What is social.coop? Who are we (it's members)? How do we contribute?

We've started a thread on loomio, where we will post one question every couple of weeks that will help us to get to know each other as members, with the objective of using this understanding of each other, our motivations and expectations to launch the next phase of social.coop.

Second question: What role(s) do you have in the co-op movement?


@nev Now up to $24,500!

My sense is we need at least $40-50k to make the more modest of the two projects happen (so long as a few other bits fall into place), so half-way there!

:TwinPines: πŸ’Έ

Who all in is planning to attend the conference in NYC in November?

We've been given the opportunity for us to give a short (8 minutes) talk at the conference, and thinking it would be a good opportunity to do some community reflection and distill "lessons learned" from our journey thus-far that others might benefit from.

So, interested in social.coop folks' thoughts generally, and knowing who might be in the room and interested in co-presenting?

Thanks to everyone that participated in our first social.coop poll!

"How do you use/participate in social.coop?"

Looks like the most popular use of social.coop is to "post and read toots about co-operatives"

Turns out is pretty fun live. And I think tonight was my wife's first real show... :blobhyperthink:

The Real Estate project I've been putting lots of headspace into over the past few months is now accepting investment pledges! The next two weeks will reveal how much of the interest local folks have expressed will translate to cash on the bulkhead.

Off to a good start, though, with $13,500 pledged thus-far. How much we can raise will determine whether we kick it off with one or two pilot projects...

cc: @nev

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The three legs of the RAD stool. Many people specialize in one, and there a tendency to denigrate the effectiveness/importance of the others, but they're all necessary:

R: esistance
A: dvocacy
D: oing it for ourselves

Source (the whole talk is v. good): youtu.be/_QhAEi46_xo

What's the best way to deal with a disruptive infiltrator in your organizing space?

Looking forward to the Open House this evening and to spending some time with Paul Bindel and @natstein and others.

"A Technology Freelancer's Guide to Starting a Worker Cooperative" ranks #5 on The 10 highest-rated articles on Hacker News on September 08, 2019 which have not appeared on any previous Hacker News Daily. daemonology.net/hn-daily/2019-. This toolkit is 10 years old. . . .talk being ahead of the curve.

A DIY development process:

1. Get bylaws from a co-op that seems to be running well of the appropriate legal form.
2. Do a close reading and leave comments about issues and proposed changes on the doc.
3. Circulate the doc to co-founders for their comments and responses.
4. Have a call and talk your way through the comments, integrating as you go.

5. Founding group adopts bylaws.

I have a v large dome, and am tall.

Seriously, though, these are the only sunglasses I've owned in my adult life that actually seem to fit properly... 😎

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