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There are several Unis with gender studies depts there and they're raising a stink. Grassroots activists are raising a stink. Will this bring anything? Who tf knows?

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There are no English language sources for this, but starting yesterday, it is illegal to discuss "gender identity" and how assigned gender can differ from you actual gender in schools and universities in Romania.

"We don't farm because it's trendy; we farm as resistance, for healing and sovereignty - Farming is not new to Black people"

Breaking News: My MAN just MANLY chiselled a bottle of wine from the freezer

more on this story as it unfolds

The guide's star is Eve Pentest, a dominatrix who knows how to secure boundaries and create a safer space to play. But the guide is not only for pro dommes – most of its tips have proven helpful for other SWs too
#ISWD2020 #InternationalSexWorkersDay

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June 2 is #InternationalSexWorkersDay!
To celebrate, the Cypher Sex Collective has just published a digital self-defense guide for sex workers, with tips on online identity management, anonymity & more secure communications. Check it out & RT! #ISWD2020

Wether you're gay, straight, bi or somewhere we don't have label for yet, you really should read about the Stonewall Riots.

Get out there and have fucking fun, but remember where you are now was paid for in blood.

Respect that history. The whole history.

deleted and re-drafted because some men think they run other people's masto accounts

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are advertising a "ContraPoints channel" on the front page that is in no way, shape, or form official, and even contains old videos Contra deleted from her channel as they trigger gender dysphoria. (Also the reason why I'm not linking the channel directly, it's easy enough to find.)

Been told this toot isn't constructive and it's "just complaining" unless I ask what can be done


What can be done? :)

Libertärer Podcast Aprilrückblick 2020
Unsere dieses Mal 60-minütige Sendung blickt auf folgende Themen aus dem Vormonat zurück:

Berlin: Protest am Kotti und die Coronakrise

Sri Lanka: Die Arbeitsbedingungen in der Textilindustrie

Website der FAU BerlinArti
#LibertärerPodcast #Arbeitskampf #Basisgewerkschaft #CNT #Corona #FAU #Kotti #Myanmar #PolitischerBurnout #Protest #SriLanka #Streik #Textilindustrie

Corralling homeless people into gymnasiums and building walls around Roma settlements: the COVID-19 measures show their ugliest face when it comes to the overpolicing of marginalized groups. A European survey.

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