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In Germany and around the world, sex worker groups and organizations have built up Corona emergency funds over the past 7 months in order to secure support and help for the weakest members of the community, which ensures an existential survival. The pots are empty in times of the Second Wave, so action must be taken now!

#nobodyleftoutside #covid19 #swrights #together #switter

All Covid19 sexworker emergency funds:

"The Weight of Them" - a super-cute comic about gender confusion, transness, and nonbinarity, by Noelle Stevenson, creator of She-Ra. "Free to download, but any proceeds will be donated to BIPOC transition fundraisers!"

There's a new queerfeminist ~erotic magazine around and I have an extra copy for some reason. First one to ask gets it. It's in German. There's a feature on butts(ex). There's an interview with someone named Cochon de Cauchemar, which is probably the coolest name ever. There's a sneak peek at a new porn comic called "Crossplay". There's a lyrics sheet for "My Neck, My Back"? All in all, pretty nice? Very white hipstery tho, and not many different body shapes Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

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currency and universal basic income are mutually exclusive

My package came in today! These two ( Transponder, injectable magnet) are going to join my old Vivokey(?) NFC chip under the skin in two days, maybe less, depending on mood! :bunny:

this is well beyond cursed, sorry, but does anyone know how to summon the reddit uwu-ifying bot for certain comments?

Happy 40th, New Model Army! ❀

~So sit us down, buy us a drink, tell us a good story
Sing us a song we know to be true
I don't give a damn that I never will be worthy
Fear is the only enemy that I still know

Anyone familiar with about blank - is it kosher to bring a dog to an outside event? Like, an event taking place in the garden of ab?

On this day 84 years ago (4th of October 1936) Socialist, Communist, and Anarchist antifascists, together with the Jewish community of the East End, the Independent Labour Party, and Irish dock workers, defeated Oswald Mosley's fascist thugs in the Battle of Cable Street.

"They shall not pass"

This is cool:

How to teach trans music students.

Practical guide to terminology, pronouns, band uniforms, choral parts and more.

some people have a big dick, some people have a small dick. me? i got a medium dick,, it communes with the dead

I'm working on a piece about how the free software movement's first principle "freedom to run the program for any purpose" is a flawed definition of freedom - only taking into account the individual.

Emma Goldman has a good critique of this, but curious if there are other philosophical and theoretical arguments around the concept of "freedom" I should source.

This is the Ideal Male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

if I am elected president, I promise to abolish the office of presidency

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