Headed to tomorrow for the Association for Studies in Co-operation and the Association of Cooperative Educators' combined conference, which is themed on .

I'll be there until lunch-time on Thursday (staying in ), so open to suggestions and connections folks have for while I'm north o' the border.

I have a feeling at least a few peeps will be present... :TwinPines:

Off-grid powered mosquito trap, mk-1, is operational! Justin time, too; the bloodsuckers are out today... 🦟

The less I use FB the more I sense how jarring, even abusive, the timeline (wall?) can be -- buffeted by cute toddler pics and genocidal attacks, thoughtful reflections and screaming polemics, all strung together by items "suggested" by the marketing algorithms -- who wants to live like that?

Recent survey: 72% of Republicans and 74% of Democrats in the would prefer to work for an company rather than for capitalists or the state. :thonking:


We Own It is looking for fellows interested in organizing electric co-op member owners in the US: weown.it/fellowship

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Hey there social.coop folks (and hello again fediverse). I've been on mastodon.social recently but I'm excited to see what's happening here. Hoping to find and share resources on in general, but I'm particularly interested in tech co-ops, small-scale farm/garden co-ops and the role that co-ops play in social, economic and environmental justice causes. I'll probably also toot a bit about and maybe

Just posted a review by @mattcropp of the book Democratizing Finance about the history of the CDFI movement in the US:


All this talk of milkshakes is really making me crave a milkshake.

Looks like we should have a good crop this year

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got a mention in the :

"Recently, when I logged into the Mastodon instance sunbeam.cityβ€”a β€œLibertarian Socialist solarpunk instance”—I found a photo of someone’s blooming spider plant next to a conversation about the consequences of ethical transparency in hierarchical systems. It struck me as the quintessential early-Internet experience."


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