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Puzzled . . @mako makes a clear pitch on "Free software production needs free tools" youtube.com/watch?v=U_nK6nP_RC
And is very clear on and (though says most code comes from solo not collaboration!). Yet not a hint of coop ownership of to keep tools honest & open (GitHub!). Surely tools today become platforms? And platforms require collaboration even if code doesn't? So why doesn't follow automatically, as we talk tools? How does libre not equal coop in FLOSS world?

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So mentioning DOOM 1 VS webpage sizes reminded that up until not that long ago all of my software had to fit under 16MB (megabytes!) of RAM and didn't have much trouble at that.

We could fit a fully functional app in a couple of kilobytes (!!) on PalmOS but Android apps take dozens of megabytes like it's nothing.

I get that bigger resolutions means bigger art assets (unless you use vector art and you probably should) but with the exception of games and media.. why the heck is everything so heavy now days?

I failed to rag the recent-ish toot on political alliances within 'the lower lerft' quadrant of political space. Could someone point me to it please?

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Do you think a house-based social network (for sharing/co-dwelling and maybe even renting at a fair price) based on activity pub could work?

I am seeing lots of people in dire need of either a place where to sleep or of a few bucks to make it through a rough month... Would it make sense to connect the two?

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I hope that in the coming years the advantages of small communities will be recognized. The Fediverse is for me like a small collection of many exciting pubs where like-minded people come together. Such places have the potential to create subcultures, create their own language, own jokes etc.
To refer to my previous mail: Communities like the Restrealität (oldschool community for Berlin techno lovers) are exactly those subcultures I would like to see here.

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General question for social.coop -- how should we make decisions about which tools to use?

For example, in the CWG, I created an doc on and then asked people working on that doc to use it.

When it came to switching to on , we discussed it at length.

In a recent phone chat one person suggested google hangouts and others suggested Zoom and we agreed to use the latter.

Do we need some protocol or etiquette on this?

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I don't understand the enthusiasm for Open Collective, they are a for-profit, VC-backed, private company that take 10% of your money (+ 2.9% + 0.30c fee from stripe).

liberapay.com/ (specifically the "Teams" bit), seems like a great alternative to this - and fees can be as low as 0.6% / €0.59.

Liberapay is just missing the startup-style hubris :/ (and the sexy website)

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I've been working since about 1995 on an to develop the software required for a something that I see in the hashtags here might be called a .

Most recently working with @mayel and @bernini and others on an using the vocabulary and protocols.

Some relevant links:
What is an omega project:

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I sure wish more blogging platforms would get around to adding good metadata for citation support. :|

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"Gender was easily the strongest indicator of whether someone was going to have a good or bad experience on Mastodon." From @cassolotl's survey medium.com/@cassolotl/a-mastod

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@mike_hales @oli Hi. In a few ways, many people are. It's still not assembled as a comprehensive system that people can make sense of, but the basic plumbing is going to happen. It's going to take a while more to make it usable by most humans.

Asked @oli this today @ Open2018 - he says keep asking! Here goes . . There's so much pattern algorithm-power at work now, data analytics in the FaceBook back-office, in the military &c. Capability is huge.. When are we going to see this tech on our side, in the front-office (on clients? on coop platforms?) enabling us to become aware of patterns in our collective action that are invisible to us actors? Basic tech for P2P governance in chaotic systems?

Anybody in the fediverse at work on this?

In Loomio
Can’t find most of the people in the Reading Group on Mastodon?

Hi Derek - My experience is that most people have pretty much the same name in Mastodon and in Loomio - an exception being @michelekipiel in Loomio who is @Antanicus here. What's the story Michele?

What d'you make of this
Blockchain+machine learning+Orstrom commons principles

I would love to feel happier with this radical stuff - but persistent talk of markets moneys and contracts just gives me the willies! Commons are not markets and coins+algorithms are not = empathy & humane vision? There will be great tools to build here. But first, dump this money/gaming/rule-following shit and place clever machinery firmly within circuits of wise heart & mindful awareness?

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Seems that like so many political terms, "neo-liberalism" has a US definition that is the direct opposite to the way it's used in the rest of the world, where it's just a jargon phrase for a political-economic ideology based on "laissez-faire" or "free market" fundamentalism. All the more reason to abandon the term as hopelessly confusing, and say "corporatism", or even just "capitalism".

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Does anyone know of a Code of Conduct which assumes experience is subjective and focuses on how to reduce negative interactions cooperatively?

All the ones I come across focus on particular acts, and rely on bureacracy/admins for resolution.

#coc #forkoff #forktogether #coop #community

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@aral @Antanicus Careful reading of the yearly net share for computer OS’s shows a slow, steady increase in favour of Linux through the years, up to nearly 6% now, if memory serves. There may never be a Year of the Linux, but given the increasingly friendly UX, Linux will keep chugging along upwards.

The real stodgy problem is mobile deployment. There needs to be much better options for us non-1337-haxorz to root our phones or tablets to swap os’s.

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[Arizmendiarrieta] writes elsewhere, “cooperativism requires the play and constant mobilization of spiritual values... It is clear to us that our cooperative enterprises owe much more to the generosity, loyalty, comradeship, the sense of responsibility, the capacity for sacrifice and disinterest, in a word, the spirit of the members, than to their duly accounted economic and labor contributions.”

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Sometimes when I see an article that says a group is marching for "LGBTQ Rights "or "Immigrant Rights" I just want them to remove the descriptor. They are not marching for some new-fangled rights, they are marching for the same rights the dominant group already has.

I guess more people should just be talking about "liberty" not "rights".

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I created a group for meet-ups: gettogether.community/socialco

And here's a proposed for members (or any other interested folks) who'll be in for :

Please let me know if that works, or any counter-proposals @ntnsndr @matslats @richdecibels @Wtebbens @oli @Stacco @neil (please tag anyone I may have missed!)

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It would be nice to see more related discussion taking place here on the platform. Could we decide upon hashtags to stick to so that relevant toot/reply threads here can be used more easily to inform decisions?

We could have one for each working group or project:



These could also be used to crosspost updates to Masto from the proposed Weekly Updates thread on Loomio.

cc: @Antanicus @rbenjamin