Following some words of wisdom from a Zen teacher I follow, I set a goal to meditate 4 out of every 5 days. My habit tracker informs me that I'll break my longest streak - three weeks, dating back to last December - if I sit tomorrow and Friday.

This is cool. I'm hoping to get to four weeks on this streak.

Man, no wonder I've been dragging my feet on personal correspondence for almost half a year. The environment keeps happening to me, and then my thinking on the subjects I'm trying to communicate evolves, and everything earlier is obsolete.

I'm reading half-written letters from May and July and, wow. Glad I didn't finish. I need to learn to access these insights consciously instead of perceiving them as an angsty inability to work on a task for months.

and, tbh,

…I imagine many people aren't quite as dependent on others believing in whatever they're doing in order to keep doing it, but, I suspect a spectrum exists.

And the reason I wonder about this is because when kids grow up with bad parents, bad schools, no money, no resources, etc., only a very small portion of them will pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Most get stuck in the mud.

How many kids like this exist? Kids who are so close to doing amazing things, if they only had any support?

I do wonder how many people out there are pure co-op mode players in the game of life, or close enough that it's equivalent.

For reasons I am still sorting out, I really need *some* buy-in / investment from others in all but the most personal or alluring of projects, or I quickly burn out and wander off.

I suspect I'll be working on that tendency for the first few years of What Comes Next, maybe my entire life, but to some degree this is a stable trait. And it doesn't mix well with my culture.

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On my first sesshin (Zen meditation retreat) - only 1.5 days, but in this community you have to do this short introductory one before you can do the longer ones. So I'm doing this one first! People I know greeted me warmly - a good feeling. Welp, off grid til Sunday afternoon.

This is WILD:

The FDA said #CBD is very safe and should not be scheduled by the federal government as a dangerous drug.

The DEA responded that international treaties block them from following this directive.

We're the ones who forced everyone into those same drug treaties decades ago.


Kansas City mayoral candidate drops out of race, citing the need to "stop running, turn around, and confront" depression and PTSD symptoms related to service in Afghanistan

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"intolerance of personal rejection … vulnerability to the loss of romantic relationships … upon romantic disappointment, these individuals … became acutely depressed with massive dysphoria … they displayed an exaggerated giddy and/or euphoric response to romantic opportunities.

When depressed … they tended to oversleep, to overeat, with a craving for sweets … to feel extremely fatigued"

The High Prevalence of "Soft" (II) Features In , Perugi et al, 1998

Also seeing a claimed tendency to have / or anxiety in general along with . Somewhere in the citations I think I saw something about a shared genetic locus but I haven't gone looking for that yet.

It's really fascinating to watch researchers teasing apart how the brain works from various angles tbh. The Western analytical knife has its drawbacks but it sure is good at finding patterns.

More than one article out there links with . Hmm.

People with so-called atypical - those who tend to sleep more, eat more, be anxious & rejection sensitive - also tend to have a mood which improves fairly quickly when life goes their way. This is claimed to be similar for people diagnosed with II.

There is a lot of phenotypic overlap between people diagnosed as one or the other. Maybe they're pretty much the same thing, maybe it's a spectrum.

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Unhealthy attitudes towards going through hard times only contribute to the mental health stigma, making reaching out for help even harder. Take your struggles seriously, or they’ll never go away. ❣️

#mentalhealthawareness #mentalillness #mentalhealth

I won't do that too often. But sometimes I want to just drop a paper in the stream and not really explain it much, especially if it's sort of off-topic.

Differential Effects of apoE4 and Activation of ABCA1 on Brain and Plasma Lipoproteins. PLoS One. 2016 Nov 8;11(11):e0166195.

Bleeding-edge research into how one might pharmacologically manage pathology in brains yields striking positive results in mice.

Intracellular Cholesterol Trafficking and Impact in Neurodegeneration. Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience. 2017; 10: 382.

Deep (deeep) dive into the of in the , particularly with respect to ( and others). Not for the faint of heart.

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