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even though it always ends up killing me

i wish I could exist as a single person but I just can't do without love

I don't know what its safe to say here with my ex wife's creepiness but I don't think she knows about this account

girl and I have booked a weekend away and I am excited-terrified

ever fallen in love with someone ever fallen in love in love with someone ever fallen in love in love with someone who wrote a really fucking repetitive song

people with access to the bbc, there was an interesting documentary on bbc4 about African people in Renaissance art and the history of black people in Italy generally, you may also enjoy it

Mastodon is a social network for gatekeeping social networking itself cmv

I can lie, but never about my love of big butts

shit i booked us a place with a pool and i can barely swim this will be embarrassing

Okay so tinder as an airbnb substitute

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