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Just finished John Restakis' "Humanizing the Economy" (2010), an introduction to co-operative economics with examples from around the world.

Beyond the oft-cited examples of Emilia Romagna's co-ops and Mondragon in Spain, it also looks at sex worker collectives in India, the recovered factory movement in Argentina, the Japanese consumer co-ops, and more.

A great wayfinder; would have benefited from more systematic presentation of the data.

Full review:

@mattcropp I talked to him about it in this interview. TL:DR; Johnny Mnemonic was intended and shot as a comedy, and then the money people showed up and re-cut it.

But, seriously, has ever explained himself for that movie? Oof.

Connecting flight in newark was cancelled, and just crossed the 24 hours in airports and planes mark. Fingers crossed the 10pm flight we were rebooked onto goes out, as it's the last of the day... šŸ˜©

Also, just finished watching ; if you're ever searching for the platonic ideal of , I think it might just be Keanu Reeves in that film...

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Do you live in the Lents neighborhood of Portland, OR? We are exploring an opportunity to open a second co-op store there, and are seeking feedback:

Turns out that hiking in a rainforest runs the risk of encountering, well, rain. šŸ˜‹

Just borded my plane back to the mainland, so will be aiming to get caught up on stuff in the next few days...

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Hello my name is Josh,

I use credit unions and I support non-profit organizations. I'm excited to try out and to support a social network cooperative.

So, it looks like pretty much all of the real world offerings in terms of hosting and digital infrastructure are aimed at the retail market. Fine if I'm buying services as a consumer or a small organisation.
If we are serious about growing the movement don't we need a full blown cooperative cloud service. Could all of these burgeoning tech coops collaborate to create such a thing? Cloud may be a commodity, but it sure looks like it's making a pile of money for Jeff Bezos.

So I just created [1] because all radio amateur instances are dead.
Feel free to register if you are in this hobby.


The downside to UBI is that Iā€™d probably have time to see some of my terrible ideas through as well.

Friends, we're finally ready for you. Over some months now, I've had the pleasure of supporting co-op entrepreneur Greg Brodsky in the development of a new kind of accelerator just for co-ops. is officially open for applications for the inaugural class. If you know someone who would be interested in applying for $10,000 in cash plus mentorship, they can learn more here:

Hello - I've been on mastodon for a while, mainly active on

I'm part of a tech coop here Germany.

The proposed revision to the bylaws has passed. It's not perfect, but hopefully it helps us clarify the process before we move forward with other, more substantive revisions:

@mayel, could you make the changes to the page?

Got to thinking today on a hike about dividends on the use of resources as an alternative to , and reading the Wikipedia page tonight on the permanent fund has me down a rabbit hole...Halp! :P

The idea is particularly compelling to me:

Please share:

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The LongIsland #Progressive politician will be talking about how to implement #worker #coops to save small businesses, I cannot wait to talk about building ideas and implementing a freed market #socialist economy on #LongIsland

Last stop on my year of researching ! Iā€™m in . Anyone here and/or know cool coops or orgs that would be interested in meeting?