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I mean, nobody seems to be asking why tech started hijacking attention instead of serving users' real needs in he first place (clue: profit)

Just watched an overview of and would love to hear more about their governance practices which sound really fair and transparent. Anyone have any contacts there?

I think I've misunderstood worker #coop before. The more I read the better idea it seems to be. I'm curious now if any IT ppl are doing this? I think somebody has to be smart enough, right?

The University of Edinburgh are doing a short, self-paced online course on Co-operative Economics focusing on /s.

I presume we might have some interested people here?... :)

Let me know if it's any good!

Wow is trending on Twitter. Not because of though.

@neil @michaelafisher definitely not cooperative. But a bit more socially minded. It is a shame there aren't more coworking co-ops. But we just got a new one in Denver:

Feeling grossed out by . How could we the industry?

Is it wrong to feel affection when one hears from a long lost friend in the form of email spam?

space ship cooperatives!

Anyone on here read yet? About half-way in at this point and hitting material...

Money & Society MOOC, starts Sunday 4 hours a week for 4 weeks. Aims to help understand how money works, has worked in history, its impacts on individuals & society, what alternatives look like, & helps asses all the ideas floating around todayΒ 

Maybe it's just me, but I keep thinking the logo is a sprout of magic mushrooms.

Fred Turner, speaking tonight at CU, has electric co-op propaganda on one of his first slides. (The "problem" he means is mass media, not the co-ops.)

Had a chat with a co-owner of one of my fav eateries here - and she made time for me during lunch rush - and learned that she was very interested in broader worker ownership. Made my day.

@Olm_e @mattcropp amen. Many cooperative groups spend longer coordinating meetings than actually meeting, and it kills me.

@mattcropp It’s more about pacing and consistency than coordination.

@mattcropp Well, we have zazenkai on second Saturdays 8:30-5 and half day zazenkai with morning service and discussion on 4th Wednesdays 10-3:30. Would hate to do it in a tech mode ... πŸ˜†

Anyone know if there is there a podcast in the co-op space?