Registered for the Labor Notes Conference - April 17-19 in Chicago!!

Anyone else going? Interested in organizing meetings/workshops on unions and cooperatives (and union cooperatives)?

First nibble of local press coverage for one of the projects I've been working on. The campaign officially launches tomorrow... 🀯:TwinPines:

Working on a 's offering document, and suddenly realized that we don't pay a dividend in the first year of operation. Which means there's suddenly $10,500 of extra slack in my model that I wasn't otherwise planning for...

:TwinPines: πŸ’° :blobhyperthink:

Walked into the credit union today with the pile of checks from pledged members, and deposited $24,000 as the starting funds for the Vermont . More is coming soon, and hopefully we'll collectively own our first property (a commercial condo that will hopefully be the future home of a start-up ) within a month or two...

its-happening.gif :blobaww: :TwinPines:

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@GuerillaOntologist my coworker Don is curious as to what GEO's readership numbers were for 2019 - you got 'em? He's a big fan... :blobaww:

Good practical things worth knowing, interspersed with motivational tips on how to more effectively exploit tenants to get to your first million... :thonking:

Reading a "wannabe landlord 101" book as research for getting this project going has been pretty eye-opening...

@mattcropp Exactly, because fame makes people stupid. So if you stop making people famous, you also stop making stupid people.

Someone should study how voter turnout in blue collar trade union elections is connected with the union members switching from social democratic to nationalist parties.

My bet is that low turnout is connected with more switching from social democrats to nationalists.

And by interesting I mean, "hey we should set up a co-op using this slightly altered version of a model people are used to, and make good things in the world" not "HMM this might be suspect/evil"

So Twitch Affiliate requires you to get $100 of revenue before a payout (not as big as it seems considering every Amazon Prime user gets a free $2.50/mo to throw at their favorite streamer). But it got me thinking.

What if instead of having to get $100 before you get a check, what if you just had to build a membership share of $100 once? Or maybe a starter share, which takes a bit of the $ and you got full Partner benefits at like, $1000 invested?

Kinda interesting how it's not a big tweak to reach cooperative funding models from popular "you are the product" funding models.

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