I don't understand the enthusiasm for Open Collective, they are a for-profit, VC-backed, private company that take 10% of your money (+ 2.9% + 0.30c fee from stripe). (specifically the "Teams" bit), seems like a great alternative to this - and fees can be as low as 0.6% / €0.59.

Liberapay is just missing the startup-style hubris :/ (and the sexy website)

@nicksellen agreed, unfortunately @Liberapay lost their payments provider, so they're in a transitionary time

Shall we consider moving, when things are sorted out on LP's side?
@Liberapay @nicksellen

@mayel @Liberapay @nicksellen @Antanicus Open Collective also provides transparency on income and expenditures that seems good to have.

Very good point. Can LP provide us with the same kind of transparency?
@nicksellen @Liberapay @mayel

@Antanicus @Liberapay @nicksellen @Matt_Noyes

Well they provide different functionality, OC does expense reimbursement or payment of contractor invoices while LP divides the money among team members based on split percentages (maybe more suited for Ops teams).

Also: this seems like a use case for the tech policy thread I opened earlier today in the tech WG

@mayel @Liberapay Oh sad to read! I missed that. Progress looks somewhat positive at least though...

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