Now that is back to single digits F, time to share my favorite ice-related infograpic.

Everything was super icy today, but I thought of myself as a penguin and was alright...

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@mattcropp Words to live by, "Think of yourself as a penguin and you'll be alright."

@mattcropp I've never walked on ice, and I'd like to know if this is real or a gag to try and make people look silly.

@GenaTrius @mattcropp Nah, to give you a good idea of how slippy it can get, try walking on those plastic pamphlets that move when you put your foot on it. No adherence : you foot will go anywhere else than the ground if you aren't precautious.

@GenaTrius @mattcropp it's absolutely real. Unless you've got spiked ice boots that can grip into anything you should walk stiff legged with your legs close together. Basically like a penguin.

On icey days wegmans even puts a sign in the parking lot to walk like a penguin to not slip lol

@radicalrobit @mattcropp Thanks, that's good to know! Wegmans is pretty cool. I stopped in at one when I visited Erie PA (in the summer.) That's cute!

@radicalrobit @GenaTrius We recently had a 24 hour period where it went from -5F to 45F then back below freezing right after getting a foot and a half of snow.

Was very glad I owned yak trax and had an extra 5 gallon bucket of salt in the garage...

"Think of yourself as a penguin and you will be alright"

That's some useful piece of guidance for life in generell, I think πŸ€”πŸ‘»


... Just saw, I can't spell all right - of course, because I'm a penguin 🐧

Reminds me of those "walk like a penguin" ads from back in the day. ^_^

We haven't given much thought to why that works (even though we do it instinctively now), so this explanation was interesting!

Yes! πŸ‘ Always step with your foot perpendicular to the ground, never at an angle.

I have a couple pairs of strap on ice cleats. They're great.The yaktrax ones that look like a spring are not very good. Individual cleats like on Stableicers are much better.

@mattcropp i was in the hospital with a friend last night as his wife's wrist was being pit back together by the surgeons for just such an accident!

@Digital_pigeon Ouch! I took a spill on ice and broke my arm in my early 20s after an ill advised hiking outing with the kids at the group home I worked for right after an ice storm...

Hope they heal up quick!

@mattcropp thanks! Looked at your timeline and missing life in the mountains. Lived in the ADKs for years and did some time in the Greens too. Used to ski the abandoned slopes of Norwich University.

@Digital_pigeon I'm pretty happy with being in this corner of the world, in spite of the winter hunkering down... :)

@mattcropp went to Paul Smith's and had mornings at -40F I'm hip. It did build a special bond between neighbors in Saranac Lake. If you saw someone walking on the road in winter you stopped for them! Nothing like knowing it's warmer on Mars sometimes to keep you looking out for each other...

@mattcropp This is how I walk anyway. Anytime I try to walk any other way, I fall down. Clumsy people learn faster, I guess.


Pfffffff, everyone knows the right way to do it is to get a running start and then just slide on ice like a curling stone.

For reals tho that lil pengu is adorable look at em, showin that other person how to walk <3

@Roxxie_Riot @mattcropp that approach works best if you have a couple of friends with brooms to adjust your trajectory. Otherwise you can wind up slithering off intoa big puddle of slush in the gutter.

@MightyBigCar @mattcropp

True masters use a skateboard to kickflip over the puddles.

@mattcropp I've been ice-walking that way for an embarrassingly large number of decades, and never realized the penguin connection before. I'm so pleased to find that out, I probably won't stop grinning till tomorrow.

@mattcropp walking this way means I'm sore afterwards from using muscles that aren't usually used that much instead of sore from bruises!

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