What's the best mastodon app for iphones? I've been using tootdon but the notification settings are glitching on me and I'm thinking of switching

Social.Coop members and other Mastodontists! We are having an informal debrief zoom chat on the recent Platform Cooperativism conference at the New School in NYC, with @LeoSammallahti @mattcropp @michaelafisher and other Social.Cooperators who participated. All are welcome to join. Details forthcoming. For now, please RSVP on Loomio:


Anyone have a contact at @mayfirst? Looking for a teeny bit of info about them for the WCBDI annual report! www1.nyc.gov/nycbusiness/artic

Gig Alert!
We are looking for a designer for our conference program.
If you can work with us over the next two weeks, please get in touch via email info@platform.coop

working is cool but I can't really see myself in that role long-term

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Anyone have resources on manager evaluations? something my newly formed non-manager caucus at work is trying to get institutionalized and I'd love something with a or social justice lens

Does anyone have contacts at toolbox? I have a coworker who is interested in using it and they want a demo but they've been unable to get in contact with someone there who can set them up with one!

beautiful day outside. time to sit under an ikea lamp and stare deeply into a rectangle

My dear friend in Buenos Aires is currently living as a stateless person, after the Filipino government revoked his citizenship because he engaged in pro-democracy, leftist activism. Please sign his petition in support of recognizing his refugee status!


I’m going to in a few weeks! Anyone have contacts at there? I’d love to meet some Cuban !

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Posts that get 20, 30, hell even 50 faves are cheap. I live for the toot that gets exactly one, but the person actually means it - it really is their favorite toot

of the day!

This is a great lesson for the .

Also recommend warmly everyone to read @ntnsndr s brilliant article, it's where I found about this fact:


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