Yikes, I really need to cut down even more on my meat consumption. 1 kg beef has an equivalent carbon opportunity cost as flying a return trip across the Atlantic!

@michel_slm @celesteh FWIW, the original paper is and is on Sci-Hub - I had some questions about what was actually being reported, as the article kept bouncing between CO2e per kg of protein and CO2e per kg (unspecified what).

I generally feel like CO2e per kcal is a better metric (unless you're specifically seeking out the lowest carbon protein sources), as using only protein ignores the fact that carbs and fats are a thing (and a lot of the lowest CO2 staple crops are carb-heavy, meaning this analysis being presented in CO2e per kg protein actually makes those look *worse*).

And, the paper actually has CO2e per kcal, and confirms that my avoid-eating-farmed-ruminants diet is basically the single biggest thing I can do diet-wise for climate action. (Of course, eating wild ruminants is an interesting one because that arguably reduces CO2 emissions, and eating farmed ruminant meat that would otherwise go to waste is fair game for reducing emissions.)

not that you shouldn't cut back on your meat consumption, but the carbon opportunity cost is probably not the best measure here.
I'd still say a flight across the atlantic is sooo much worse than eating 1 kg of steak. Especially since the carbon opportunity is probably not going to be "used" one way or the other (as in, storing CO2 opportunity)

@Maltimore yeah, that figure was a bit surprising. Still, it's useful for a reason - if enough people reduce meat consumption / at least boycott the worst producers (Bolsonaro's Brazil, I'm looking at you) hopefully that will actually allow more of the carbon opportunity to be used for conservation.

I sadly still need to travel for work, but trying to optimize by batching my work trips together.


Not disagreeing with the gist of your point here but it says 1kg of beef protein, not 1kg of beef. Which that probably hardly matters but ya.

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