checked in on the @Hbomberguy stream just to catch literally alexandria literally ocasio literally cortez calling in to the show. what a time to be alive

sometimes I avoid liking things that make me happy to prevent an algorithm from being happy. feels like we're in the bad future.

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Was digging through the back of my coat closet for snow-shoveling wear, and found this. No idea where it came from, but my partner says it makes me look like the bad guy in an '80s ski movie. πŸ‘Ήβ›·οΈ

18" and still coming down... β˜ƒοΈ

Walked over to a neighbor's house in -7F/-22C just as the big Northeast snowstorm started hitting . The crystals are incredibly fine, so, in the dark, when any light hits the snow the field twinkles like it's covered in diamonds.

Beautiful world we live in, at times... ❄️

What can the SBC cooperative do, in addition to extending the Loomio service, to promote cooperative and/or democratic social media on the fediverse? Maybe curate a public list of instances on the wiki? Start a joint group for different instances to work together (and share funds if needed)? Set up a federation bot that follows users on democratic instances so they're more visible on our federated tl? Let's brainstorm!

Was trying to remember the first video/computer game I ever played, and I'm pretty sure it was on my dad's DOS machine.

Just found a gameplay video and, dang, childhood nostalgia city over here...

i've never met a soup nazi, but i've met a lot of soup anarchists

Sometimes I read criticisms of the kind of content you tend to find on fedi from non-fedi ppl and realize, "Wow. Some people are legitimately addicted to the outrage machine."

the fediverse is dead. long live the fediverse!

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One from yesterday! They'd been chowing down on some other leaves on the frosty-looking foliage, but felt there might be better pickings at another spot closer by.


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