long story short she dumps me by text a couple of days later

i didnt know that was an option

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anyway internalised biphobia noted, i try and gently get out of this one ("im not sure either of us are in a good place for this right now") and she fucking objection handles me and talks me round

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so i thought my policy of "no straight people" was pretty safe but when i was talking to someone and she says "im sorry if i'm awkward but it's been a long time since i dated a man" and i say "yeah me too" and wow was that something she wasnt ready for

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when time has made it funny i need to share how dating has been going lately (not good)

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I would take a big paycut for a guaranteed daily two hour snooze after lunch

why not send out a packet of luckies, a big dose of valium and a fat bag of spliff too eh? if they really want to ruin my life with random gifts

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someone on my team suggested we do an online social thing of some kind. the company agreed to pay and send us some snacks amd drinks too. they settled on a murder mystery type event. i said i didn't want to be involved as i'm not long sober and find it hard to be around people drinking alcohol. they reassured me that they would send out soft drinks. just received what they sent out and they've sent me a box of fucking craft beer.

dating in 2007: "We updated our relationship statuses on Facebook so it's official!"

in 2022: "we told each other our diagnoses and neither of us freaked out!"

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@nico The TripAdvisor reviews about the Bude tunnel are a treasure of British humor: www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction…

finally saw the bude tunnel with my own eyes, walked the length of it with my own feet

need to update my profile pic on here but that would require several steps im just not ready to take like remembering my login deets but here is me some time recently

look sometimes you need to fuck the depression away

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yes i'm back playing the swipey swipey sexy sex game

hey tinder ceo here by the way it rhymes with "kinder" no not the german word oh fuck it

hung around all day for ups only they didn't turn up because the address was missing the house number and road name but this house doesn't have a number and this road doesn't have a name

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