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Our new pamphlet is out today, "Community Rules: Simple Templates for Great Communities"

And our governance app CommunityRule just got a gorgeous facelift! Check em both out here: communityrule.info/book

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The Drivers is fundraising investment for their new rideshare alternative. Kick them a few bucks if you've got the means to do so, and patronize them if you live in ! wefunder.com/driverscoop

Got to the scene in where they introduce the concept of branching and my partner was like,

"Oh. This is all just git."

Need to change browser. Android Firefox is too slow now. Need privacy, security, no bloat, tracking, ads, nor fingerprinting. Dark mode to save eyes & battery. Https everywhere. URL blocking. Clear all on exit. Sync bookmarks. Or at least export to something reusable. I'm using FF Focus for now, but it's lacking. Hope Mozilla doesn't spoil Focus too. Don't like deceptive Brave, might as well be Google. Prefer non-chromium. Or at least ungoogled chromium base.

woah I'm back with a PhD and a much more solid self care routine πŸ™ƒ and using tusky now instead of mastalab it's a lot more approachable!

Transform a passive-aggressive :birdsite: tweet into active antagonism with this One Cool Trick.

My chickens' first album is going to be πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Small win today amidst the generally dreary news:

The consumer organic veggie farm I'm a member of (and which supplies a significant portion of my diet) started solarizing our buildings yesterday.

This has been an ongoing conversation/goal for the past few years, and it's exciting to see it coming to fruition!

climate migration 

Interesting article crossed my feed today that mentioned one of the founders is moving at least part-time to a lefty land project in for climate refugee prep work. The article doesn't go into much detail, so I'll be curious to learn more: vice.com/en/article/wx5zb9/act

After a thorough check-up and tune at my bike shop, I rode the ebike that I crashed on for the first time since my accident today.

A few feels at the start, and I'm definitely riding more conservatively than I used to, but overall glad to be back in the saddle...


If you know someone who stutters, the patient I'm a member of is recruiting folks for a paid study: gigs.savvy.coop/stutter/?r=mcr

Also saw they're going to start beta testing a as a member benefit... ⏲️🏦

I just joined the Ampled Co-op as a community member. They are an artist-owned co-op for musicians with an economic model very similar to Cosmos. Good vibes from this gang...


"Direct support for all musicians. Collectively owned, community supported." #music #coop #artists #platformcoop

Super interesting panel tonight!

Do we have free will? How much of our decision making, actions, reactions are conscious? Are we aware of consumer manipulation and the emerging β€˜consciousness’ of the machine?

Watch it here πŸ’™ ⚑ πŸ‘‡


I think one of the hardest things for people with traditional biz backgrounds to understand about is that the model seeks to de-commodify the firm.

In particular, that means that thinking in terms of % of doesn't work, which throws many for a loop. Instead, value is delivered to members as the return of profits that would have otherwise been extracted from their labor or custom, but the value of the firm itself is generally not part of the equation.

It's quite simple, yet seemingly challenging to make conceptually sticky for many people, in my experience.

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