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Air quality plummets as #wildfire smoke hits #Alaska's most populous...

#Smoke and #soot from central Alaska wildfires have afflicted the #subarctic city of #Fairbanks with some of the world’s worst #AirPollution in recent days, forcing many residents indoors and prompting one hospital to set up a “clean air shelter.”
“All the HEPA filters and everything are sold out in town, and the smoke is terrible...”


#ClimateCrisis #Arctic

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how would one go about starting a syndicate? (aka the much cooler name for a worker cooperative)

Glad to be talking co-ops on @mcnallyterrence's podcast: aworldthatjustmightwork.com/20 grateful in particular for the challenge at the end. You decide how skillfully I evaded it.

Enjoying the fruits of capitalism whilst decrying capitalism is praxis. Because you understand that most of these things would have still sprung up without capitalism.

#GretaThunberg thanks #FossilFuel chief for complaining change campaigners are ‘greatest threat’ to industry

She has welcomed criticism from a #fossil #fuel #industry chief that environment campaigners pose “perhaps the greatest threat” to the #oil sector.
The 16-year-old founder of the “#SchoolStrike4Climate’ movement described the comments made by the leader the Organisation of the #Petroleum #Exporting #Countries (#Opec) as their “biggest #compliment yet”.


I'm calling a social media strike for July 4-5: larrysanger.org/2019/06/social

I know many here have already abandoned the likes of Facebook and Twitter. But if you're still there...announce that you're on strike (repeatedly?) on those days, in protest of these companies' abusive policies, and if you like, share this Declaration of Digital Independence: larrysanger.org/2019/06/declar

Me on Tucker Carlson talking about the #SocialMediaStrike: youtube.com/watch?v=nK6BHGu9SD

News stories: twitter.com/lsanger/status/114

Mark Burton & Peter Somerville
Degrowth: A Defence

A respose to Pollin's argument in favour of green growth, the authors argue that a radical reduction in greenhouse gas emissions requires degrowth.


To take a self-centred example so that I don't run the risk of getting into an argument, I'll always self-describe as "Arabic" or "brown" or "a PoC" on here because in my current situation, I am perceived as brown in the overwhelming majority of situations that I'm in. The same goes for my father, who is even more noticeably brown than I am and has experienced racism throughout his life. However, when he lived in Cameroon, he was referred to as white and was, for all intents and purposes, white.

sometimes i cant help but think that the mechanisms through which people are oppressed are a lot more flexible than the lenses through which we interpret them

@privacylab "One recent study found that Amazon is the second most-trusted institution of any kind in the United States, ahead of Google, the police, and the higher-education system, and trailing only the U.S. military."

that's gotta be one of the most fucked up sentences I ever read

"Before implementing a captcha, it’s worth considering if one is necessary to begin with."

"The comment form of my blog is protected by what I refer to as “naive captcha”, where the captcha term is the same every single time. This has to be the most ineffective captcha of all time, and yet it stops 99.9% of comment spam."


v @ekaitz_zarraga

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Major update to ocean-heat record could shrink 1.5C carbon budget
Via @XRBerlin

.. released “HadSST4”, the largest update since 2011 to its widely used sea surface temperature record. It suggests that the world’s #oceans have warmed by around 0.1°C more than previously thought since pre-industrial times.
This would reduce the global “carbon budget” remaining to limit warming to 1.5C by between 24% and 33% ...


#ClimateBreakdown #ClimateCrisis

A powerful slogan left by protesters in legco tonight: “it was you who told me peaceful marches did not work” pic via Martin Lam

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Few industries make the case for seizing the means of production quite so well as academic publishing. We do the research, write the papers, referee the papers and make the journals "influential" by citing the papers. And the publishers take the profits.

The news stories about "Plan S" never seem to quote anyone saying the whole system is exploitative and corrupt and needs to be burned down. 🤔

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