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got my ticket for the property redistribution lottery. hoping for a nice house or maybe a small storefront. i was disappointed to learn that shopping centers were excluded since they're large public spaces that are going to be repurposed for the people's wellbeing

oh well, you can't win a mall

I can't remember the @ of the person who lives in New York and does air guitar in a Devo hat but I want to send this does anyone know who I mean

so i started this job in march and they normally have a six month probation but they passed me early because I'm beating all the targets and topping all the stats for the department but I've been asked not to mention it to anyone because they think it would upset the rest of the team who had to wait six months or are still working towards it and it's kinda weird

if you're wondering "am I x enough" then dude you are x as fuck (true for all values of x)

not like in an emo way but does anyone else find the physical sensation of a tear running down your face to be almost orgasmic

work have scheduled a meeting for my lunch break tomorrow and two meetings after I finish work next week so I'm totally going to get them back by whinging about it a little

hey remember how they said it was just a phase

I think it stems from how I had to pretend I would only eat Doritos for a bit as a kid desperate to get that last star wars tazo I needed

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sometimes I think "I'm not sure if I still hate Doritos" so I buy Doritos but I do

I can really recommend craft beer if you have a desperate need to rationalise your addiction as a hobby

yeah skating games are fun but where's Tony Hawks' pro fridge hitchhiker

it's about a vidya game i recently started playing that is probably of limited interest on here but maybe when I'm more confident I will show you gang

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Decided to start a podcast and recorded and uploaded an episode and I only told one person and didn't advertise it anywhere and it's had 16 listens so I think that's kinda cool that a few people have come across it and listened

Driving stupidly around Britain while listening to ATDI and QotSA is basically my 20s

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I've never really played video games but being on lockdown solo has gotten to me so I got an xbox

and I got frustrated with fallout 4 and was beginning to regret the whole thing until I played Forza Horizon 4 and I'm bloody loving tearing around British countryside

anyway any recommendations do shout

I quite like foxes but i hate collecting bits of pigeon from my lawn

anyway thats today's lesson in ux fails of the past

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