I cycled for 4 days with The Family (mum and kid), but it was time for us to go our separate ways. It was a very intense and stimulating time, which eventually overwhelmed me, and for the last day I cycled on my own to regain some grounding. I think I can’t quite fit in all my reflections on the time right now, but one part is a glimpse into what it means to be responsible for a small child all the time. I have big respect to all people fulfilling this role for children (or adults that need that environment of care). In our society care is often assumed to be somebodies responsibility, often without deeper awareness of who is doing it, when and how. I would love to see a care centred society that is able to deeply understand what is needed to nurture each person so that they can thrive in their own unique way. That feels a long way away. For my part, I’m trying to learn a lot more about to to become aware and articulate my needs before my emotions cross over some line, which then causes me to need a quite sudden retreat. It’s a work in progress! Anyway, on to some photos of the joyful fun time we spent together! The interaction with each of the people I cycled with was almost opposite, with mum, we shared our thoughts on deep intellectual and emotional topics. Particularly powerful for me was being in a place with connection to Nazi Germany and hearing the family stories of the resistance in Warsaw. My eyes got watery! With the kid, we also had a lot of conversation, but more like this: me: woof. her: woof. me: woof. her: woof. (x20). me: miaow. her: miaow. me: miaow. her: miaow. (x20) … then maybe mooooooo. You get the idea 🙂 Something about the simple repetition is very pleasing to me (neurodiversity? or just like a calming mantra?). Often when cycling my brain and mind goes into a kind of simple circular pattern of thought, and here it felt like it was possible to vocalise and share that. The connection on that level seems so simple and pure. Mirroring of sounds. I realise I do this with adults to some extent too, but I think small kids just get it! (adults often don’t, or it needs to be wrapped […]


It’s my first time cycling with a kid, a sweet little 2 year for this first part of my trip. my first morning view out of the tentfamily camping setup in the woodsThe Familycheeky sweet kid!a nice place for hiding from rain, eating, and restinglunch timedinner time, me cooking lentils on the fire… and breakfast with mum


Great reading, the article connects everything together: building technical infrastructure systems with ultrastructure, the social systems that surround and shape them.


ISIpedia: the open climate-impacts encyclopedia

ISIpedia is hosted by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (#PIK). ISIpedia is part of ERA4CS, an ERA-NET initiated by JPI Climate with co-funding by the European Union (Grant 690462).



Do you know anyone interested in getting paid to improve #diversity in a Free Software project? Boost appreciated!

@fedeproxy, a new Free Software project for #forge #federation published a request for proposal today. If you have some expertise on fostering diversity in Free Software communities, this is your chance to make a difference, at a very early stage. And maybe set a good example for the thousands of other Free Software projects in the same situation.


Hey #Fediverse! There is a new #project: #OpenHospitalityNetwork (#OHN). It helps to connect travellers with those who want to host them. Like AirBnB but better, focusing on the core idea of it.

Website: openhospitalitynetwork.github.

Today's 📅 meeting 6pm CEST: pad.kanthaus.online/ohn

Has anyone got any experience in relicensing a codebase from MIT to AGPL?

Ideally, an actually real case of it, with any of the complications or niggles that might arise.

The GitHub CoPilot system generates sophisticated enough code that we would consider it copyrightable if a human wrote it.

But the case law around this issue is relatively fresh, afaict. Does Microsoft or GitHub believe they own any copyright on the outputted work?

The #fedeproxy #forge federation project needs #diversity, from the start. Do you want to join?

Boost appreciated.

Since a number of great project in the Hospitality Exchange community is considering a move to the #fediverse and implementing #activitypub federation in their platforms, I created a Lemmy post in #FediverseFutures for people to brainstorm exciting ideas on the subject.

Check it out and participate at: lemmy.ml/post/66076


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