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Hey folks, our brewery's monthly pop-up beer garden is on Friday 6/42 from 5:30-8:30. RSVP here:

Old solar panels became window well covers on our building. They still throw off a bit of power, so we're going to connect small batteries and LED strips for nighttime under-lighting...

When I was born in the 1980s, a thing that people did was gift savings bonds, so when I turned 18 I had a few thousand dollars to put towards college expenses, etc.

Now that I'm having a kid (very soon!), I've been thinking that it would be cool if there was some equivalent of solar/renewable energy bonds that could be given to kids in small denominations to offset some carbon while setting them up with a resource that matures at adulthood.

Anyone know of an existing version of such a thing?

Invest via their community share offer and become part of the new learning platform

"MyCoolClass is a new co-operative owned by teachers, workers, and investors.

Our mission is to bring fairness and equity to a sector defined by rampant profiteering and exploitation, in which both teachers and students are both exploited by platform owners"

There is a runoff puddle in the driveway of our building that needed filling. The majority building owner knows the guy who runs the "Glavel" company, who offered us some of their seconds for cheap. Dumped and spread a pickup truck load this morning.

Then it rained.

Turns out Glavel floats... 😭

I just learned that FedCo Seeds is a hybrid worker/consumer co-op that has been around for a good long time:

I'm going to join, and I really want to learn more about their experiences! :TwinPines:

One thing I don’t miss from birbsite: it was constantly showing me ads for treatments for Peyronie’s disease. I have no idea what convinced the algorithm that my wang is bent, but it was determined to get me help

Talked to a local reporter for an article about a month ago about in , and I was not expecting the final product to be as in-depth as it turned out to be:

I encounter far too many people in the world (particularly food co-ops) who have NO IDEA how retained member equity functions in co-ops. For all their faults, electric co-ops are actually pretty good about this, and I found this short video that explains how what they refer to as "capital credits" work:

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The news around shortages/price spikes has inspired me to propose that my hackerspace spend part of its shared tools budget on a seed oil press/extractor.

One of my favourite things about 3d printing is bringing things back to life that would otherwise be rubbish. I got this “broken” tripod at our local recycle shop missing its quick release. 10 minutes with callipers and CAD and I have a working “GoPro style” mount.

update early May in central Georgia. Tomatoes started indoors between Jan and Feb, planted outdoors Mar 20 (a little dicey, an April 1 frost is common but didn't hit this year), set fruit in the last two weeks and now getting halfway to big... (these in front are Cherokee Purple from seed I saved from some my mom grew last year)

Planning on celebrating my 8-months-pregnant wife's ?first? (does it count yet?) Mother's Day by taking her to see live on Sunday. 🤘

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