This interview of Alanna Irving of Open Collective's plans exit to community is an excellent read for those interested in governance.

The fact there's such a principled effort towards community platform control is awe-inspiring

What would it look like to eroticize the digital commons? Erotic, in the sense of deep feeling as described by Audre Lorde in her essay "The Uses of the Erotic"

Come by Coven Berlin's virtual bog this Sunday when I'll be giving a talk on my current exploration of an erotic digital commons.

SUN Mar 6th 8-11am PT / 11-2pm ET / 5-8pm CET

Getting mad reading a bunch of tweets from people dismissing the fediverse and other non-extractive, autonomous network infra makes me realize I outta spend a lot more time over here. :P

Hope to be tootin' on the fediverse more in the new year. :)

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