I'm very proud that we implemented democratic features directly into karrot.world/ - currently there is a network of trust to gain editing rights, and discussion then score voting for group removal.

I'm not aware of other bits of software that use democratic processes to actually perform actions within the software. I'm sure there must be some others though...

Standalone democratic process tools kind of miss the point for me. I want to see democracy deeply embedded into our tools.

@nicksellen wow I'd love to learn more. Any docs on the Democratic structures? I'd love to learn more. Working on this now: osf.io/gxu3a/?view_only=11c9e9

@nicksellen thanks for this—really interesting. Seems to have resemblances with reputation-based decentralized networks. But since this is a self-hosted system, what special powers does the hoster have other than pulling the plug?


@ntnsndr the hoster has no special powers within the application. Currently all groups use our hosted instance as they tend to be small low tech volunteer groups.

We don't attempt to solve the problem that people with server access can do anything. That's a tough one to solve and have usable software.

We're trying to get some sort of co-op model to oversee the project and server/data ownership/management. Stalled a bit recently though.

@nicksellen really interesting. I just ask because the disproportionate role and cost of the hosting role tends to correlate with governance powers. Cooperative hosting seems like an important prerequisite.

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