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After exploring as an alternative to Google Drive, I have some ideas about another project we could host.

OnlyOffice and Collabora are decent replacements for the online shared document editing that Google provides, but they have heavy resource requirements. But both can be used by multiple NextCloud installs, requiring only a public-facing URL.

We could run one of these on a VPS and allow coop members to use these with their own NextCloud instances.

Hello Mastodon! I'm a techy programmer-type person hoping to help build a better world (direct democracy, solidarity economy, etc.). I also happen to live in a vehicle on wild, public lands, moving every couple weeks, foraging, practicing survival skills and helping people where we can. I know a lot about radio, solar, 12v DC power and nature/wildlife as a result. Nice to meet you all! Hope to see familiar and new faces.

Excited to share this new blog post on my research:

The pool of active contributors to Wikipedia started declining in 2007. Researchers blamed a calcifying bureaucracy and hostility to newcomers. Are these problems in other wiki communities too? Could there be a deeper reason why these dynamics emerge?

I replicated Halfaker et al 2013's analysis of 'The rise and decline.' The dynamics observed in Wikipedia appear to reoccur again and again in many wiki communities.

I am looking for , and would love to find something related to and the solidarity economy!

I have:
* Experience as an intern at a cooperative development organization ()
* Degree in mathematics and statistics
* Programming skills, though no job experience yet
* Good Spanish (level B2)

Free Tix at the Natural History Museum, so figured I should send y'all a ... 🐘

Just had dim sum with a few members who are working to get a going in . Thanks @multijanet et. al. for a fun and delicious afternoon!

I'm again, this time about the for a not-yet-in-fediverse audience:

Heterarchy: Decentralization and Federation in Social Networking

h/t to @platypus @joshuatj @bgcarlisle @Gargron @TheKinrar y'all let me know if I've misunderstood or misrepresented anything so I can fix thanks

Help out the tightshift coop get to their fundraising goal.

"Tightshift Laboring Cooperative’s mission is to model a just, equitable economy, where workers profit from their labor through cooperative ownership."

I serve as an Americorps VISTA with MSU Student Housing Cooperative and on East Lansing Food Cooperative's Board of Directors.

I am a co-founder of Mid Michigan Energy Cooperative,

I currently live in Rivendell, a 100 year old house who has been a cooperative for 40+ years in Lansing, MI.

I am also a working member of Mutual Aid Network based in Madison, WI.

My passions include water protection, community energy (electricity & food) resiliency

Thievery Corporation's Treasure from the Temple is on Resonate Coop:

Click through from

Give it some mutual aid :) If you're a member it's a good album, if you're not a member plz sign up!

@mattcropp @GuerillaOntologist Great article - nice to see the talk included - I like Akuno's sober approach: "In our case I think we’ve tried to ... [use an β€œoccupy model;” reduce importance of elected officials and build alternatives; and build different relationships between elected officials and movements] and tried to do them all simultaneously and I think we have an uneven record in that regard."
Did I mention the on ? ;-)

Any folks actually working with Cooperation Jackson on this instance? Heard through the grapevine that things have gone seriously sideways. Whole board resigned, from what I hear....😧

Is there any phrase more vacuous than 'thought leader'?

Because Fediverse instances are required to have ridiculous domain names, I just bought for this...

Use more #hashtags when you post to #Mastodon! Not having a central search database means we have to make it a little easier for people to find our toots! :toot: