Please join me in supporting Chelsea Manning resisting government oppression again (and also supporting an amazing awesome gives-of-herself-so-much friend of mine on Chelsea's legal team)

It’s difficult to exaggerate the damage that has been caused to the original vision of the web through the commercialisation of domain names. Imposing artificial scarcity and the complexity of commerce systems on a fundamental identifier makes it orders of magnitude harder to self host. Domain names should be a public good. We should embrace in the EU and mandate that all browser vendors implement support and get Let’s Encrypt to provide TLS support.


An NPR investigation found federal disaster spending often makes existing wealth inequality worse.

Put another way: After a storm, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Just posted this short but important article from @mlncn about the failure of a grocery that never actually acted like a co-op...which may have had something to do with their failure:

Imma make this clear: I'm not building software for developers.

I'm working to building tools for people.

You shouldn't have to know to maintain and secure a server to have your own independent identity online. You shouldn't need to know what libsodium or similar library to be secure online.

That's my objective.

A software cooperative near me is hiring a new developer - part-time with potential to grow to full-time and co-ownership! Women, people of color, and under-represented groups are encouraged to apply. Deadline March 1st.

I have been involved in coops for 20 years and have mentors who've been involved in coops since the 70s. I struggle to point to examples of coops being forces for broader radical sociopolitical *systemic* change. I'm all ears/eyes if you know of any. But effecting sociopolitical change is not some thing that is "baked" into the cooperative structure and that is why I call for an accompanying explicitly political project.
@Antanicus @vfrmedia @alanz

i wrote a bit about a cooperative grocery closing in my neighborhood .. achieving a constructive sadness i hope:

If every law were enforced to its maximum potential, every person would be in prison. The unequal application of the law is a part of the cause of racial disparities in jail, prison, and formerly incarcerated populations.

An attempt to prevent a district attorney from using her discretion to reduce prosecution of victimless crimes, indeed to force her from office, is a nakedly racist attempt to uphold a racist system.

If you haven't heard Lizzo yet you're missing one of Minneapolis's greatest

Even in these perilous times, we can marvel at how wondrously complex people are, and moreover seek to understand that complexity and use it to move us toward a more fair, more free, more ecologically healthy, more equally wealthy, more safe, more happy, more wonderful future.

On that note, an asterisk of hope.

Many people in Florida who were too racist (or, at best, too tied to an identity fused with a racist political party) to vote for a Black person nonetheless voted to re-enfranchise one million, four hundred thousand of their fellow citizens, about one half of whom are Black.

People denied citizenship after decades of residency, or citizens with fundamental rights like voting revoked because they were convicted of a crime, de-legitimizes our governments (especially when who is affected by both are so strongly influenced by racism and classism).

Categorically denying some people the right to vote is a whole other level of voter suppression, but one which also needs to be taken into the moral and practical considerations of what makes a government legitimate and what sort of society we want to build.

Voter suppression needs to be the starting point for anyone talking, writing, or thinking about these elections.

Ending voter suppression needs to be the starting point for working to restore the possibility of "peaceful revolution".

(And of course voting can only be a tiny fraction of our work toward justice and liberty. Please sign up here to be asked—and partake in our collective wisdom—about all the ways we can support one another in such efforts.)

Voter suppression puts the moral onus of justifying why they should be in power on the politicians benefiting from voter suppression.

"Despite a narrow majority of citizens who turned out to vote rejecting their continued rule, Republican politicians who oversaw massive voter suppression efforts attempt to cling to power through legal technicality."

That's about the most generous framing those who orchestrate a subversion of the will of their constituents can possibly deserve.

Voter suppression certainly includes not counting votes, and the related trick of making tens of thousands of votes 'provisional' and then not counting those.

Voter suppression includes removing people from the voting rolls, which has also been done in Georgia and Florida by the tens of thousands.

Voter suppression (which can indeed be unintentional, and might be in this case) includes the ballot design

Via zeynep tufekci @zeynep -
> As Florida goes to recount: margin is so tiny that the undervote in heavily Democratic Broward County—which had a terrible ballot design—may well be the difference. Count every vote is the beginning, not the end, of election integrity. May well have cost a Dem Senate seat.

Voter suppression includes ID requirements and over-policing of polls. (And explicit threats from officials to get people entangled in the long arms of the carceral state.)

Voter suppression includes long wait times at polling places, which *alone* were certainly enough to prevent enough people who were trying to vote for Abrams, Gillum, Nelson, and Fried from having succeeded in voting.

I'm honestly angry i cannot find *anyone* doing a statistical analysis of the impact in this election, but here's an article about one from the 2012 election:

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