I don't have a political point to make here; I don't care about your affiliation, your party, or your vote; here's the only thing that matters this week for a huge number of Americans:

December 15 is the cut-off to register for health care at HealthCare.gov

Pass it on.

You can turn off the news and sign off social media for a bit. It's okay.

A very stressful holiday period is close at hand. A highly triggering person will be here in the house in two or three days, I'm not sure for how long.

I'm stepping my meditation up to an hour a day while they are here. It certainly isn't a cure-all, but previously, stepping up to 40 minutes & sitting earlier in the morning had a definite positive impact.

I'm still amazed at the power of something so simple. I was miserable the past 2 days; it evaporated last night during zazen at my temple.

I might be starting to believe that wild idea that consciousness itself is a first-class constituent of reality along with things like matter & energy. Mostly because "flowers fall with our attachment, and weeds spring up with our aversion" seems so deeply woven into the fabric of my reality that it's practically a law of physics, but one which requires a conscious observer with preferences.

Lately during , when all the sorrow in my life crowds in, a gravity field, making me heavy, pulling my concentration toward itself... I slip into effortless focus for a few moments and feel it all beginning to rise off me like steam vanishing into air.

This is the truth of no-self, which will take me many more years to really integrate. But the small tastes I've had thus far have been greatly transformative.

ahh, the age-old problem, can't get any attention when I need it, *certainly* can't be left alone in peace when I need that

It also makes me think of the shot in Aliens where Ripley is sitting out looking at the forest, then turns it off with a remote control and it's revealed to be a giant screen with potted plants and a bench next to it. heh. I mean, if you're on a space station, that's better than nothing!

I've been streaming the aforementioned 8-hour video of rain & thunder out a relievingly view-free attic skylight a lot lately on my kodi box, and I live in an attic room with no windows at all, and at first I was like " much?" But then I was like shit, a lot of people in the past didn't have windows either, at least I get to have a fake one with a really good audio track. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ

who has two thumbs and just had a wild oat biorelative contact him due to 23andme :|

I love you so much. Stars lived and died and we arose slimy and crying from this muck of a planet, heads too big to develop fully inside our amniotic basins. From before our first moments in the air, you deserve hugs, patience, and sustenance. We exist as a society for each other and our first duty is to self care, secondly to each other. Siblings on this extraordinary speck in space, you are precious. Thrive in your best life, rest when you need to.

... this 8 hour thunderstorm loop is seriously the most underrated video on YouTube. 🀫

tfw when task selection paralysis because all tasks are important but not, like, *immediately* important

Excellent rain & distant thunder soundtrack - not super tinny and not loaded with tons and tons of "interesting" sound like many others


Good morning, friends! :blobcoffee: Remember that detaching yourself from what makes you angry is an effective way to transform that anger into something more productive. A coffee break, a nap, a short walk – anything works. You won’t forget the thing that enraged you, but you’ll be able to frame it in a more useful way.

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The longer I delay morning after waking, the more chance for completely pointless chaos to seep in beforehand and disturb my sit.

This time of year especially, those who don't have any family to care for us might need small expressions of love to carry us through. And quite often, we aren't able to reach out and ask for it.

There's just no point in chasing people for whom you are not a priority.

It's okay if you failed today. You can try again tomorrow.

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