Prismo is an open federated alternative to sites like Reddit or Hacker News.

It's still under development, but the first instance is online here:

It's been in closed beta for a while, but Prismo now has open sign-ups for the first time.

You can sign up at:

#Prismo #Reddit #HackerNews #Fediverse #ActivityPub

Nevermind it wasn't a buyout and the "corporation" is a few people doing web dev stuff including a knzk co-admin. Still keeping this up though because it's funny.

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i'm reading this "tech freelancer's guide to starting a worker cooperative" and getting simultaneously pumped and overwhelmed 😬

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don't forget to take your meds! drink some water! kill god! remember to take a break and stretch once in a while!

"Neue App fΓΌr Berliner Geschichte wird vorgestellt"


"Das neue Geschichtsangebot sei für Nutzer kosten- und werbefrei, hieß es."

Gut und schΓΆn, aber dann macht es doch bitte gleich Freie Software, damit man es auch ΓΌber @fdroidorg bekommen kann. Und damit die Inhalte auch anderweitig verfΓΌgbar sind. Und man eigene Varianten entwickeln kann. Und und und. WΓ€re doch mal was?


> diana you cant just point at things and say β€œcomrade” it doesnt mean anything
< *points at a crow* comrade
crow: *brep*
> !

So we're all each other's girlfriend now, right? Legally speaking

@medusa whaaaat !rust goes to rust, !cpp goes to a C++ ref... !py3 and !py2 go to their respective versions. how did I never know this?!

@izaya add ".rss" to any reddit URL and it will give you a feed . Works on subreddits etc

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