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'The analytics mindset' of silicon valley oligarchs, alt-right and security services surely is a problem. But complex systems with emergent form are real, and seems to me it will be good if 'we' can be tooled up to observe the emergent pattern of our own activity in the large. Their activity too! Just like statistics have been double edged for several generations (lies, damn lies etc) analytics are double edged.

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@liaizon @Matt_Noyes I started in fed wiki about 6 months ago - thanks Silke Helfrich. Here are some resources.
A personal wiki
Pattern language
Navigating in wiki
How federatation works in wiki
Fed wiki folks are keen on graphs. A few links here
There's been discussion in Loomio open app ecosystem group, including how to create your own wiki

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I've had an awareness for a couple of years, of Zuckerberg's intention to steal banking from the bankers, and pull the world's poorest smartphone users into a sticky platform-banking web. On cue, here comes !
See @matslats of the , on Libracoin

And more here on class war among the old and new bankers
Slugging it out soon with China?

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Puzzled . . @mako makes a clear pitch on "Free software production needs free tools"
And is very clear on and (though says most code comes from solo not collaboration!). Yet not a hint of coop ownership of to keep tools honest & open (GitHub!). Surely tools today become platforms? And platforms require collaboration even if code doesn't? So why doesn't follow automatically, as we talk tools? How does libre not equal coop in FLOSS world?

After weathering a rough Nextcloud upgrade, I continue to doubt the various projects aimed at allowing "regular" users to install and manage their own web apps. When it works, it's great. When something goes wrong, well... Good luck!

Anyone here (wherever here is!) involved with the Kola Nut Collaborative? Their Offers and Needs Market looks interesting.

YunoHost: hello, we are trying to make server administration super easy, just buy a Raspberry Pi or a VPS and you're good to go

random Yunohost user : hello I recently bought a russian submarine on ebay, can I install #YunoHost on it !?

@Rheall look into it's basically a turnkey Debian server that then allows one click install of many different apps, mastodon is one of them. I recommend it to everyone, it's amazing!

I'm on my masto instance of one right now;)


What's your preferred FLOSS freestanding platform tool for conducting polls? Eg meeting dates, rankings, votes.

Better/richer than Framadate, or the options in Discourse? As good as in Loomio?

I see you’ve installed the new fedwiki version, with backlinks. That’s great 😊 thanks Jon. I love backlinks, a great addition.
Welcome_visitors in was unable, on first loading, to see rosters that live in, even though that site was in the neighborhood. On reloading, the rosters became visible. Is there a problem there? Cheers

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Discover more about regional provisioning, commoning AND how cool federated wiki is, thro this page on Central Cooperativa de Servicios Sociales del Estado Lara -- Cecosesola -- a social network of about sixty cooperatives and grassroots organizations in the Venezuelan state of Lara. Page by Silke Helfrich, co-author of Free Fair & Alive
Fedwiki is most at home on a computer rather than a mobile.

COVID and Cooperation in NYC: 2020 in Review
by Cheyenna Layne Weber and Ali Issa

奮闘するニューヨーク市の協同組合(ニューヨーク市協同組合経済同盟 総合コーディネーター アリ・イッサ 同事務コーディネーター シャイアナ・レイン・ウェーバー)

This Thursday at 10am EST/15:00 GMT, we'll be kicking off a weekly(-ish) series of "Member Office Hours" with @mattcropp hosting a conversation on real estate co-ops in this room:

The idea for this series is to create space for members to host conversations on topics of interest to them and the community, so if you have an idea you'd like to host a chat about, please pick a week and add it to the scheduing spreadsheet linked in the announcements!

Via David McNally: "Absolute treasure. Nearly 100,000 items from the W.E.B. Du Bois archive at U Mass now digitized and online. What a resource."

"Here at Groundbreaker Corp, we provide high-quality Groundbreakers for all your presidency, vice presidency, cabinet, council, and board member roles. We've got nearly every kind of Groundbreaker --- Black, Latinx, Indigenous, female, trans. They all come fully-equipped with harrowing backstories, automatic deferral to white men, and resistance to all attempts to rock the boat. Visit our showroom today and get ready to make history with your very own Groundbreaker!"

Jon, d'you plan to install the latest wiki @ 0.22.0 ? Some nice graph functionality in here. The Sunday wiki dojo has been hard at work!

In wanting to distance myself from the "not-enough" that is abolitionism while also thinking about what is meant by some principled people when they say "abolition", I wonder if the move isn't to push for the impossibles that we are *for* like liberation, self-determination, autonomy, deep justice and of course to make it manifest in deed rather than just word.

Delete Spotify yet?

The streaming music platform, Spotify, has won a patent which will allow it to listen to users’ speech recognition and sound analysis.

The reason it wants to do this? – In order to gauge emotional states and location types to serve up an appropriate soundtrack - nothing to worry about there then.

The app will now be able to decipher the user’s age, gender and other demographics – all seemingly in the name of a perfect song list.

Having discovered NextCloud @ MayFirst - are you using it much? What for?

I just activated my MayFirst NextCloud but haven't figured what to use it for yet. I already have a NextCloud at OwnCube (100GB, 2€ monthly). This past week I started using the NextCloud, getting the Community team off the ground . . so more inclined now to use NC, learning doc mgmt quirks.

Previously I used HackMD for ad hoc publishing. I guess now I may use md docs in NextCloud (fewer features).

Wondering what's next in the US after Trump? Come to the May First Need to Know today at 3:00 pm America/New_York time (8:00 pm UTC). Register to get details:

Thanks for giving me an account! Here's my . I'm Jamie, organizer and technologists, co-founder of May First Movement Technology and staff at the Progressive Technology Project. I've never been good a micro blogging but giving it another shot :).

Reading this review of Malm’s Fossil Capital It recalls one of the most related clips from Marx’s Capital
“It would be possible to write a whole history of inventions since 1830 made for the sole purpose of providing capital with weapons against working class revolt”
I have a chapter built on that “Whole history” theme, here
A facsimile of the book is here - warning 11MB image pdf

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