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Hey, remember all that stuff I said about how most of us don't get enough light during the day, and how it tends to be really bad for people with mood & sleep disorders?

This plus a timer makes a cheap to near-free solution:

Turning Broken TVs & Monitors Into Realistic Artificial Daylight

TL;DR the optical layers in a flat panel display make its light act like natural daylight in a room. Use stock light source or replace with 12/24V high-CRI daylight LED strips.

One of the biggest gaps where neurotypicals Just Don't Get It is their lack of understanding of how incredible an energy drain it can be on neurodivergent people to deal with just about anything. Let alone conflict.

I mean, have a fight over texts with some rando you knew online for 10 years and anybody might be upset for a couple days. But like... I'm so drained I feel like I need a nap after climbing one flight of stairs. It took me 90 minutes to get dinner in the crock pot. I'm exhausted.

I'm absolutely exhausted from breaking up with my friend yesterday. Massive energy drain.

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At least this one was able to have a conversation about it (to an extent) and not spin lie after lie while smiling and backing slowly towards the door. I attribute this mainly to the fact that they were not born in the United States and didn't move here young enough to be poisoned with that particular value set.

I broke up with an online friend of nearly 15 years this morning. It was an important relationship but the writing was on the wall for a long time.

I really don't understand people who consider a friendship to be "close" when they have put zero effort into maintaining it for an extended period.

It's almost certain that there are aspects of these situations which I'm not understanding, but it seems the common element is that they act like relationships are disposable and attention is fungible.

Thanks to everyone who shared thoughts on reading as stimming (I didn't say reading but many people assumed, and that is a primary way of doing it)

It's pretty clear that i'm hyperlexic so I've been thinking about it.

I wonder if absorbing information could be considered a form of stimming. Maybe it regulates some people's nervous systems to absorb and/or process vast amounts of information.

do not call the cops on people who have "a weird affect"

do not call the cops on people who are talking to themselves

do not call the cops on people who seem confused or seem to be experiencing delusions

do not call the cops on people who are hallucinating, communicating in word salad, or are not "making sense".

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Somebody posted one/some links about autistic burnout and I lost the toot because I'm stuck on the web UI here.. this is one.. can anyone link me to the original toot?

Somebody do me a solid and link me to that vaporwave graphic that says "neurotypicals are exhausting"

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I likened it enough to mild TBI symptoms a while back that I started trying to do that "cognitive rest" thing they do with actual TBIs. Just winging it. Since this is evidently going to keep happening I suppose I should dream up more of a standard protocol for myself to do.

Paying attention to physical support like proper sleep and good food and hydration is really important and can make the difference between being a little muddled for a while vs it building into a mood episode.

I feel like I have a mild concussion minus the headaches. From stress. This is what my therapist at the ADHD specialist clinic in my old city didn't really understand by the time I moved away. I get stress dementia that lasts for days or weeks. It's fucking creepy and weird and not normal and it's vexing that none of these professionals seem terribly concerned with it.

I was not able to get the downtime I need (and really won't be able to until next week now) and today I am elevated-dysphoric and can't plan anything, or think, or even really stick to my daily routine. First one of these in the new living situation.

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