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Anybody got good contacts in Cooperative Home Care Associates in NYC?

I am helping a great Japanese co-op group organize their visit in the fall.

@mattcropp Yeah, I've since done a 180 on Bitcoin -- it's revealed itself as a deflationary, specie-like medium that's more an investment asset than a medium of exchange.

Last night coop preschool parent/member orientation meeting. Some interesting observations.

Established in 1979.

3 classes. 2 Staff teachers supported by rotating parent teachers.

38 families. 38 different occasional commitment family jobs.

9 member board. Almost all women.

Super organized. Transparent.

There was an open Treasurer seat which I (foolishly) volunteered to fill.

Excited to be part of an eclectic group taking a cooperative approach to early childhood education/enrichment.

In for an conference, and stopped by my old school where my mom still teaches art. Not a bad view from the adjacent garden...

@mattcropp This article is exactly how our was formed back around year 2000... retiring owners, and we bought it. Great situation, and the profit sharing model is phenomenal... I'll actually be able to retire with this company because of my stock vlaue.

This is the champagne a bunch of people are about to drink after talking about employee owned beer.

Socially Cooperative Friends!

Please read our discussion starter on equity and diversity in operations and tell us what you think. What's useful? What's not? What questions do you have? What changes can you suggest?

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My Consulting firm is, and it's the best place I've ever worked.

"More U.S. Businesses are Becoming : Hereโ€™s Why" in :

"And with millions of baby boomer-owned businesses set to change hands in the upcoming decades, this transition could be an opportunity to create more democratic workplaces across the countryโ€“if business owners, workers, and advocates can work together to convert these enterprises into ."

Apparently some silly USians want to extend copyright again:

Repeating my Twitter reaction:

When will musicians realize that their biggest competitor is ALL THE PAST RECORDINGS EVER and revolt against this madness?

The Internet is not what makes music hard work. Never was! It's competing with Elvis & Mozart.

Demand the right to build on the past, not compete with it.

Hey all, I guess now is a good time to annouce that I'm delighted to be working with @mayel on the project. He's joining Moodle on a six-month Technical Architect contract.

You may see some toots from us referencing a design sprint in London this week for the project. We're partnering with Outlandish, a worker-owed tech , for that ๐Ÿ‘

More about the project:

@oatmealraisin check out the democracy at work institute (, the US federation of worker coops (, the tech worker coop (, or this handy guide -

and don't forget that co-opers are, by nature, very friendly people! please don't hesitate to reach out to someone at any of the cooperatives both I and other people have mentioned or any others you're interested in, they'd love to help.

Also digging through that old hard drive, I found a PDF of the I made when I first learned about in 2008, which was the start of my movement journey:

@ButterflyOfFire @mattcropp this looks like something that could be easily hosted by and is a good alternative service that helps decentralization.

Was digging through an old hard-drive, and found an article that @KevinCarson1 wrote for the The Sun in 2011. How he starts off:

"'s "" was set some years after encrypted currencies and e-commerce removed most economic transactions into beyond the government's capability of monitoring and regulating, and thus caused tax bases around the world to implode. This was followed, in short order, by the collapse of most nation-states."