Whether you're looking for a way out of the Gulag or just a plan B for the next time you land in Facebook jail, moving from one centralized social network to another won't do you much good. Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, MeWe—they all have the same fundamental flaw. A for-profit corporation sustained by ads will always put growth and engagement above all else, from privacy and mental health of individual users to social cohesion and political stability of entire countries.

Breitbart in Facebook News is not an accident. The domination of trolls and fake news over authentic content isn't, either. Nor hiring Daily Caller as fact checker. Nor giving Trump a pass from fact checks and community standards.

Brown founded The 74 with money from Betsy DeVos, served on the board of DeVos' AFC, supported the likes of Scott Walker, ran articles by Daily Caller. Now she's head of news partnerships at Facebook, and The 74 is viciously attacking Warren.


critics of socialism fear some people might try to take more than their fair share while not contributing a justifiable amount to society SO INSTEAD we have billionaires

30 minutes on Netflix, Prime, etc. or a 6 km drive emit the same amount of #CO2

#Netflix, #AmazonPrime, and other such streaming services have ushered in a new era of entertainment. Such platforms allow us to watch videos at our on #convenience at minimal yearly or monthly subscription plans. But every time we use these services on our devices, there is a hidden #environmental #cost involved. Confused? Allow us to paint a clear picture for you.



RT @gretathunberg
So today is Halloween. I don’t celebrate it back home, but I thought I might give it a try.
And apparently when it comes to scaring a bunch of angry climate crisis deniers - I don’t even have to dress up!! #trickortreat

The Rojava democratic socialist experiment has been betrayed as expected by Trump. US security guarantees do not seem to be worth anything.


Rise in EU citizens not getting UK settled status causes alarm - theguardian.com/politics/2019/ 42% only given pre-settled status - so much of johnson's “I repeat unequivocally our guarantee to the 3.2 million EU nationals now living and working among us.” another #brexit lie

Corporations pile pressure on Brazil over #Amazonfires - theguardian.com/world/2019/aug corporations can be callous and evil, but they don't have to be. and sometimes, for whatever reasons, they do the right thing, as here...

Projects like #DOI (Digital Object Identifier) and #Handle.net have created ways to permanently link to documents on the web, even if their actual URL changes. But like #Webcitation.org and #Archive.org, both are centralized systems, requiring layers of bureacracy and ongoing funding to maintain. #DataShards has been proposed as a way to automate this, in a decentralized and even offline way:

Came to for some Adorno books and noticed they have a back to school giveaway in progress. 50% off (discounted paper copies too) and one free ebook a day!


Rolling Stone on how WaPo rated an accurate and verified statistic as "mostly false" when said it.

>The process by which the Post fact checker transmogrified a basically true statement into a ruling of “mostly false” is a case study in the uselessness of the political fact-check as it is often practiced.


US Proposing Easing Rules on Climate-Changing Oil Emissions

Deliberately loosening regulations really ought to be made a . At least Shell realized the optics looked bad, the other oil companies seem to be rooting for this.


Jair Bolsonaro claims 'profound love' for Amazon rainforest as criticism intensifies - theguardian.com/environment/20 important: shows he is vulnerable to pressure threatening trade deals like #mercosur #AmazonFires

G7 leaders to hold emergency talks over Amazon wildfires crisis - theguardian.com/environment/20 “Brazil had stopped being a villain and it is now going back to being a pariah. We must stop this insanity” #AmazonFires

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