Fluffy visitor today as I recover from the bike accident I had over the weekend:

Deets on the BiB beer initiative, if you happen to see the label where you are, as a lot of breweries are participating: blackisbeautiful.beer/

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Canned some homebrew today with fellow Full Barrel Co-op members for a fundraiser for the Peace and Justice Center's racial equity program...

Big thanks to @ntnsndr for being a guest speaker on our virtual summit today.

:TwinPines: πŸŽ‰ :TwinPines:

The mural on the side of our 's first building is shaping up! Ready to be able to get dope Dominican food there starting at the end of the month...

On that end, does anyone know any good books/readings about agrarian co-ops, especially outside the US?

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I feel like the green tomatoes in my garden are in an epic race against the clock at this point in the season, being in northern and all.

I'm rooting for them...

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About to head to a pop-up "preview" dinner for the two restaurants that will be opening as tenants of our at the end of October. Looking forward to some good Dominican food and a πŸ”₯ open bar...

A worker-consumer hybrid where all surplus goes to workers up to a living wage, then the remainder is divided with consumers at an escalating rate, with 90% of surplus above 2x living wage to worker members going to consumer members.

Just vibin', designing a worker collective/consumer co-op hybrid for bootstrapping early stage .

@GuerillaOntologist @mattcropp Building on this, TetriNET. You can even run your own server and have everyone connect to it. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TetriNET

As an alternative to our usual party, I want to organize a friendly charity benefit video game tournment that will get folks from different co-ops talking to each other.

Basically, I'm looking for a game that's fun, dead simple to learn by folks of diverse ages, and that could be played socially by the teams on a shared Zoom call.

Any suggestions?

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