Reminder to donate to your local food bank if you can, and to visit one of you’re in need.

Easily the best purchase I’ve made in recent memory is my Synology NAS. It replaces almost all my cloud infra. Google Calendar, Spotify, Netflix, Flickr, you name it!

Great to see this on Hacker News!

And no, law firms are not co-ops.

List of Worker-Owned Tech Cooperatives Worldwide -

Do you write emails in multiple languages? You'll be pleased to know we've finished an enhancement that enables MULTIPLE Dictionaries to be active in Thunderbird, simultaneously!

This feature should land in the Beta for 102 in a few weeks, and ultimately in the Stable 102 release at the end of June.

Here's the Bugzilla link:

Back in March, a bunch of #SciArt and #SciComm folks decided to dedicate a week to highlighting the booty-tastic world of invertebrate butts. Here is my contribution, The Sea Cucumber's SUPER BUTT!

#invertebuttweek #comics #fediart #MastoArt #art #illustration

do it, boost my status. load test my instance. take it down. i dare you

I love the Matrix protocol but boy howdy does it have a shit name. Even w/o the 2000 film, it’d be super hard to do a web search for.

From Twitter 


This orange plasma display is being powered by just enough voltage to create a dim glow, but the 405nm laser pointer pushes certain areas into a higher output, which remains until power cycled! A plasma Etch-A-Sketch.



It’s National Miniature Golf Day, so Cyndi Lauper mini-golfing with Pee Wee Herman in the 1980s feels like a good vibe. Pee Wee’s golf outfit is a 10/10 #NationalMiniGolfDay #NationalMiniatureGolfDay


For your personal finances, do you bother reconciling your statements to a ledger you keep?

(boosts appreciated, but no pressure)

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