a lot of people consider me the usain bolt of nodding off in front of the telly

wouldn't it be kind of relaxing to be taken in by something obviously mad like scientology or qanon or centrism

what id like is a nice long stay in hospital only without having to break myself or be around ill people

Seed funding is something but how many new companies really need to grow plants

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@nico Having to educate can of course be laborious, but being kind doesn't cost resources, as frustrating as it may be. Many people are successfully indoctrinated from birth. If I didn't have patient friends, I would have never gotten out of the echo chamber. I think we sometimes forget that everyone has to start somewhere, and we don't all start with the same information.

but like i knew a guy who campaigned for the tories and he just didn't realise how it was to be poor and scared of post or knocks on the door or be one pricey problem away from being hungry and befriending him helped I think

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be kind to wavering conservatives. making people feel bad and need to defend themselves doesn't change minds

whenever someone says there's a fine line between this and that I always want to check that line out and verify that it is a rather splendid line indeed

when you spend like two days watching youtube videos about something niche and briefly feel like a professor in that thing

if only I didn't waste that decade or so being fucked up

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honestly I love my job except for the tasks and the hours and the bosses and everything else about it

so my favourite game is when you read the parent's guide from imdb and someone has to guess the film, it is Fun, feel free to share this information

is someone really a gatekeeper if there's no actual gate just saying

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Erm isn't this insensitive to people who actually have had their faces eaten by real leopards

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