Tried to make this my banner but it is NOT the right shape so I'll just share with you all now <3

Anyone know good online tools for dot-democracy? Trying to facilitate some dot voting on a Zoom call in a few weeks

Another gentle nudge for folks to update their loomio account with their handle :)

To do this, go to the MEMBERS tab on the loomio home page.

Find your name and click the three dots on the right hand side.

Select "set title".

Some folks have been adding their handle to their profile instead of changing their title- it really helps to have the handle as the title so we can connect loomio members to users!

My almost-70-year-old, very religious father who goes to a synagogue full of Trump voters has been so moved by the protests that HE’S sending ME articles about defunding the police ya’ll. Consciousness is shifting!!!!

I'm hosting a webinar on Thursday at 3:30pm US Eastern time with Michael Elwood-Smith of on their experiences with remote work and how the platform can be helpful to remote teams. The primary target audience is worker-owned company folks, but happy to have interested peeps attend as well... :)

I'm thrilled to announce that we have now officially transferred our fiscal host on Open Collective to is now legally part of a cooperative!

Look at how my pitcher plant buds wrap around each other! It’s so cute and I’m wondering if there’s an evolutionary purpose. Anyone know?

Anyone know where to order an affordable that's not Amazon?

In case you haven't logged on to loomio in a while, we're asking members to update their profile with their username since it's hard to know who is who!

We have a check poll going and so far 19 members have updated! Thank you!!

Hypothesis: Anything a philanthropist can give the world as a gift, the world should have had by rights

Best immunity support herbs? Looks like my partner might have the virus 🦠😔

Check out this bilingual (EN/ES), international panel from the USFWC! We will hear from cooperators from Latin America, Europe and the U.S. about how this global Covid-19 crisis is affecting worker cooperatives in other countries. We will talk about how the worker cooperative movement could articulate emergent strategies to face this health and economic crisis. I'll be there!

Advice for weed smokers:

Don't punish yourself for "losing my train of thought" 🚂💭💭💭

Instead send it happily along, "my train of thought is journeying through a tunnel of unknown length".

It'll be back sometime later with treasures from far off places.

Quarantine, claws, and cats (who are fighting fascism in space)

The circular economy doesn’t aim to end growth; it aims to bend how we do things back into harmony with nature, so that growth can continue. Mark de Wit from spoke to about circularity. Help fight e-waste by recycling old phones ♻️:

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The popularity of Wikipedia article about seems to be going up a lot - last month was by far the best month since records began!

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