So, who has started working on an federation protocol for pull requests, forking, issue tracking, identity/membership/permissions, following, etc?

cc @cwebber

Note the irony in both of those URLs...

Standards-based interoperability (such as federation) is the only way for alternatives to capital-based monopoly-seeking systems to achieve the much needed networks effects conductive to community and cooperation.



I added a comment about federation: "Indeed, it would not be reasonable to sync all content between all instances, but what is very much needed is discoverability of FOSS projects and the ability to cross-follow and cross-post issues with easy authentication, and critically, to seamlessly make pull requests or forks across different instances."

(continued) "The option to automatically mirror a repo on different instances, with its identifier being a combination of a canonical URL and backup URLs, would also help with resiliency and decentralisation of dependencies.
FWIW, I agree that ActivityPub and ActivityStreams are the standards to build upon for this."


Following up on the fiasco, maybe on top of only using software, and federating as much as possible along , what we really need is agent-centric naming and system (also to allow for nomadic identity for and the fediverse).

I wonder if we could use something similar to IPNS (in the project)?

Or maybe simply


Some people have started working on #"GitPub is a protocol based on the W3C's , which extends 2.0. It provides a server to server API for pull request, and subscription of repositories provided by web services." (yes, can't beleive even this is still on f-ing !)


@mayel IPNS is seriously slow and it's seeing a lot of work right now. Barely usable on the open internet at this time for anything practical unfortunately.

@mayel @cwebber already done by SQLite author - see
(for entirely different VCS, to be clear)

@mayel @bhaugen was about to comment this exact thing! Seems like git-ssb is already pretty far along in this process.

@mayel @cwebber That would be pretty awesome. We will be looking at these, as well. Right now, we use BitBucket for most stuff, though maybe for future projects we can begin to use GitLab. The GitPub protocol should be exclusive to the open source implementations of Git. And ... it's not just because GitHub is owned by Microsoft. I have no problem with that.

@mayel @cwebber I know this was long time ago, but i've found another interesting project =>

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