Happy International Co-operatives Day! :TwinPines:

What are you doing today to celebrate economic democracy and inter-dependence? ๐ŸŽ†

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The head of CUNA, the US federation, just put out an op-ed calling for the end of for credit unions on :birdsite:

Complicated issue, but definitely worth a discussion, if any peeps want to weigh in: twitter.com/JimNussle/status/1

My name is Joe and I am incredibly excited to find this community. Iโ€˜ve been involved with Co-ops for most of my life, as a member of the Potsdam, NY Co-op, South Royalton Co-op, and the Hanover Consumer Cooperative Society. I served as the President of the Potsdam Co-op, where I helped hire a new GM and worked to transition our bylaws to a solidarity model. Looking forward to connecting with people about Co-ops, Vermont, and the role cooperatives can play in digital communities!

Family, donor kid feels 

I'm worried that this is a very silly question, but are there well-specified p2p protocols for building resilient communities? I know this sounds like techbro bullshit but I've seen lots of techniques to build community but zero **systems** geared toward building community.

Going thru old photos, and, for some reason that I don't remember, I apparently thought it worth the time in 2015 to Photoshop a young ' head onto a young 's body. :thonking:

My partner's dad picked this one for their father-daughter dance at our wedding. Gets me erry time: youtube.com/watch?v=COQPSoRFdw

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I've got some (semi confidential) #video(s), and I'd like #subtitles / #transcription for them, and I'm willing to pay.

What's the best way to get subtitles/transcripts made? There's oodles of transcripts-as-a-service companies, but I'd like if I could give money to some fellow marginalized person(s) rather than through some middleman. Is there any sort of #coop doing this? Or just self employed people?

, Hi. Iโ€™m well into my next career as a happily married, stay-close-to-home eldercare-giver, father, grandfather who enjoys and about , , , , etc. when I can. Looking forward to sharing ideas and exploring opportunities whereby, collectively, we can take advantage of the current craziness that surrounds us to make this world a better place for all.

Just closed on the first building purchase by a in this morning.

Both really exciting and a little nerve-wracking as we pivot from acquisition to operation mode... :TwinPines:

The recent submission of worker coop bill to the Japanese parliament is so historic. Here's the English summary: jwcu.coop/houseika/?p=1284

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