A script that corrects the word "maker" into "guy who does arts and crafts"

"Maker space" = craft room

"Maker ethos" = enthusiasm for arts and crafts

"Maker fair" = craft expo

None of this shit is revolutionary, it's just stuff that your grandmas have always done. You are the newcomer. It's not any less arts-and-crafts just because it involves a 3D printer now.

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Have to admit... hearing about the CEO of JP Morgan talking about the "decreased productivity" of remote workers and then seeing a bunch of JP Morgan ads for programmers on StackOverflow has me going... "Nope!"

I get not everybody can excel at remote work, but many do.

I'd guess the CEO's comment says more about the culture of JP Morgan than about their workers.

I have been interested, though, in all the new research on how introverts vs. extroverts are faring with the shift to remote work.

“For security reasons, we try to change our Prime Minister every six months, and to never use the same Prime Minister on multiple websites.” mango.pdf.zone/finding-former-

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Absolutely devastating, I'm completely shocked. David Graeber was one of the best leftist/anarchist public intellectuals of our time.


I'm new here...
I'm a father of a toddler with another on the way. I'm currently retraining as a freelance designer. I value free and software, -operation, and connecting with people that share a desire to bring a more equitable and just world into being.

@LunaDragofelis It really should be. Because capitalists set up a system where people need computers and a phone number to apply for jobs to get housing and healthcare just to live, but then act like these things are luxury items.

In the fight against facial recognition technology, people have talked a lot about MS, Amazon, and other tech giants stepping out.

However, Idemia, the company that helps create Real ID drivers' licenses, and works with the TSA on the pre-check program (among many other things), should not be overlooked.

They also work on facial recognition tech, and have close ties to US police departments, DHS, and various state governments.

I took up watercolor painting at the beginning of the pandemic. Here’s a cute little Amstrad PPC640 I painted back in May!

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