The Economist says real rents have gone up 61% since 1961 while wages have gone up 5%. I often see tech people lament that CEOs make 300x workers’ wages, but always with a shade of “shucks, they just create so much *value*”. But land doesn’t now contain more value now, it’s the same land. Instead, the economic system is oriented around making property cost more. It’s the same phenomenon: the accumulation of wealth, as the system is intended to support.

Just another reason to not trust #Apple or any other large org.

> Apple dropped plan for encrypting backups after FBI complained

The cloud is just someone else's computer.

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THIS is how you do it. Ahed is a revolutionary but she and her mother still explain the reason the media is so fascinated with her and why it must be dismantled without silencing her darker Palestinian brothers and sisters.

"Spending time with the union members of Chapare (Bolivia), who run society in a collective fashion, offers special insights into the resistance to the coup. They succeeded in expelling the police, but now fear a bloodbath in retaliation."

Fascists make absurd claims that are easily disproven. The facile nature of these claims is part of the tactic. Understand what they are actually saying:

🚫 This conspiracy theory is literally true and correct and you should believe me.

✅ I am a bigot and I can get away with expressing my bigotry in public. You should join me because it's safe to do so.

... so don't argue facts. Fight dirty and shut them down because our lives depend on it. Prove that it isn't safe to be a Nazi.


If you plan to vote in the primaries or general 🚨 CHECK YOUR VOTER REGISTRATION 🚨. Especially if you are Black or Latino. A judge just cleared Georgia to purge 300,000 voters and this is going on all over the country. Brian Kemp used these and even more deceptive tactics to rig the last GA election against Stacey Abrahms.

Chk Ur Voter Registration👇🏽

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Purchasing devices that constantly monitor, track and record us for convenience or a sense of safety is laying the foundation for an oppressive future by Evan Greer

’They murdered him:’ Family of driver killed in shootout lashes out at police

“Today I lost my brother because of the (expletive) negligence and stupidity of the police,"

information the cop hears that helps you is inadmissible in court -- it's hearsay. but negative testimony by cops is absolutely admissible! and if you have a conversation with a cop, and later they lie / misremember what you said, then it's your word against theirs in court. people have been convicted on little-to-nothing but the testimony of a cop claiming you told them something incriminating.

I see that “rental crisis” is what we are calling the class war today

Part of the announcement that the hacker gave with their recent hack of an offshore bank~ :3

(The skeleton says 'Be gay, do crimes!' in Spanish :3)


I've been thinking a lot lately about how unorganized the left, and indeed, even conservative communities really are, so here's an effort to change that.

This isn't designed to be a go-to solution for every problem, but rather, it's meant as a primer on how to get you and your community started on finding and enacting those solutions.

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