Hello fediverse, what online tools do you know about that are LibreSaaS— you can pay to use them, but the full stack is free/libre open source software so you or others can totally host the entire thing yourself if you want?

Please boost i'm giving a talk in six hours!

@neil Thank you that's a huge one i somehow almost entirely overlooked.

@mayel Thank you; i hadn't known about Cryptpad! It's particularly interesting as a LibreSaaS example because the freemium pricing model provides all the functionality for free but then has a premium tier where you pay for things that definitely cost money per unit, as it were: more storage space, faster support.

@mlncn yeah, interesting model indeed, as you can host an instance of it and split the revenue 50/50 between the host and the devs

@mlncn Awesome! Would love to see the talk afterwards, if possible -- I'm obviously interested in the subject 🙂 But either way, I appreciate the mention!

Where i've been noting as i find it:

To be folded into as a fancy directory, collaborating curators welcome!

Matrix, Nextcloud, Sourcehut. It's a not uncommon model.

@ross Ah, OK, the creators of Matrix offer hosting at

But NextCloud—which i use, and is excellent—as far as i can tell 'only' sells support, and never does the hosting itself? I feel i must include it but need to figure out the taxonomization for this different revenue model, which is closer to RedHat's classic model (it definitely started adding some direct SaaS; i need to research there too).

And Sourcehut, excellent, thank you!

Huh, that's my mistake then. I could have sworn they offered hosting as well.

@ross i'm not swearing they don't either, but can't find it; i think they're philosophically opposed:

But many of their customers (and non-paying implementers!) are offering NextCloud as a service, so really it is LibreSaaS, or available as LibreSaaS, but just one step removed— but the clarity of paying-for-the-service-funds-development is i guess the link i'm most hoping to find.

But anyhow, yes, hoping to show it's a pretty common model and help make it more common!

It would be about the top example if so. I've been meaning to check what, if anything, in JetPack, offered as part of, is proprietary. I'm afraid it'll be a lot.

oh awesome I'm totally wrong

I think that would make the stack fundamentally Libre then!

just got asked in my presentation why i didn't list WordPress and basically they don't self-identify as being fully on open source as one of the benefits, so i still don't feel sure there isn't some propriety glue in there. But maybe feel WordPress. org makes it obvious enough?

wait, really?? Why didn't i know this! Should have known my @agaric colleagues would choose great tools.

@mlncn Hah, yeah, the Sentry folks are fantastic but you do have to dig a little bit before they tell you that you could host it yourself. 😅

Oh, I should also have pointed you at which has a link to their GitHub on their front page with the link text of "100% open source software", so it's a little more obvious. 😁

I'm sorry I missed this. I'm a big fan of, a fully open source project that I see as a superset of NextCloud.

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