[BREAKING] Leaked Facebook emails reveal "number one threat" to its platform: decentralized platforms.


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Come train for social change with us!

Now accepting applications for our @CUBoulderCMCI Media and Public Engagement MA program: colorado.edu/cmci/academics/me

conference wrapping up with @ntnsndr laying out some BHAGs for building the movement:

Sage advice from @jhoronjeff of @savvy_coop. Read carefully.

My room's aesthetic is "4 middle-schoolers were each dosed with a different psychedelic and handed paintbrushes."

If you paint cutesy murals on the walls of a flop hotel, it's still a flop hotel... :P

Drifting to sleep to the soothing hiss of an ancient radiator and street sounds drifting in through the window left open to keep the room from hitting 90 degrees.

Laughing my ass off because only in this benighted age are we privileged to read the words, "Introducing the Star Wars x Le Creuset collection at Williams Sonoma"

Riding solo in and out of kinda sucks. With friends, OTOH, it can be pretty fun...

Looking forward to the start of in NYC tomorrow!

Little win of the day:

To secure the space for the co-op brewery project that has been in the works for ~5 years, a group is forming a real estate co-op to buy the commercial condo that we'd like the co-op brewery to end up in.

We've set the minimum investment for the REC at $1k, and want the (future tenant) brewing co-op to be a members, but it's currently tight on cash, so we put the word out for new members & added equity from current members.

Raised the minimum $ needed today!

thinking about organizing my neighbors collectively to share the labor and the output of our backyard chickens, but then on the other hand, what if we had a disagreement over something, and someone then plotted a takeover of the governing board. it'd be a coop co-op coup

Solid infographic from my giving the basics on the flow of a credit union and how it is differentiated from a for-profit bank.

Of interest for those looking for more responsible retirement investing:

"The Next Egg creates resources, builds communities, and shares tools necessary so that millions of us can move our retirement savings out of Wall Street and into our local communities. These tools include self-directed IRAs, solo 401(k)s, and employee-directed 401(k)s. [...] If we succeed, we will see trillions flow into our communities and out of the global corporations."

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Brightly, a home cleaning worker coop, becomes a franchise - fastcompany.com/90370579/worke

Home cleaners in the US earn $11/hour. Cleaners at Brightly worker cooperative get $21/hour

Theres a massive expansion of cleaner coops planned through a franchise model

The most consistent element of US conferences is a SOLID dance party Saturday night...

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