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> when the output of one process becomes the input to another

That sounds like a job for . . Superwiki! If each process was a page in a fedwiki (constructed from various pluigins, computing various stuff, drawing on data and results from other plugins/pages) then this capability would be a given.

Your wiki would be 'an app' not just a UI.

And self-documenting, if pages were thoughtfully written.

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Re-tooting this. A serious infrastructure question.

New to me, a whistleblowing/investigative journalism network. . .

A deep imbalance here, of intelligence forces. Journalism & whistleblowing are ¿no match? for
- corporate & state data-analytic machines +
- 'public' infrastructures 'wired for sound' +
- wage-work workforces in the psyops sector?

Hard to imagine what 'a balance' could look like. Let alone a *commons* of counter-hegemonic 'forces of intelligence'?

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@rd @bhaugen @Matt_Noyes
A companion movie, same era - The Plan (Lucas Aerospace shop stewards' corporate plan
"An essential historical and political essay, crafted with great intelligence and civic conscioence." London Film Festival

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I've had an awareness for a couple of years, of Zuckerberg's intention to steal banking from the bankers, and pull the world's poorest smartphone users into a sticky platform-banking web. On cue, here comes !
See @matslats of the , on Libracoin

And more here on class war among the old and new bankers
Slugging it out soon with China?

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Puzzled . . @mako makes a clear pitch on "Free software production needs free tools"
And is very clear on and (though says most code comes from solo not collaboration!). Yet not a hint of coop ownership of to keep tools honest & open (GitHub!). Surely tools today become platforms? And platforms require collaboration even if code doesn't? So why doesn't follow automatically, as we talk tools? How does libre not equal coop in FLOSS world?

REMINDER Building a European Cultural Backbone #conference

Today's theme is #European Platforms. There are various live-streamed sessions throughout the day and you can ask questions via #Matrix.

It is important that #Fediverse is represented, and hence this heads-up to y'all fedizens.

Especially these panel discussions are relevent:

- (1 - 2:30pm CEST)
Panel I: European Platform

- (3 - 4:30pm CEST) Panel II: Shared Digital Public Space - An Opportunity for Europe starting soon
17:00 UTC (= 18h BST, 19h CEST, 13h EDT)

Sophie Bloemen (Commons Network, European Municipalist Network, ROSA - Right to the City Amsterdam)

Public-civic collaboration, coop incubators and stewarding digital infrastructure as a commons

Details and video room link here:

See you 💚

“.01% of bitcoin holders hold 27% of all bitcoin! That’s 100x the wealth concentration of the regular economy.”

Next time someone tells you cryptocurrencies and blockchain are about decentralisation, laugh in their faces. Loudly. While pointing at them.

#cryptocurrency #blockchain #decentralisation #web3 #rightLibertarian #bullshit

Hello there! I just joined Mastodon from Twitter(trying to be mostly anonymous) and have no fucking idea of how any of this works.
I will probably mostly post Bookchin memes and follow as many anarchist accounts as possible.

Jokes aside, I am interested in building a Social Ecologist movement in Italy, or at very least try to make Murray Bookchin's legacy thrive, despite some of his shortcomings.

I also want to help translate anarchist articles from English to Italian and vice versa.

Work in progress at - a handbook of protocols in provisioning a digital commons

VERY provisional and incomplete, being augmented thro . In time though, it aims to be means for a kind of college of transformative digital infrastructuring in support of Making the Living Economy.

It's in gitBook temporarily. Looking for a good open-source toolset that supports nested levels of documentation, book-style. Not convinced by the popular tools among hackers

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.coop will hold our eighth session in the .hour series on the fourth Monday in May:
Sophie Bloemen (Commons Network, European Municipalist Network, ROSA - Right to the City Amsterdam)

Public-civic collaboration, coop incubators and stewarding digital infrastructure as a commons

Sign up and details here:

britpol, censorship 

I'm beginning to notice ISP blocking of fediverse instances, and they're not blocking the ones you would expect (hate sites). Instead it seems to be instances with an activism focus.

This also means that for public clearnet stuff I need to be more thorough about setting up DoH.

/r/rojava was banned from reddit. More than 34,458 subscribers. No recent reports of any problems. No information about why it was banned. Thousands of posts about Rojava since 2014. A unique hub of information.

/r/CombatFootage/ is going strong, so it ain't about violence.

🎉🍾Wohoo!! We've reached over 7000 downloads of the DisCO Elements (whether if the EPUB, the printing-friendly MONO or the PDF version)! Thank you all for joining us in building a more distributed, diverse, cooperative, care-oriented future of work!

Looking at my account, just realized that turned 5 years old this month.

Social dot Co-op: We're Still Around™️

I remember one of the things that motivated me to look into the state of decentralized social media (and ultimately begin working on Mastodon) in 2016 were talks that a controversial billionaire might buy Twitter.

.hour session#7 next Monday
Digital infrastructure for resilient subcultures
Cade Diehm & Benjamin Royer (New Design Congress). Cade & Ben have facilitated the other sessions, thanks. Now they SPEAK!

Note changed timeslot: one hour sooner than before. But that's UTC, so stays the same as before in places using summertime. Huh, timezones!

.coop .hour
For clarification - because of summertime changes in European and North American time zones.

Today’s commons.hour is
• 18:00 UTC
• 19:00 BST (London)
• 20:00 European Central
• 13:00 US Central Time
• 12:00 Alberta
Apologies for this timing, a bit late in Europe.

In future sessions we’ll bring the time forward to a more acceptable European slot.

Chris Alexander died earlier this week - creator of pattern language(ing)
Vale Chris, it continues.

.coop .hour
On the fourth Monday in March, we will hold our sixth session in the commons.hour series:
Lynn Foster & Bob Haugen (,
Contribution accounting - Why, how, who?

Y'all come now.

A short thread about chat/instant messenger apps. For many this is an ongoing challenge. I am mainly on Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal and Element/Matrix. Today I decided to bridge everything to the last one.

Good analysis of why and how Russian actors in London politics used Brexit both as a tool to make key government officials cover up their work and as the intended goal, a deadly political attack on international alliances.

Online anonymity: study found ‘stable pseudonyms’ created a more civil environment than real user names

> What matters, it seems, is not so much whether you are commenting anonymously, but whether you are invested in your persona and accountable for its behaviour in that particular forum.

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