Gritty isn't necessarily a "co-op" value, but I'm not sure that worker co-ops could succeed without it.

A sobering read by Ed Yong that ends with two visions of the future, one of which I hope comes to pass while the other is consigned to history as a temporary aberration.

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Hey, everyone in , don't be a , please .

Everyone already : thank you.


This is so embarrassing.


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For GenZ and younger Millennials: You're living through a time comparable to, possibly more consequential than, 9/11 for the GenX crowd.

Possibly closer to major political upheavals or wars: Fall of USSR WWII, Great Depression.

Your lives will likely be divided into "pre-Coronavirus" and "post-Coronavirus".

Life, institutions, worldviews, life trajectories, politics, personal lives, will change. Quite probably long-term. In unexpected ways I cannot predict.

Pay attention.


Publix, a , doing the right thing by its associates (and doing more for its part time employees compared to other grocery chains), providing paid sick leave and additional emergency pay.

While rest of the world was busy demutualising (converting them into capitalist firms), France mutualised a large number of banks.

Been trying to find more info on this. Can't find almost anything except this short reference in a book about demutualisation.

Anyone has any info? If it worked out well, it could give more weight to the case @ntnsndr makes in this article titled:

"Breaking up the banks might make things worse. Instead, let's take ownership"

A fascinating between the side arguing that we need to ditch to mitigate , and those arguing it needs deep reform.

Not going to spoil the result for those who want to tune in, but it's worth noting that neither side think business as usual would solve the problem. Especially US-style

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Today a court hearing starts that will decide if @PreemSverige will be allowed to expand their oil refinery in Lysekil, making it the biggest CO2 source in Sweden.

I wonder where in the IPCC’s CO2 budget anyone might think there would be room for this #greenwashing ...

Open Source Initiative bans co-founder, Eric S Raymond - these are turbulent times for #opensource...and all the opens

Sabotabby explains how our society relies on unpaid labour, undermining the notion of "wages" and "productivity" entirely

"Uyghurs for sale:
‘Re-education’, forced labour and surveillance beyond Xinjiang."

No, Boeing, really didn't actually check their systems, that can't be true!
(Sarcasm and nationalize Boeing)

This was a really difficult thing to read, but for anyone outside the U.S. who is perhaps not intimately familiar with how heartless and deadly our healthcare system is, this is illuminating.

ClickHole, a satirical news site, rescued from corporate parent by Cards Against Humanity and turned into a majority company!

A ray of light, against the onslaught of private equity, takeovers


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