When someone fights hard for something with all their heart and soul to overcome conventional wisdom about what the right thing to do is, it sends a message about what they really believe. We've got some people at city hall that really believe in kneecapping this bus lane.

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Because it's so obviously the right thing to do, much time was spent in committee — by public works director Anderson Kelliher and Council Member Koski — intentionally confusing the issue, saying they weren't cutting the full time lanes, they actually support it.

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lmao at klobuchar saying "576 officers lost their lives in the line of duty". over 70% of those deaths were due to covid. pizza delivery is still deadlier than than policing, covid or not.

This same sort of extreme impingement on your control over something that you rely on, that you think of as yours, is why some in the Free Software movement are dead set against Software as a Service— how do you remove a kill-switch from the cloud?

Cooperative ownership / democratic control, data backups, and open source free/libre software for the whole stack - - are our answer to that.


Do any color accessibility checkers have a check for how things work with redshift (or other tints, like pink or yellow, used to ease transition to darkness and sleep)?

i (or someone at or involved wit this camp) really need to write up everything going on but please donate!


.coop will hold our eighth session in the .hour series on the fourth Monday in May:
Sophie Bloemen (Commons Network, European Municipalist Network, ROSA - Right to the City Amsterdam)

Public-civic collaboration, coop incubators and stewarding digital infrastructure as a commons

Sign up and details here:

@polymerwitch @KolokokoBird yes, @agaric is trying to build the approach of 'post on your own site first, syndicate elsewhere' into , and we have a client looking to build a big aggregate 'green events' calendar so maybe we'll be able to make some progress on this for events. If it's possible at all to push events to a Facebook (page or group) from a website, happy to help maintain a brid.gy style service for that.

Thoughts welcome here or here:
gitlab.com/drutopia/drutopia/- !

If I'm trying to fix up a bike that needs new tubes and other stuff, and I have never fixed anything on a bike before, then what how-to resource should I use? I don't know anything. Even things you think everyone knows.

US POL, abortion, privacy, Internet metadata 

Your Internet history & your phone history could be used against you.

"Large carve-outs and exceptions” give law enforcement wide latitude to utilize “mass extraction tools,” she says, which will “inevitably expose everyone—not just pregnant people—to this sort of digital self-incrimination.”

As I've said time and time again it doesn't take much to get on the wrong side of your government or the law.

@KolokokoBird I think things like this need to start with a community. Once the community is formed, then non-tech people really need to do a better job of accepting proposals from tech people instead of dismissing them due to the fact they can just use corporate platforms and have more control siloed with them. Tech people (including me) need to do a better job of bringing understandable proposals to community groups that fit the needs of the group instead of being the "Next Cool Thing ™️ "

@polymerwitch It’s a huge problem. I refuse to use FB, so I miss hearing about many events.

I have thought about starting a Mobilizon instance to help deal with this. But even after getting it set up, there would be work to do - promotion and all that. Perhaps if I find others in my region who are interested…

The other forms of comms can be really effective. Writing a txt alert system and setting it up costs $20 and about 2 hours. I should know as I wrote a lot of the code for those during OWS times.

There is even an implementation to do this for encrypted signal alerts that is only a couple dollars a month.

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Is there an hypothes.is like service for annotating YouTube videos (at least)? Or a private method that creates something exportable and useful in the open?

For as much as I hate Facebook, after a few years away from it I do really wish community events were organized off of there. I can't find them easily. So much radical community is gatekept behind facebook, instagram, and google forms.

Email lists are gone, txt trees vanished, community radio station announcements of public events are silent, telephone poles are void of flyers, and the physical organizing spaces seem to be slipping away. 😕

«The European Commission has published the results of a study analysing the economic impact of Open Source Software and Hardware in the European economy. It is estimated that companies located in the EU invested around €1 billion in Open Source Software in 2018, which brought about a positive impact on the European economy of between €65 and €95 billion.»


is there a way to share a signup link to a Mastodon server where after the person signs up they are mutual followers with you? (done transparently of course)

It would smooth the "come over here and lets be friends" way of bringing people into these parts of the federated social web.

Hi co-op people.

For my capstone project I am doing a study on cooperatives in Chicago, how they work, how well they work, and the effects they have on the people in and around them.

Does anyone know of a good study on how people change in response to having to help run a cooperative? I know of an old, vanished one concerning how people near co-ops in Italy are healthier, more civically engaged, and such- but I would like another source.

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