My wife is late for our divorce-dinner

look what do I know, I'm from a country where we write "Loughborough" and say "Luffbra"

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farm hands
barn dance
darn glance
under pants

OKay "banana" said slowly rhymes with "Dan, arm her"

Bandana is like "banned Anna"

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This is more controversial than I anticipated

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PERSONALLY and it is very personal to me but these words do not sound as alike as I'd like

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how similarly do you pronounce banana and bandana I need to know

Every day I'm thankful I escaped the pub trade

Hey a thing I am Quite Proud of is my latest podcast episode which is ostensibly about cars so sorry about that but I think it is Good 

I feel like it would be easier to vote for Biden than Kier Starmer somehow even though they're both the only alternative

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petition to replace votes with "adult points" and you earn one each year and you can save them and spend them as you wish

can't wait to see what kind of world has survived when I can be fucked to leave my sofa

F1 thread 

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So formula one is apparently investigating if it's ok for the world champ to wear a Breonna Taylor while 2007 champ Kimi Raikkonen has announced a new clothing collaboration with a guy who I think can accurately be described as a nazi memorabilia enthusiast

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