@puffinus_puffinus: I'm interested in checking out Sunbeam, but the Loomio instance seems to be down? Getting a '502 Bad Gateway' error: loomio.sunbeam.city/

Far right populist liars are gaining political power across the world

Supported by national and international business it seems obvious that this is the new model of governance our elites have chosen to contain the massive discontent caused by #inequality and the looming #climatecrisis - particularly when a populace shows even marginal interest in socialism

So far the consequences of this have been dire and it will only get worse

Can't believe I haven't watched this documentary before today. If only there are more Robert Reichs and less Rubins in government...

It's really creepy how big business influence grow so rapidly since the 70s. The system needs major changes - we should regulate against big companies, both to avoid regulatory capture but more importantly to achieve economic and social justice


No American City Has Ever Tried a Climate Justice Tax Like the One Portland Is Launching

"It's long past time for Portland, a city with a history of institutionalized racism, to move aggressively toward equity, Hardesty and others say."

"It's a local version of the Green New Deal proposed in 2019 by U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.). It's also part of a larger political effort to reshape who calls the shots—and who benefits."

The new tax, created by a 2018 ballot initiative city voters passed by an overwhelming margin, is part of a power shift that saw two outsiders—Chloe Eudaly in 2016 and Jo Ann Hardesty in 2018—defeat establishment candidates for seats on the Portland City Council."


#PDX #PortlandMetro

Someone donated $5 to @conservancy today, saying it was all they could manage with their finances but they appreciate our work. I find this so motivating!

I was considering going to fosdem, but not really that interested in open source in itself, but wider topics about society/community/people and technology. I don't feel very inspired when I look at fosdem.org/2020/

Any views from people that have been before? Or other conferences I might like?

@neal No, no the joke here is that if Mario lived in our reality of late stage capitalism he would have to labor his entire life and still be in debt for basic necessities.

Stop saying "Make this-and-that great again!" for fucks sake! Referencing Trump, a fascist, is neither funny nor okay in any way. Just stop it! #36c3

@GuppeGroups Mastodon added some support for groups. So, on masto.social now and other instances in the next release after 3.0.1, you'll no longer get a boost notification when your posts are reshared by the group, but don't worry they are still getting shared.

It pisses me off each time when people - especially in the US - call "socialism" anything that is even lightly associated with public services.

Another such tribe are fans of #socialism who claim that Marx invented them.

Here's the last Adam Smith's "An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations" (1776), frequently quoted by the "defenders" of #liberalism as the "founding father of market economy".

Both tribes, please go and read.


"Older people in Japan are strapping on exoskeletons to help meet the physical demands of their jobs and remain in the workforce longer."

"Japan’s population is rapidly ageing, with a record 28 per cent of people aged 65 or older. This has led to a shortage of workers, particularly in manual labour industries such as construction, manufacturing and farming."


Probably the greatest proof of the fallen and sinful nature of humankind is how we defiled Christianity by turning it into a tool of power, oppression, and murder. Christ gave one (1) sin that was beyond redemption: blasphemy against the Holy Ghost. I can think of no greater insult towards God than the wholesale slaughter of Their creation in Their name.

I made an #SVG floorplan of Kanthaus (the common house I live in) using #inkscape, then made it viewable in the browser and interactive with #d3js 😺


Take a tour 😆 Feedback welcome ✍️

This story about a rural broadband cooperative in eastern Kentucky has everything -- three people with the same last name but "(no relation)", a cooperative rebuilding community in an area hollowed out by capitalism, and a fiber-hauling mule named Old Bub.

“The big telecom companies aren’t going to do it, because it’s not economical and they have shareholders to answer to. We’re a co-op. We’re owned by our members. We answer to each other.”


what if 10th century gregorian chant was the last human artform that god truly enjoyed

nothing in the world since has come close, in the tastes of the almighty

sometimes mongolian throat singing gets close

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