I’m reading Half-Earth Socialism at the moment. An eco-socialist take that goes hard in on rewilding, veganism, renewables, and, intriguingly, global central planning. ("GosplanT" :D)

It’s good stuff.

Plus I think all Verso books should come bundled with a playable online simulation game like this one does…


OpenCollective are currently hiring, 2 senior software engineers


I wrote a piece in The Conversation about how #platforms are reshaping #podcasting. Tl;dr: Indie podcasting will continue to thrive thanks to #RSS, but will find itself overshadowed by professionalized content and platform-centric monetization.


I first joined Mastodon in Sept 2021. I was increasingly appalled by the algorithm-determined timeline and curious to see whether the alternative would work. Around the same time, a large number of Chinese users discovered Mastodon because of the increasing tightening control in China-based social media platforms.
I now enjoy my experience at a Chinese language instance so much that I am desiring the same for my work and life beyond the Chinese language environment.

This is intended to be a pro-union message, but seem more like a critique of the limits of trade unionism to me...

@kjetil_kilhavn @pluralistic

Means testing a program is a 100% guaranteed way to make sure that it will eventually be taken away by a group that doesn't directly benefit from it.

Cutting the lawn infrequently with a sickle is good though because it gives all the wildlife a chance to get out of the way so it doesn't all get pulverised by a lawn mower, plus you get beautiful tiny flowers and stuff in there!

Biodiversity rules. 🤩🥰🌱💚

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It's worth noting that billionaires play by different rules when it comes to debt. Many live off leverage, which allows them to largely avoid taxes. If you don't sell shares, where's the capital gains? forbes.com/sites/johnhyatt/202

Happy ! Now that it falls on a Sunday, it's a good reminder that brought us weekends off

#introduction / #introductions 🎉 (same as my bio)
Bookish sort. I have a ph.d. in astrophysics somewhere in the storage units of my brain (also the cellar). So now I do software (#c++, #Linux).
I especially like #fantasy, #SciFi and #horror. But also just enjoy all kinds of good stories - whether #books, #movies, #comics, #tvshows or #podcasts.
Sometimes I do #oilpainting or #photographs.
Much of the time I just drink #coffee, drive to work, prep dinner.
Also really like being outside 🙂

PSA: To everyone who is #NewHere, and those who are not.

When you use hashtags it can help those using a #ScreenReader to use #CamelCase. Screen-readers can then find and pronounce the constituent words, rather than trying to pronounce the whole thing.

It's not essential, but it's one way we can make the Fediverse more welcoming.

T-minus less than 2 months to me becoming a . :blobaww:

Any or tips to offer, Fedi frens?

the Amazon workers did what they did in Staten Island without formal union involvement or traditional union infrastructure. What they did, they built from the ground up, and the richest man in the world who holds a lot of sway in media and politics desperately did not want it to happen.

Starbucks 8 min late in attempt to slow unionization 

#Starbucks team of #unionbusting lawyers tried to impede #labor unionization, but missed the deadline by 8 minutes, lol. The firm blames Microsoft Outlook, lol again huffpost.com/entry/starbucks-t

did y'all know about libgen? because I didn't know about libgen. it's a colossal library of free, DRM-free ebooks. I'm stunned and delighted by how extensive it is!

it's also old-school, "information wants to be free" type activism. so hosting has to move around periodically. current servers are:

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