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Take Trump's coup seriously. It's no joke — and Biden's win was just a sugar high |

A Netflix Doc Wants to Fix Our Food System With Capitalism. “Gather” Argues That’s How It Broke. – Mother Jones

Timely read on , which also has a shoddy colonial baggage

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"Way back in the spring, doctors warned us that there could be another coronavirus wave in the fall. Well, here it is. Three weeks ago we were horrified that daily new-case numbers were reaching the previous records of around 75,000. Friday, we had more than double that number: 177,246. The trend line is still racing upwards, with no signs of a peak."

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"In particular, a Manchin-centered Senate probably doesn’t end the filibuster, which means McConnell will retain a lot of blocking power. So the choice is whether the Senate will be mildly dysfunctional or totally dysfunctional."

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The penultimate paragraph is meant to reassure GOP-leaning voters that there won't be a liberal overreach, but as someone who happened to think all the listed changes need to happen this is... quite depressing. The choice is between total dysfunction and a barely functional government

Facebook PAC disbursements in the 2020 election cycle, October update:

Counting only contested elections (incumbents with support below 70%), the totals are:

D $28,000
R $69,000
D $39,500
R $95,000

The same 3:1 ratio was observed in my previous update from May:

@mathew “We did not make changes with the intent of impacting individual publishers.” – Always read what’s left unsaid. If they could say “there was no intent of impacting publishers in a specific part of the political spectrum” they would have said it.

The negative space in Facebook’s statement statement says “it wasn't just Mother Jones, the intent was to throttle all progressive publishers.”

quick little breakdown on whos funding some of these props in california

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Letters to voters sent!

Encouraging eligible voters to exercise their democratic rights

The right has long held that homelessness is a symptom - of a lack of self-control, a lack of foresight, of addiction, mental illness, etc - and therefore the solution to it is training, incarceration, rehab, or rigid discipline.

None of this stuff worked.


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just galpals

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A powerful #dissent from a soon-to-be-ex #Facebook employee. Good luck Adin, and thank you for these needed insights and for sharing them widely.


Covid can change UK like 'new Jerusalem' of 1940s, Johnson claims - but but but you told us #brexit would do that...isn't it working, or something?

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built the Tacoma LNG facility before it had it's permits and without consent from the Puyallup. We won't let it turn on.


People, I hope you realise that the correct answer is "have started the process a year or two ago":

Seriously, though. When we started our immigration process 2 years ago I tried to encourage certain friends to do the same, and none could see that they might need it. Now I know others taking serious steps to get out of the US. I wish I didn't have this vindication.

The Three-Body Problem, by Chinese scifi novelist Cixin Liu, opens with a scene depicting a "struggle session" from the Cultural Revolution. His vivid writing personalizes the experiences I've seen in overview in historical documentaries, and read and heard about at the Rewi Alley memorial in Springfield.

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