If you have nothing to hide, get something to hide. Do some weird shit

There was me with big plans for the day and then they go and rerelease the quake games

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It's the early evening busy birb time if anyone wants to watch some birbs for a bit before the birbs turn in for the night :D birbcam.online

I bought an action camera as if I do extreme sports or something

If you have any interest in Forza or racing games generally, I'd appreciate any feedback on my recent writings racinggames.gg/author/nicoboyc

Picked up a new cheap laptop - it's a Chuwi Gemibook Pro - and it's bloody great. Highly recommend if you're looking for a £300ish machine. Tempted to pick up a spare of the same.

Difficult to unentangle my self image from my present job role. I am not how I sell my time and energy.

Actually went to a workplace for the first time in a couple of years. Never again!

no I didn't ever think I'd be paid to know things about video games but life is weird

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Oreos always seemed to me to be an experiment to prove that with enough advertising people really will eat anything

if only there was a word for how the new owners are behaving with audacity

another one we're working on - thanks for all the faves, really appreciate

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the doc says I'm not fit for work etc but I'm worried work will sack me for being ill again and I'm so worried about money etc. Worked really hard to get to where I am and my head has just thrown it all away for me again I think

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We made this fuzz. I think it looks and sounds nice


Things are bad and I feel bad and nothing seems to help

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