This is a good article on digital gardens in the MIT Technology Review.

Here’s a nice quote:

> “Gardens … lie between farmland and wilderness,” he wrote. “The garden is farmland that delights the senses, designed for delight rather than commodity.”

@neil This article explains personal homepages - the original medium of the web - as if they are a radical, new innovation. It's amazing how quickly and how thoroughly the early history of the net has been papered over.


@strypey @sunquan Yes indeed. Funny how it is described as a growing movement that's a reaction to social media.

Enjoyed these articles recently, which reference the history and what happened:

@neil @strypey @sunquan I'm also reminded of an article by a techie who went to prison (I think) and by the time he same out blogs, RSS etc had been replaced by FB, twitter etc. Can't find it right now though.

@neil @strypey sounds like it, yes. But rather ironically I can't read it because it's behind the Medium paywall (I've apparently already read my free quota). Ha see you just pointed out the same thing!

@neil heh, you just saved me a few clicks. I was pretty sure I didn't initially read it on Medium so was just looking for it elsewhere :)

@strypey @neil @sunquan But genres are always being rediscovered and reinvented right, sometimes unwittingly? I'm glad to see this return--thanks for sharing it!

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