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neville park @nev

Oh hey! is . Want a voice in running your own social media? Curious about stuff? Give our quiet, dorky, cooperatively-run instance a try:

@nev any idea what the backlog status is? i applied a while ago and haven't heard anything yet :)

@nev Tell me more about expectations of involvement in governance. I definitely won't always have opinions, energy, or time for those conversations.

The bylaws say that "[users] are expected to join the Loomio group, and are invited to get involved in governance and participate in working groups" but I'm not sure what level of commitment that is.

@varx haha, I don't always have energy for it either!

It's pretty slow-moving right now. Maybe 1-2 hrs a week total plus a group call every now and then? We're not gonna chase you down. Only a small number of ppl are on committees right now (which is one reason we've talked about just discussing stuff on here. Upcoming features like groups will make this easier).