> Diversity is absolutely a problem in tech, but IndieWeb folks are, from my experience, absolutely doing what they can to rectify that; bringing in people from all sorts of backgrounds, trying to boost the minority voices, and being supportive of everyone who is trying to make the world, or at least the Internet, a better place.

This is a really good article by Fluffy on the state of the IndieWeb and making it more accessible for wider adoption. Just because we’re not…

Here's the correct link -

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@neil The amateurs can't make anything that people w/o tech-savvy privilege are able to use, but the professionals can't make anything that isn't crammed with anti-features.

@neil The former problem, I think, is less intractable than the latter. I've become convinced at this point that monetization=value subtraction is an inviolate law of economics. The former problem, on the other hand, is a matter of learning, perhaps learning that just because you find the command line less of a speed bump, you're not exempt from learning GUI development (or teaching command line, if you're really lucky).

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