had been nearly two hours late for each of the three previous days and averaged 32 mins late over the last month. Useful to know before buying a transfer to the last train of the day with 40 mins to spare.

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@nicol arriving in Malmö I remember why I fell for it so much when I was last here, a decade ago. Like a calmer Copenhagen, with softer light and rounded corners.
The journey had its share of challenges.. a last minute change of departure from Bruxelles Midi to Bruxelles Nord, platform swaps and late trains keeping me tense for my connection for the journey. But all caught, including the v cheap, no frills Snälltåget sleeper which goes Berlin to Stockholm & back, via Hamburg, Copenhagen & Malmö.

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Am curious what methods the fediverse has to stop/block these kinds of videos - and if human moderation would break down at a certain scale, ie if users grew 10x or 100x.

RT @twitter@donie: Platforms seem to be struggling with the sheer volume of people trying to share the Buffalo video.

Oddly, saw this on Facebook - a link to the video that Facebook's systems have identified as going against its community standards, but still allows people click through

Trying a new land route from London to Oslo today, the quickest and cheapest yet. St Pancreas -> Brussels Köln -> Hamburg -> Night train to Malmö -> Göteborg -> Oslo. Ignoring time spent in the cities it's around 24 hours; half what boat plus stopover in Copenhagen/Cologne takes.

Saw 'The man who knew infinity' and was unexpectedly moved. It tells of one of the great mathematicians, Srinivasa Ramanujan —who said "an equation for me has no meaning unless it expresses a thought of God"— and his relationship with the atheist western rationalism of GH Hardy.

@nicol so while I cheer digital nomad visas as a way to bring back and then widen free movement to a world of workers now comfortable working outside the office - maybe it's also post-democratic capitalism's dream goal.. stateless citizens voting with their latte purchases and Airbnb reviews, never engaging in the local and national politics that requires roots and plenty of patience.

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Digital nomadism, UK politics
{Twidere doesn't support content warnings sorry}
In the latest there's a good overview of the five bills snuck through parliament while political UK Twitter obsessed over tractor porn.
Reading on a break from Oslo I'm reminded how living as digital nomad leaves me focussed on global issues (climate/human rights/food/digital rights/open source/etc) ignoring national laws that make any of it real or not. I engage neither in my home nation or adopted country.

I was looking at this yesterday for Drupal, and this toot has made me look at this for WordPress. Has anyone here implemented APub on any CMS? I used to use RSS a lot in my early CMS days.

RT @joeldebruijn: 🤔 Would it be cool if WordPress (org) make all of their hosted blogs "fediversable" to instantly add their vast network to the federated universe.

😎 Probably not the first to think about this ....


👊 @humanetech

All #chess sets have a story. Some tell us some history, as well.

The #RussianCivilWar (1917-1923) was the bloody culmination of the #RussianRevolution. Hundreds of thousands died on the battlefield and in concentration camps. The main contestants were the "Reds" - the army assembled by the #Bolshevik party - and the "whites" - an assemblage of anti-Bolshevik forces seeking to remove the Bolsheviks from power.

"The Reds and the Whites" (also known as "The #Communists and the #Capitalists") was created in in the final years of the conflict. It was modeled by Natalya Danko, a sculptor who worked at the State Porcelain manufactory in 1922. Her sister, Elena Danko, decorated them. (

History is written by the victors. The black pieces depict the Soviet ideal citizenry. The #king is a worker wielding a #hammer. The #queen, #bishop, and #pawns are serfs or farmers wearing traditional #Russian clothes. (The pawn bears the Soviet #sickle). The rook is a star aboard a traditional Russian vessel. The white king is the personification of #death and #monarchy - a #skeleton wearing a crown. The white pawns are serfs, too - but they are in chains.

History is complicated. At various points, in order to survive, the #RedArmy conscripted peasantry into the fight. Lacking experienced fighters, they drew many from the Tsar's army - by the end of the war, 83% were ex-Tsarist soldiers. (

Learn more:

Image sources: and

One of the sadest things about the scenes at the funeral of murdered journalist today is that, because she's a brown woman, it's likely to get a little bit of 'both sides' / 'clashes' coverage and then be ignored, like somehow it's deserved and normal.

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