At least future generations will know that not all of us were self-destructive, shortsighted fools. Knowing folks like this exist gives me hope.



I'm teaching a beginner computer science class for middle and high school students soon (about 10 students). Does anyone have any suggestions for teaching groups programming effectively, especially with an age-diverse group?

I'm working on a course, and I've never taught a class before. So pointers to related resources would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

#teaching #programming #compsci

Some very good news, as part of our NLnet funding they provide us with access to accessibility experts, and while the amount of time we receive is likely not to be enough for a full audit there would still be that relationship established and we could ask if we could pay them directly for additional work.


Is there any or community/manufactured cpu/graphics cards iniatives?

I like the whole , thing on the web and communication part but would like to read more about the hardware iniatives. If there are any.

Feel free to boost

#Lagrange v1.10 arrives on the desktop with a slew of bug fixes and improvements:


Most notably: customizable toolbar buttons, switching between alternative identities, better image inlining, improved link hover info, page caching and context menu fixes, opening files in another app, "Show in File Manager", and trackpad swipe navigation on macOS.


"In a groundbreaking decision, the Austrian Data Protection Authority ("Datenschutzbehörde" or "DSB") has decided on a model case by noyb that the continuous use of Google Analytics violates the GDPR."

"This is a very detailed and sound decision. The bottom line is: Companies can't use US cloud services in Europe anymore."


I love retro gaming, and I adore this blog:

The author, Jason Dwyer, is playing hundreds of adventure games in mostly chronological order -- meaning it's mostly text games, starting in the 1970s:

He's up to 1982 now. If you also like this kind of thing, this is a good time to follow along -- he's just about to start a timed playthrough of Roberta Williams' 1982 game "Time Zone", a notably ambitious game for its time:

Hello #OpenBSD users,

I just submitted games/blockgame 0.6.14 to ports@.

Now you can use your Microsoft / Xbox account (even with Xbox Game Pass) to satisfy your Minecraft needs.

Have fun,

@avalos Only sin? How about the fact that the only reason they exist being that they get paid half a billion dollars a year by Google to allow Google to track their users by default on their browser?

Mozilla is not what you think it is (or what they say they are.)

Android Alpha 3


This should fix the vertical offset problem and other screen orientation related issues. There's also a useful new feature: the leftmost two toolbar buttons can be configured in Settings > UI.

#Lagrange #Gemini

if you're a webdev and don't test your sites in netsurf you're an asshole and are the problem

The problem with DNS isn't just ICANN; throwing it on a blockchain isn't going to fix DNS's problems (not Namecoin, not .eth either). Still phishable, still has squatting issues, etc.

The problem is taking a global-scope approach. Instead, we should start with local contexts.

web0 manifesto

“…web0 is web3 without all the corporate right-libertarian Silicon Valley bullshit.”

Sign your name and join me in starting the year as you mean to go on: without tolerating any bullshit.

Happy New Year! :)

#web0 #SmallWeb #SmallTech

Happy New Year! January 1st is Public Domain day in the United States. All film, books, poetry, photos, and scores originally published in 1926 are now in the Public Domain in the US. Additionally, and significantly, this year marks the first time that any Audio Recordings have entered the public domain. You, and all Americans, now own more than 400,000 of these historic recordings. What does it all mean? And which works are in the public domain now?

Android Alpha

Here is the first publicly available build of #Lagrange for Android. It is an ALPHA build; things are still broken.

Let me know if you can get it up and running on your (32-bit ARM) Android devices. Future builds will include x86 and 64-bit ARM binaries as well.


tfw. Zig still doesn't have a slab allocator in std. Should I write one and send a PR?

I need privacy. Not because my actions are questionable, but because your judgement and intentions are.

I've always been told it's better to write comments describing the *why* rather than the *what*. This was for a couple of reasons but the primary one was that if you can't understand what the code does by reading it, you shouldn't be messing with it. That makes perfect sense to me.

However, Jon Calhoun from the Go Time podcast recently interviewed a (nearly) blind developer, Dominic St-Pierre, who had a very interesting take on this. He said that describing the *what* actually makes code more accessible; it saves those using screen readers from having to sit through a whole code block to figure out what could have been described in a comment in just a few words.

Those of us without any vision impairment can skim through and understand a whole page of code in just a few minutes while it might take half an hour with a screen reader.

Good comments can save a ton of time :flan_thumbs:
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