mh meds, gatekeeping 

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mh meds, gatekeeping 

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mh meds, gatekeeping 

It is very important for me to live in a place where meals are rarely an irregular / unplanned / rugged individual experience.

struggling to wrap my head around ppl who are highly intelligent but have zero creative impulse

of course they're out there, but one of them is a friend i've known for a very long time and I really don't get it. for what it's worth, even she thinks it's weird that all she wants to do is watch tv and hang out, but nevertheless has accepted it about herself after years of never developing interest in doing anything creative

I need to get back on my meditation & self care routine or it will be the death of me.

on the other hand, i've been absolutely terrible about self-care and sticking to any sort of program lately. the virus helped with that but I really need to get my shit together now that things are a little less up in the air & unpredictable.

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when my social / sensory reserve is near empty, the dose-response relationship between lack of waking hours with recharge time and symptoms like anxiety, irritability, and increased hypersensitivity is fairly clear.

survey for Autistic folks who have experienced ABA 

Always do your best. Your best will change from day to day.

Good rest, simple exercise, and hydration. All will help elevate your basic daily wellness.

well, seeded the hashtags with that link, hope some people find it.

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hey look, they're describing my lagging post-stress dementia syndrome.

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"Autistic burnout is a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic life stress and a mismatch of expectations and abilities without adequate supports. It is characterized by pervasive, long-term (typically 3+ months) exhaustion, loss of function, and reduced tolerance to stimulus."

The violence of the police state is obviously tied to the prison industrial complex but I want to encourage people to think about how it’s also tied to oppression in institutions that are supposed to help people, such as medicine and social work.

PSA, autism, please boost 

coming to understand that I'm simply allergic to nearly all Type A personalities and that to change this would take an immense amount of work that I've no interest in ever doing

judging by the accreted layers in my inbox, I've been having brain fade for 3-4 days

it's a lagging effect of stress / sensory burnout which can come & go for days or weeks. I get hyperfocusy and weird. I still haven't characterized it much better than that.

however I seem to be learning how to cope, because I realized I got a lot of things done during that period.

also, sometimes I come up with answers while floating amongst the thought loops.

It's kinda weird to get mesmerized by a pop song on the radio, look up the artist and find out it's somebody who grew up 15 miles from your family member who is still trapped living with a personality disordered parent. The pop star is 5 years younger than said family member as well.

Causes and conditions.

USA coronavirus response, uspol 

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