All the caveats about ethical consumerism aside, it feels good if you can buy from a coop – because you can pretty much guarantee that the money they make will go towards something else ‘good’, in a ripple effect.

@neil I learned today that ace hardware is a retailer co-op, I don't think that means the actual stores are horizontally run. I get so confused about how there are "co-ops" that don't have horizontal structures but like define it as how shares are distributed among the company- like WinCo, the shareholders are the workers but there still lots of hierarchy. But I was still glad to hear it is MORE democratically run than other hardware stores and made me wanna support my local ace hardware.

@wetpaper Very true, yeah I don't understand yet a lot of the differences between different types of coop structures.

Like in the UK we have the nationwide Co-op Food, and I feel slightly less confident they're going to be doing something positive with my money than say the local worker-owned food coop. But still trust that they are a whole lot better than Asda or Tesco.

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