Some agroecology claims:

* Agroecology helps humanity relink itself with nature
* Agroecology rebuts the predatory logic of nature’s use as a commodity and production resource
* Agroecology is not just alternative to green capitalism, but an alternative to capitalism itself
* Agroecology is what allows movements of struggle for land to exist
* Any serious struggle movement must have agroecology as its mode of production

@neil oooof. To me, from point 3 it gets pretty steamheaded.
Maybe you can clarify what „it’s mode of Production“ does mean? it’s goal for a dominating form of production; the field of social reproduction it engages in –– should every radical movement consist of farmers?
Not really related, but do you know how the term does relate to permaculture?

@lollonero Thank you for this, excellent points!

These claims come from this article - - of which there is a translation of the relevant section here:

I can't back personally back these claims up, so really appreciate your comments on where to refine and investigate further.

@lollonero Right now, I couldn't articulate a difference between permaculture and agroecology - I don't know enough about either to compare and contrast without doing some research.

Not sure every radical movement should consist of farmers, but being able to produce the essentials for life - food, fuel, fiber & possibly some land upon which to live - does provide big advantages.
I recently shared an article I like about one group
Also theres member unions/groups of La Via Campesina (that represent over 200 million peasant & small farmers) some of who, like the Brazilian MST, are large, radical self sustaining movements of rural poor @neil

@dazinism @neil
I think there is a very important factor, that political change needs to fund itself somehow, that nobody addresses directly.

Think rather than 'fund itself somehow' I would say 'be supported somehow' whether that is by itself or others.

That support could be whatever resources which could be used to enable its activities - funds, materials, supplies, work, spaces etc.

Guess its the same for any activities. Resources enable action.

sure :)
And those resources will vary a lot.
But i would argue, in order to even be able to build and maintain some pool of resources, there are ideological fallacies or spots to that. I really see that neglected a lot.

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