no I didn't ever think I'd be paid to know things about video games but life is weird

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Oreos always seemed to me to be an experiment to prove that with enough advertising people really will eat anything

if only there was a word for how the new owners are behaving with audacity

another one we're working on - thanks for all the faves, really appreciate

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the doc says I'm not fit for work etc but I'm worried work will sack me for being ill again and I'm so worried about money etc. Worked really hard to get to where I am and my head has just thrown it all away for me again I think

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We made this fuzz. I think it looks and sounds nice


Things are bad and I feel bad and nothing seems to help

so as anyone in the music industry knows there's an old tradition for all artists and groups to produce fruit preserves for their management once a year, which was brought back by the so called jam bands of the 1960s and hence the prevalence of preserve related words in band names and songs, e.g. Pearl Jam, Lady Marmalade etc

my biggest regret is being made of meat

It's not perfect but my rule when voting is just "not the old white bloke" and so far that's worked fine

no one reminded me it sometimes snows here when I bought a novelty car

self promotion (sorry) 

Finished and released the music I'd been working on, if you'd be kind enough to listen this is the Spotify link

If you let me know any thoughts I'd appreciate

someone emailed me an amazon gift card and it wasn't even spam ama

genuinely thinking of buying a knackered london taxi

is there a medical consensus on how many episodes of brooklyn nine nine you can consecutively watch before intervention becomes necessary

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