so, i run but rarely talk about why.

it was on the tail of a med incident. a blood vessel burst in my retina & i had a blind spot in one eye that took over a month of recovery (after a panicked trip to the ER).

it burst because of the *stress* i was under, partly from some life stuff, but mostly because of my work situation.

after that, i started gathering resources & sharing them with others. eventually, i made the website so i could share easily & it went from there. #selfcare

@velartrill Turns out mechanised modernity and poisonous politics ain't so compatible with wetware

When I finished college, it was nearly impossible to get papers in the fields that interest me without spending a small fortune in fees

Sci-hub is probably saving independent research around the world

My revolution is entirely boring.

Minimize my participation in systems that hurt
Maximize participation in systems I support
Save resources & money
Gather and practice skills

Buy as local as possible *when possible

Volunteer for community events, political candidates that help humans,
Mutual support of aligned people

Don't own more than I need
Don't desire what is inaccessible to most

Stay realistic by focusing on money and actions instead of words

So boring I can do this daily

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Been thinking about getting a (monaural) bluetooth earpiece so that I can maintain attentional separation easily in most environments, particularly in concert with the high(ish) fidelity earplugs which I got a couple weeks ago, and which saved me a great deal of stress already during Thanksgiving

(not so sure of the quality of that paper but it's still useful if one wishes to poke into recent research on empathy)

> [W]e hypothesize attention to moderate the higher route [in empathy processing]... Further studies even argued that people appear to become โ€œmindblind,โ€ meaning that they fail to mentalize others when they have no sufficient attention resource (Lin et al., 2010).

A Dual Route Model of Empathy: A Neurobiological Prospective.

(Critically, attention is something that can be cultivated... or neglected)

in some ways I am far from where I need to be, further than I was last winter.

More than once when I've ended up following threads on the web due to some interpersonal conflict, I end up at Non-Violent Communication.

At this point it's happened enough that I really want to learn more about .

I don't know how to let go of anger at people who caused me a great deal of suffering.

It's deeply embedded because I needed it as a survival mechanism at the time. Now it's no longer needed but won't leave, and just stays around leaking poison everywhere.

I feel like it's long past time for a radical #leftist organization that represents the interests of the #neurodiverse working class. Capitalism's hierarchy of productivity means that we are inevitably, unavoidably, and directly screwed over, regularly moving from job to job trying to find anything we can do and can bear - if we can even work. Yet our voices are so rarely heard in radical spheres

If you're neurodiverse and interested in organizing something like this, send a reply or DM. It's way too early for me to announce anything, so for now I'm just gauging support. If you're neurotypical, please boost

#autism #neurodiversity #anarchism #socialism #ADHD #BPD #DID

@Anke Thought I was following you already...

I think this applies to everyone in different ways. Like, the *way* someone with depression or ADHD or fibro or a 1 month old infant will react at each level depends on their brain stuff and circumstances, but that the levels exist is universal.

It's just most able, neurotypical folks don't get higher than level three unless they are facing, like, death of a loved one or serious trauma or someething

G'morning all.

How's everyone doing today?

I found a great infographic on birdsite today about how stress levels affect #ActuallyAutistic folks

Here's the infographic:

Here's the thread about it:

I've been working towards something like this for months now, and it's great to find it fully laid out and clearly explained.

I am ecstatic to be back at level 1 (for now!) and able to be fully-functional-for-me

natural consequence of engaging with child in a manner appropriate to their temperament: child is now my Forever Friend

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