all this science and technology but sleeping is still hard

oh or +447596476097 on eg. whatsapp

take care

hello. i was made to delete my account. tooting will be light for a while. it'd be cool if anyone who wanted to stay in contact emailed or messaged @boyce on telegram. sorry


I'm now over at

Thank you

This wouldn't make a great screenshot even if I could (I can't)

@andrewt "you seem like our sort of person" one with lax privacy settings

Is it okay to view a professional self-promoter being dogpiled as similar to a rugby player getting a broken nose

Guess the hamsters powering m.s have gone on strike again

Does anyone know about computer music production tools? I was wondering if there was a program where you could sort of layer things and save a project like that (not like a drum machine type thing but just arbitrarily place things if that makes sense) also I don't have a clue what I'm talking about so sorry if this sounds stupid

I had a piece of a chocolate and orange cake earlier and it's the carbiest thing I've had in a month and now I'm all uuurgh

I always feel the urge to be sensible when I'm on this server and maybe that's why I'm not here enough

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