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Any tips on spaces, housing collectives, coffee shops, etc. in Los Angeles? Looking for lists, suggestions, laments. 🙂👋🏻

Hey guys, some young dude from Glasgow is writing a dissertation on workplace democracy. If you're currently a practitioner of the arts, take 5 minutes and help this guy out by taking his survey on workplace democracy:

Thinking about creating a low-overhead style Opencollective-Loomio combo as the next iteration of ...

- the new book from @Enspiral -- is proving immediately useful; I'm already sharing my copy with someone starting a job in a would-be social enterprise. Have to get another copy...

- messed up the time zones and so will be missing the member survey development call in a few hours. 😖

+ Used that time to knock out a bunch of admin work...

what is the "analogue loophole"? why do people say that removing the headphone jack would allow companies to restrict your ability to listen to music? (long, serious) Show more

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I love my rabbits like my window manager: in tiling mode (and with long adorable ears) #bunposting

Bunniculae enjoying their dinner.

Coady was shorn today, and is, sans fluff, half his previous volume...

Finally traded in my 5 y/o phone for something that doesn't crash when I try to take photos, so beware, the volume of might soon increase... 🐰

Ran a training this afternoon for new employees on track to become members, which was followed by a Green Mountain Worker Co-op Alliance pizza party, which was, in turn, followed by a meeting of the Vermont Solidarity Investing Club. All of which took place in the brand-spankin' new workshop of the Timber Homes worker co-op.

All in all, it was a good day... :TwinPines:

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