When I’m first learning about some new thing, X, I get a lot more value in someone I know saying "I like X" or "I dislike X" or "I’m interested in X" or "I something X" than a detailed objective description of what X is.

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Hmm I might rephrase - 'when I'm first deciding whether to learn about X'...

@neil For me, use-cases, examples, and pitfalls are most useful.

I want to see what it is X can do, and what you want to be concerned with.

UNIX Power Tools is an exemplar of this in the Unix / Linux documentation case.

@neil I look it up in the agora to get an overview lol

@vera Precisely! That's a massive value of the agora to me, an easy to find bunch of opinionated writing on a topic by people you already know.

@neil The downside to a consensus engine (ala wikipedia) is that everyone agrees on one state of the world. But that's simply not reality.
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