The two main national-scale organizations in the space are The ESOP Association (TEA) and the National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO).

Is it just me, or is TEA naming their newly anointed HQ the "*International* Center for Employee Ownership" a bit of a power move? :thonking:

Just signed up for my free real-life copy of Exit to Community!

(I'm trying to start a couple cooperative platforms; might be easier to focus just on getting a viable platform business with a clear plan to later exit to community. More practically, i know some progressive small businesses and people organizing their workplaces where this might be relevant to both and i can lend out.)

The GEO Weekly Newsletter is out:

Marcelo Vieta goes in-depth on Argentine worker-recuperated enterprises and Laird Schaub gives some pro-tips for working productively with proposals in large group meetings + a bunch of goodness from around the web! :TwinPines:

This is a cool (US-centric) guide to creating . A new one to me that I find intriguing is the "pooled income fund" (pg 64).

You donate money to a nonprofit, and receive the investment income from that investment for your lifetime. When you die, the principal goes to the non-profit.

Traditionally used by big conventional NGOs, I'm intrigued by the possibilities of the model for investment in employee ownership/solidarity economy projects...

envisioned a future in 2312 in which the hegemonic force in the galactic social-economic system is the "Mondragon Accord." It is my view that by 2320, it will have been supplanted by the spread of the decentralized "DisCo Commitments."

A good omnibus mission for a community's consumer co-op might be:

"To meet as many of the diverse needs of members as feasible in an equitable and sustainable way."

Food, energy, finance, housing, communications. What else?

Wait... unions in the US are opposed to codetermination? Why?!

Found a mention about this but can't find the reasoning why.

Dropped by the protest camp in Battery Park today with a fellow @LabB hackerspace member to set up a solar device charging station. The results:

I jus made a movie of my 1 year old stomping on ants to prove to the world that childhood is not innocence.

Tuning in to hear @ntnsndr and contributors launch their new book Exit to Community: A Community Primer:


The Book:

Finally got the pile of video files from the 2020 Conference, and just uploaded Blake Jones' keynote on the variety of that have spun off of the .

I really enjoyed the talk, and will post the extended Q&A conversation with him as a reply to this thread once it's uploaded:

y'all ever get that heartache for a kinder, softer, more equitable world?

Kinda lusting after these easily-solarized low-speed electric mini pick-up trucks:

What's a good alternative to Google Forms?

Starting a new organisation called "Members For Cooperation Between Cooperatives".

The name explains it pretty well. The idea is especially to organise rank-and-file members of big and old consumer cooperatives to advocate for them to cooperate more with new, small worker cooperatives.

If you are interested in joining (it's free!) let me know :)

@mattcropp Has anyone studied the power dynamics in consumer/worker co-ops? In Seikatsu Club, it seems to me the consumers are firmly in command. At Eroski, before the 2008 crisis, it was the workers (management?) who held the real power... (Now it's the conmercial banks who hold their debt.)

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