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Recently I’m referring back to a tradition of design that may be unfamiliar to cooperators & hackers here. So some references. Scandinavian 80s/90s tradition of work oriented design of computer artefacts, and a collective resource tradition of codesign with labour unions. From days before P2P code hacking, web apps & digitally mediated organisation, invites remixing in today’s coop practice. Tool notions, coproduction principle and weaving of tech, theorising and democracy are valuable. 1of2

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@liaizon @Matt_Noyes I started in fed wiki about 6 months ago - thanks Silke Helfrich. Here are some resources.
A personal wiki
Pattern language
Navigating in wiki
How federatation works in wiki
Fed wiki folks are keen on graphs. A few links here
There's been discussion in Loomio open app ecosystem group, including how to create your own wiki

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I've had an awareness for a couple of years, of Zuckerberg's intention to steal banking from the bankers, and pull the world's poorest smartphone users into a sticky platform-banking web. On cue, here comes !
See @matslats of the , on Libracoin

And more here on class war among the old and new bankers
Slugging it out soon with China?

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Puzzled . . @mako makes a clear pitch on "Free software production needs free tools"
And is very clear on and (though says most code comes from solo not collaboration!). Yet not a hint of coop ownership of to keep tools honest & open (GitHub!). Surely tools today become platforms? And platforms require collaboration even if code doesn't? So why doesn't follow automatically, as we talk tools? How does libre not equal coop in FLOSS world?

I spoke too soon ;) I continued testing Jami and hit a number of problems with text messages delivery, even though the other user shows up as online, and with video message delivery. Something to do with the connection between the UI and the network daemon perhaps? Voice message was worked pretty reliably, but now it's giving me an error "unjoinable peer".

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I was able to contact the Coronavirus Queen on the ethereal plane last night. According to her, the virus will flee the planet immediately if we throw enough billionaires into volcanoes.

I asked how many billionaires, but she said "Don't worry about that. Just start throwing 'em in and we'll let you know when you can stop".

Exploring Jami on MacxOS.
Finding a contact in <search> then clicking on it to see what happens - the app crashes, every time. The thing to do is right-click - then the contact can be added. Crashing isn't helpful.
In a call, I had annoying audio feedback (like earth-loop hum) and echoing of my own speech.

Could you edit your link to my Etherpad summary on and making the posted in Nathan Schneider's Loomio thread? I've now recreated that document as a wiki - easier to read, not open to unintended corruption, and possibly ongoing as a discussion. I've posted the link in a reply to your comment. Cheers.
This is the link

Had first Jami call today. Connected with no problem. A P2P connection, no server - magical !
Two things
- my other half could not transmit their video to me even tho they had it on their own screen. I got their static icon instead. They were running on Ubuntu.
- I had annoying audio feedback and echo of my voice. I was running on MacOS.
So we had a slightly lopsided call. Both had audio, one had video. One had good audio the other had feedback.
Any diagnosis of this?

I just tested #RecordScreenIO:

Worked perfectly, super easy to use. I was able to choose whether to record my screen and webcam, or just the screen, and which elements of the screen to record (whole screen or particular window?). After asking the web browser for permission to use the mic. and access the screen, it recorded with my voiceover, and presented the result as an embedded video. Then I had the option to download the video, or close and try again. 10/10 #UX

I'm on my way to migrating from to . DT offered to manage all docs on my device but interface is cluttered & app over featured? Runs slow sometimes. Web clipper isn't perfect. Proprietary and paid-for.

Joplin is plain vanilla FLOSS mimic of . Markdown :) Web clipper is clean, works nicely. File transfer from DT was tedious, Joplin uses ENX as import format, DT doesn't export that. Even so, I've ported my main docs & hope to use simple Joplin now coworking coffeetime
Drop by some time?

#SocialMedia is a different story, at least when it comes to works like long form articles, music, or films, which take some work to produce and often require the creators to spend money to produce them. As Jay Graber says in her article, #blockchains don't seem like the best solution for storing this sort of media, something like #IPFS (or #SAFE, or #Holochain), is probably a better way of distributing these. But using blockchains as a distributed monetization layer for them could work.

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#JayGraber wrote a good introductory post to some of the challenges of building #decentalized #SocialMedia apps, and how these differ between federated and P2P projects:

Thanks for Open Data links Bob. Data Central looks very thorough. Entangled Bootstrap page is a who's who? Requires drilling down into participants' sites, yes?
Github link is dead - "server cannot be reached". Temporary? If available, would carry quite a bit of the detail implied by the Bootstrap site? Hmmn, a bit deep for me.
The Data Central site is about my level of patience and stamina! But I guess that's just one stance. Is the Bootstrap stuff 'a stance' too, or pretty catholic?

gender-neutrality is when you emit no more gender than you consume

it's only cache if it's from the Cache region of France, everything else is just sparkling RAM


Portuguese government has decreed that ALL asylum seekers and ALL undocumented migrants with pending applications for residence are AUTOMATICALLY granted and may access ALL STATE PROVISION including healthcare and benefits. I'm going to faint.


Care coops. And post-money, post-virus. There could be something stirring in Kirklees, Yorkshire, using mutual credit. See the loomio group on Open Credit Network.
This might need membership to access. If you need the post copied, let me know. I can make a pdf copy.

Edited reposting, with permission, from MayFirst Movement Technology
>Today's Need to Know on "Free Software During the Corona Virus Pandemic" was attended by over 100 people. It was recorded and here's the link:
> Here's a link to the statement of alternatives for live meetings, that Jaime spoke of
>All our audio presentations are available on our audio page:
>We're already working on April's Need to Know

How dare this guy blithely associate one of the most ruthlessly authoritarian state-corporate regimes in human history with "anarchy"? This is #doublethink at it's finest:

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