I'm semi-regularly struck by how the relevance of 's has just continued to intensify over the past decade.

Her playing solo in in 2009: youtu.be/7TUfxx2JrqY?t=53s

The other session in the series I was an active presenter in is this introduction to local investing: youtu.be/ybTl0BxEDIA

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Video of the recent "Investing in Place Based Ownership" panel I helped organize: youtu.be/TuZ6wv20_9U

Covers , , and .

And that $50M? That's just the start.

The folks behind the EBPREC are smarter and more capable than 99.9% of the "Scalechasers" of SV. They're already working across state lines to put together community-owned, permanently affordable housing.f you are a 6-figure earning, California-living person with a stable job, consider putting up $1K in 2021.

Read the offering, ask me anything. I'm an investor-owner, and am happy to share what I can.

#Coops #Housing #Coop

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Can anyone give recommendations for co-op branding agencies?

For folks wanting to join today's chat abour real estate co-ops, if the meeting link prompts you for a code, it's 135228

The meeting link itself is ca.meet.coop/b/mik-cuv-85e

Literally any other service? I'll happily adapt.

But Teams?


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Suggesting using Microsoft Teams for a meeting with someone outside your organization is a faux pas. ๐Ÿคฎ

I did find this one with a quick google search, but want to confirm my choice is reasonable before going through the trouble of a transfer. webhosting.coop/

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Does anyone have recommendations for a good reliable website hosting service?

The one I'm currently using has gotten pretty flakey, but I want to keep it in the co-op economy...

This Thursday at 10am EST/15:00 GMT, we'll be kicking off a weekly(-ish) series of "Member Office Hours" with @mattcropp hosting a conversation on real estate co-ops in this meet.coop room: ca.meet.coop/b/mik-cuv-85e

The idea for this series is to create space for members to host conversations on topics of interest to them and the community, so if you have an idea you'd like to host a chat about, please pick a week and add it to the scheduing spreadsheet linked in the announcements!

๐Ÿšจ For this weekโ€™s interview I spoke with @mattcropp , Co-Exec Director of the Vermont Employee Ownership Center. We spoke about his experience using during , the politics of the bitcoin community then, and how coops could benefit from the use of blockchain.


Looks like the group net-metering project I've been advocating for at our consumer co-op farm is gonna happen this year!

I can't get solar on my house due to an 150 year old oak tree that overhangs our house and gives us Hen of the Wood ๐Ÿ„s, so we're going to buy into this array instead...

:blobaww: ๐ŸŒž

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