Quarantine, claws, and cats (who are fighting fascism in space)

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My mom is abstract artist who took a 25 year hiatus to teach middle school . This is the first year of her retirement, and seems productive for her. Though a little darker vibe than usual:

Streaming the Dropkick Murphy's free St. Pat's show. Need after this week...

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Dug up some thoughts on movement strategy I wrote in the aftermath of the last financial crisis.


The gist: grow in a gradualist way in good economic times, and get aggressive during downturns...

Learned about social.coop I'm an engineer at and soon to be father. I'm interesting in and

The project just hit the $175k minimum equity raise goal required for us to purchase the building! Still a bunch of work to do, but this is a big milestone...

:TwinPines: πŸŽ‰

Came across this scene while out for a stroll near my sister's house in

:TwinPines: 🌈


The only hope we have is our
children and the seeds we give them
and the gardens we plant together.

~Richard Brautigan

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A friend of mine is in the thick of getting starts going for her garden. Made me think about Richard Brautigan and how I should really steal this idea of his. I don't think he'd mind.

"Brautigan's 'Please Plant This Book' consisted of eight poems printed on seed packets. Four of the poems were about flowers. The other four were about vegetables."

Brautigan was the original .

Ugh, my favorite in has just proposed a bylaws amendment that would give the board the power to modify both the bylaws and the charter without ratification via member referendum. Which would remove a major firewall.

Hopefully the campaign to reject the proposal can be more of a call-in than an antagonistic messy governance fight. But, regardless, I'd really rather not need to spend energy on this... 😞

Our friend @yova has been working on the Solidbase project. They did an assessment of software that could be used for food coops / community supported agriculture which looked at foodsoft



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