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How can I be more ?
So far, I have credit union, grocer, and, of course, Is there more? I'm hooked.

@Melezh One thing I find particularly interesting is the insight into the human experience that comparatively looking at religious experience provides, which inherently creates a challenge to the integrity of any particular religion with a claim to discrete universality. I find sociologist ' take on this dynamic particularly compelling:

@risabee I'm totally infatuated with right now, tbh... 💞💝💕💖

" Loomio, inspired by the general assemblies of Occupy Wall Street, strives to amplify collaborative power and foster more participatory democratic practice."

#PSA When you post an image (or several), you don't have to leave the URL(s) in the ppost if you add other text.

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So I just joined the #coop music streaming service #Resonate. Pretty happy so far, although the beta-app is still a little rough around the edges.

@mattcropp You can always follow the Situationist bot: @guy_debot :-)

Day one of shirking on family time to visit . Checked out the Seward , the -op Creamery Cafe (a full fast casual restaurant w/ beer on tap run by the Seward Co-op a few blocks from their store, and Bone Shaker Books , where I picked up a book on the "Labor Elite" (2014) and Debord's .

Good day!

@jjg watch out or you'll start collecting memberships; I'm part of 9 at this point... :P

@inmysocks @mattcropp In the case of Uber, their numbers really might not add up, no matter how you look at it. Read this earlier post at Naked Capitalism:

Basically, they had a lot of VC, which allowed them to subsidize every ride, as it seems. Their "story" might be that their business model might work once self-driving cars become the norm.

@HedgeMage I was involved in a feasibility study for a rural ridesharing co-op - the reason Uber didn't do that is the same reason that it took massive public funds to electrify rural areas in the 1930s - most rural areas aren't dense enough to offer unsubsidized services to, and only remain populated due to significant transfers of public funds that are not framed as "socialism" in the US b/c most beneficiaries are white... 🙄

@nev Back during occupy, my trick was to "laminate" my signs with clear packing tape. A bit labor intensive, depending on the size, but does the trick...

@lucaconti I believe @Antanicus is co-ordinating the Euro time friendly meeting?