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MayFirst Movement Technology published a statement around Covid, movement organising and tech infrastructure
It’s a manifesto or statement of intent, rather than an analysis or work plan. But it will be good to note the online venues where the group will be holding its explorations and work processes, on this agenda.
It’s not 100% obvious to me where these venues are! When I get it better sussed, I’ll post here! If anyone is aware of venues and online ‘cells’ do reply?

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Recently I’m referring back to a tradition of design that may be unfamiliar to cooperators & hackers here. So some references. Scandinavian 80s/90s tradition of work oriented design of computer artefacts, and a collective resource tradition of codesign with labour unions. From days before P2P code hacking, web apps & digitally mediated organisation, invites remixing in today’s coop practice. Tool notions, coproduction principle and weaving of tech, theorising and democracy are valuable. 1of2

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@liaizon @Matt_Noyes I started in fed wiki about 6 months ago - thanks Silke Helfrich. Here are some resources.
A personal wiki
Pattern language
Navigating in wiki
How federatation works in wiki
Fed wiki folks are keen on graphs. A few links here
There's been discussion in Loomio open app ecosystem group, including how to create your own wiki

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I've had an awareness for a couple of years, of Zuckerberg's intention to steal banking from the bankers, and pull the world's poorest smartphone users into a sticky platform-banking web. On cue, here comes !
See @matslats of the , on Libracoin

And more here on class war among the old and new bankers
Slugging it out soon with China?

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Puzzled . . @mako makes a clear pitch on "Free software production needs free tools"
And is very clear on and (though says most code comes from solo not collaboration!). Yet not a hint of coop ownership of to keep tools honest & open (GitHub!). Surely tools today become platforms? And platforms require collaboration even if code doesn't? So why doesn't follow automatically, as we talk tools? How does libre not equal coop in FLOSS world?

honestly, systems thinking is not rocket science: you just need to cultivate and nurture relationships with people in different parts of the system 🤯

My wife and I are going through a bit of a rough time at the moment. We're privileged to be in a better position than a lot of people right now, but we're stuck indefinitely outside our country of residence (China) and surfing from couch to couch. Most of our money is in a Chinese bank account we can't access while outside China (looong story). If anyone can offer me some paid work I can do remotely from #Aotearoa (#NZ), that would really help.

If the only way you can help is a boost, cool :)

Municipalist Politics and the Specter of Emancipation

"...why was the municipalist movement unable to bring about any fundamental change in the way politics is practiced, even just at the local level? Why was it unable to sustain a new way of doing politics? What can we learn from these experiences in order not to make the same mistakes again?"

#socialecology #communalism #municipalism

Please avoid using the propaganda phrase "rubber bullets" and try to use a phrase that more accurately describes these dangerous and sometimes lethal weapons:

A state's primary business is to make money (literally, by issuing it and guaranteeing its value), by making the law. When push comes to shove, they have to have a monopoly on the use of violence. So without violence, you can't be have states.

"... [organized crime's] primary business is to make money ... by breaking the law. When push comes to shove, they have to use violence. So without violence, you can't be involved in organised crime."

- #MishaGlenny

Hmm ...

Here's MoodleNet, the world's first federated social network for educators, a decentralised digital commons.

I've taken this as Product Manager from zero to one, and leave Moodle on Friday.

The team is calling this v1.0 beta and proud of what we've achieved. Unfortunately the management seem to think it's "alpha quality". You decide...

Helpful review here, of digital security issues and means, at May First Movement technology
Links too, to the package of tools hosted by that organisation, available to members. A NextCloud instance, for example
Escape from GoogleDrive!

Would it make sense for Social.Coop to join The Online Meeting Co-operative?

@wxcafe so glad to see that "hacker" now means "install docker and run 1000 microservices to make a todo app" instead of, you know, using tech to topple power structures

If we let police use drone surveillance with face recognition as a public health measure--we’ll likely see them flying over protests next year.

Via Dave Roediger -- a great find.

An early documentary about Lynton Kwesi Johnson. His poetry had a big influence on me, especially Come Wi Goh Dung Deh.

A group I'm in wants to host a wiki. Or rather, to have a wiki hosted. At first for group collaboration, and then for wider visibility.

Is ecobytes familiar with wiki hosting, and do you have recommendations? Regarding the transparency and 'skinnability' of the UI, for example.

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A poll of no statistical significance whatsoever. Just fishing for a rough sense of people's contexts here . .

The kind of place where you live/are locked down . . Is it . .

@bhaugen @lynn
I'm in SSB again - via Feedless web client this time. Pretty klunky - Twitter-size messages. But most klunky - I search for names (Zimmerman, Haugen, Foster) and they seem to come up - but they turn out to be somebody else entirely.

I can see (and have joined) but you're not visible to me there. I messaged you but I guess you can't hear me?

I'm friended with Feedless Pub. Can you friend that? Or I could friend Pico Pub - that seems to be used by folk.

Open2020 webinar - Digital Life Collective and cooperation as a service. 16:00 BST today
Register here,

I've come across a lot of people in the fediverse who appear to be using Mastodon, but I think would find the privacy model of Diaspora much more to their liking. If Diaspora ever has a change of heart and decides to federate over ActivityPub, and produce some user-friendly web videos etc explaining how the Diaspora UI works, I suspect they would have a huge uptick in users. I can certainly think of people I'd encourage to migrate there.

#Diaposra #ActivityPub #Mastodon

>. . We think both these communities are looking to unite and talk and we think we have the ability to help make that happen.
>What do you think? What should be the topics of those convergences? What form should they take?

BB thoughts here is there

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MayFirst Movement posting:
>the possibility of calling together movement technologists in a convergence and then some of the leading mass organizations of the movement in another such convergence . . to discuss what we need to do in terms of communications technology given this crisis and the needs that will follow it . . .


Breezing through the 8000 #COVID19 #visors mark from the @DoESLiverpool #volunteer #MutualAid effort. With the part-full box in the foreground it's 8300 🎉✊ (more at

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