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Recently I’m referring back to a tradition of design that may be unfamiliar to cooperators & hackers here. So some references. Scandinavian 80s/90s tradition of work oriented design of computer artefacts, and a collective resource tradition of codesign with labour unions. From days before P2P code hacking, web apps & digitally mediated organisation, invites remixing in today’s coop practice. Tool notions, coproduction principle and weaving of tech, theorising and democracy are valuable. 1of2

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@liaizon @Matt_Noyes I started in fed wiki about 6 months ago - thanks Silke Helfrich. Here are some resources.
A personal wiki
Pattern language
Navigating in wiki
How federatation works in wiki
Fed wiki folks are keen on graphs. A few links here
There's been discussion in Loomio open app ecosystem group, including how to create your own wiki

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I've had an awareness for a couple of years, of Zuckerberg's intention to steal banking from the bankers, and pull the world's poorest smartphone users into a sticky platform-banking web. On cue, here comes !
See @matslats of the , on Libracoin

And more here on class war among the old and new bankers
Slugging it out soon with China?

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Puzzled . . @mako makes a clear pitch on "Free software production needs free tools"
And is very clear on and (though says most code comes from solo not collaboration!). Yet not a hint of coop ownership of to keep tools honest & open (GitHub!). Surely tools today become platforms? And platforms require collaboration even if code doesn't? So why doesn't follow automatically, as we talk tools? How does libre not equal coop in FLOSS world?

> I was always getting in trouble for reading in school
🙄 Myles Horton, in conversation w Paulo Freire

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D'you know this 'spoken book' by Myles Horton & Paulo Freire? We make the road by walking (Temple University 1990). Horton = Highlander College.
>The question . . is how it is possible for us in the process of making the road, to be clear, and to clarify our own making of the road . . to clarify some theoretical issues . .

Lovely, moving book, cousin to Politics & Letters. But different home turf (poverty is central) so different voice and dynamic. Such conversations really matter?

Generative identity and the dangers of Self Sovereign Identity
Tellingly framed as social inclusion rather than social justice . . but interesting?
An initiative of Akasha Foundation
More geek than roots? But it takes all sorts?

D’you know the reason why
linked from the Bonfire (was CommonsPub) site, is full of UN blog posts, rather than coop ecosystem stuff?


Reading Roger van Zwanenberg's serialised 'Colonialism' . .
>Colonisation and slavery were the cornerstones of the Industrial Revolution. European industrialisation and Atlantic-American slavery as two structural global transformations must be understood as an integral whole.

I can hardly bear to acknowledge this is a 'new' story for Europeans, told in a plain way. Slavery always was 'somewhere else' - hidden background of the polite C18 country house novel.


Finding myself really enjoying Capital vol 1 Ch 33: The Modern Theory of Colonisation
Laughing aloud at Marxian irony at the expense of English apologists for 'systematic colonisation' 😉 I'd almost forgotten what a writer he is. A wonderful account of just what kind of force wage labour is, in lands where it hasn't yet been successfully invented. And a reminder not to use the term 'capital' casually.
The whole Part VIII on primitive accumulation is terrific.

Was it you who mentioned a while back? And @bhaugen did you say you'd been connected with them (or )? Perhaps about place-based mapping in particular?

I just viewed the crowdfunding launch event
and what's really interesting is that, for something that was originally VC, and is so intrinsically tech, there is hardly any highlight - in a two hour session - on tech stuff. It's all relationships and values, and seems to resonate. D'you know more?

A reminder to all creative people:

If the RIAA's recent actions have reminded us of anything, it's that you cannot guarantee you have a copy of any of your work unless you have backups of it on your own system.

The 'cloud' is someone else's computer, and there is ample evidence that the someone else who owns that computer does not care at all about the hours of passion you've poured into things you make.

Act accordingly.

It's time to jettison "consumer harm." The reason to fight monopolies is that they MONOPOLIZE. They crush workers and small rivals, and pervert regulation and law. They enrich wealthy shareholders at the expense of the rest of us.

Monopolies should be killed because they are MONOPOLIES.


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2of2 Digital sovereignty - huh?
The best review I've heard, standing at a critical distance from commonplace free software tropes - 'free as in frreedom', autonomous creation and use, etc. But also, getting into serious tech: CoBox, dat

Worth listening to, just for the vision of tools and protocols that support mutual aid, without a blockchain in sight 👏

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Digital sovereignty - huh?
Dan Hassan & Jaya Brekke on a deep courageous walk-through the muddy swamp of sovereignty, property, supremacy, memory, individualist freedom and other stuff in the digital space.

Hosting . . are there fedwiki farms out there? I mean, formal fee-for-service hosting services, that have specialist fedwiki capability, and commitment to making the genre more widely used thro support, training, documentation, etc?

Or does the culture of self-hosting and hacker huddles prevail?

@Matt_Noyes @emi
You might want to look this over, in the context of your current research in the future of coops?
Personally I find it hard to make sense of, long and threaded with typically opaque Eurospeak. There seems to be a new euroterm: 'territories' and 'the transition of territories'. It's very worthy I'm sure. And maybe there are helpful things to be done at the EU governmental level. But for me it seems a full-time job even to undertand Euro-English.

Hi pals!

I'm Cinnamon. You may have seen me around Scuttlebutt for the last couple of years, mostly thinking about usability and harassment prevention.

My current project is Earthstar, which is similar to Scuttlebutt but designed for usability from the beginning.

Also: procedural art, music, drawing, photography.


“Stand out of my light” indeed. Get out of my face. Give me my life back. Stop drinking my oxygen. Or as Burroughs said in Nova Express: “Boards, syndicates, governments of the world - give it back. Give it all back.” This rage in the face of consumerist mind-fucking is more primitively radical than any rationalist Bill of Rights?

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Chapter five - Empires of the mind (Churchill quote) - is the best plain scan of advertising and the desire machinery of consumerist capitalism that I’ve seen, since Vance Packard’s Hidden Persuaders kick-started me on the ‘ethical’ road of anti capitalism in the 60s.

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