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Michel Alexandre Salim @michel_slm@social.coop

Disappointing how much center-left media discourse of big tech focuses on antitrust / "break them up" fantasies and how little is about promoting alternatives like co-operative ownership and open source. Neoliberal "thought leaders" cannot seem to conceive of approaches other than "greed is good but let's add a layer of government regulation".

@Antanicus In a prior research life, I wrote about a market failure mode, but it was only ever circulated in preprint form: arxiv.org/abs/1011.3707

Later, my colleagues got a related paper peer-reviewed, but not in an economics journal: doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0

The Ph.D. guy strikes back! I introduced him to Mark Fisher's "Capitalist Realism" to challenge his assumption that there's no alternative to capitalism. Turns out he "can't seem to find any alternative theory" in academic press, which is why he can't believe in any viable alternative to capitalism. This is no longer a metter of stupidity or ignorance, this is flat out indoctrination...

Hello world!

I joined Mastodon a while back as @michel_slm - and decided to join as the logical follow-up to having a decentralized, federated platform.

I've been involved in open source, especially for a while, and have been passive members of co-op businesses before but would like to be more active this time round.

Thanks to @vmatekole for fixing the technical issues that were causing a backlog for new accounts!

Keeping the other account for general toots.