while I am at it: right now I'm quite interested in Dmytri Kleiner's concept of the Venture Commune (wiki.p2pfoundation.net/Venture) as a way to federate cooperative enterprises and create a membrane for "alternative economics", where different forms of valuation can take place. @bhaugen turned me on to the concept of Solawi, which I'm chasing down. if anyone is interested in such things, would love to hear from you.

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hi! I just joined social.coop. looking forward to meeting you all. things I like: learning (in general), science, Haskell, Rust, math, being outdoors, cooperative economics, the commons. I've primarily worked as a Haskell programmer. I'm now building infrastructure for reputation economics on Holochain, which we hope can facilitate specific, sovereign cultural articulation in communities. for me, this is a step along the way to a more cooperative economics


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