...the amount of time their capital has been in the fund. So, for instance, if I invest $50 in y1, and someone else invests $100 in y2, then, at the end of y2, each investor would get 50% of the return, because they each have 100 dollar years.

Still wrapping my head around all the implications, but it's quite the novel approach, and I'm curious to see if any of the other nerds on here have thoughts.

Had a very interesting call with Blake Jones, the founder of , a successful and growing in , about the Kachuwa Impact Fund he's organizing that is organized as a and aims to invest in co-ops and "impact real estate" where the tenants are co-ops, b-corps, etc.

The most innovating piece of what he's doing is applying the logic of patronage to equity investment returns through the model of "dollar years." Bascially, the idea is that members get credit for... 1/

As someone who grew up steeped in ideology and has been highly skeptical of it as an adult, this article is really thought provoking: nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/0

In particular, it really got me thinking of what secularized versions of the Hutterite farms might look like? What with 's family farm dairy industry being in slow-motion decline, I'd love see alternative large-scale models, if anyone knows of any?

Got a little 20w flexible solar panel that I'm going to try to rig to my as a trickle charger.

In the meantime, discovered it throws off enough power in partial shade to charge my phone... :)

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Hey y'all, I'm putting together a compendium of interviews with members for the ed.coop site. Suggestions are appreciated (all content types welcome)

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May First is now a coop!

The membership of May First/People Link has converted our organization into a non-profit cooperative named May First Movement Technology.

Get Good Movement with Free Software Tools for All! MayFirst.org

@mattcropp Always good to meet another nerd! I see the tag in your profile and I'm curious if you've stumbled across any way to participate in P2P lending to help develop cooperatives. Something like LendingClub but for patient, modest-rate lending to new coops.

Hello, fediverse! Thought I'd make my . I'm a software developer in the inland northwest US. Last year I co-founded the Seattle Developers Cooperative with three other members to provide web development for clients and to support open source projects that empower individuals and communities.

Juneteenth is the celebration of the end of slavery in America. Unfortunately, slavery still exists in various forms today in the form of human trafficking, private prison system, and the systemic oppression of people of color within our society. Please join us for the next few days while we remember those who have suffered or lost their lives due to these systems.

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