I really like what you're doing with doubleloop.net/, @neil !

Nice to meet you, by the way :)

Do you mean doubleloop.net to be multiplayer or is it strictly a personal site? Would you be willing to contribute your garden to the Agora?

@flancian Thanks! I consider it a personal wiki, however am indeed very interested in the linking of personal gardens to form 'community gardens', so to speak. So I really like what you are doing at anagora.org. I like P2P and see webmentions as one potential route to garden-joining, but the aggregation approach also seems like an excellent one to explore.

I'd love to join the Agora - I use org-roam, so I wonder would we need some org to markdown bridging?

@neil very interesting, thank you! wiki.c2.com is the gift that keeps giving!

I'm attending a tentative proto-WG meeting about an open Agora-like protocol later this month perhaps; Ward Cunningham is invited (unsure if he'll show)! I'm star struck already anyway,

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