Next up in the [[agora]], perhaps: node operations.

You can pass the [[agora]] n nodes and a way to combine them; a function to apply, map or reduce over the list.

Trump didn't start new wars directly. But he invited Turkey to invade and destroy the fledgling feminist cooperative economy development among the US's military allies against ISIS. This is heartbreaking.

It's kind of embarrassing that until today I'd pretty much forgotten that I have a shell script that will take whatever text is in the keyboard and turn it into an audio file for me to play so I can listen to articles and blog posts from my RSS feeds while doing other stuff.

A new reading & practice group dedicated to Sri Aurobindo’s “The Synthesis of Yoga” starts on 4/22. If you are interested in or , consider joining us. Sessions will be recorded.

I finished up some work. That was satisfying.

— Stukos Kikrostkìrar, Miner

Ed Mahood on Infinite Conversations is organizing a reading and discussion group dedicated to exploring some recent consciousness-based theories of reality. Anyone interested in philosophical alternatives to scientific materialism (aka physicalism) may want to check it out.

Specifically, the group will be reading Bernardo Kastrup’s (2019, Iff Books) The Idea of the World: A multi-disciplinary argument for the mental nature of reality.

Learn more:

Does have a user count bot? I feel like that would be quite useful for the instance

"Even if relatively few people actually #DeleteFacebook, as more people start spending more of their time elsewhere, three powerful   and synergistic   feedback loops will start to kick in. Too bad for Facebook. Good news for everybody else!"

There's a paragraph talking about #Mastodon as an alternative, and links to posts by @Gargron and @creatrixtiara .

We’re hosting a talk about the white paper in our 2/13 Cosmos Café:

peeps are welcome to join us live or comment in the forum.

(Note: this event is not affiliated with the Democracy Earth Foundation—but we’re interested in discussing the ideas and their practical implications. @care_save will be leading the discussion.)

Every daring attempt to make a great change in existing conditions, every lofty vision of new possibilities for the human race, has been labelled utopian.
-- Emma Goldman

#anarchism #quote #bot

Here’s some I hope for everybody out there who feels like they’re swimming upstream in this life.

May our struggle—at least sometimes—be ecstatic!

To accompany @care_save’s essay series “Transmuting the Trumpocalypse,” we are hosting live conversations on 10/26, 11/2, and 11/9 to foster learning, co-operation, and praxis.

Here, we will not be focusing on the essays, nor even really talking about much as about power's multidimensionality.

This event is being produced by our start-up, So come support us and bring your most brilliant selves and...LET’S TRANSMUTE!

Caroline Savery (@care_save here on has written a major series of essays on consciousness and collective action titled *Transmuting the Trumpocalypse: Reclaiming Power in a Memetic Warzone*, which we’ve just published on

We'd love to have sensitive, critical, and co-operative readers —who could also add some thoughtful commentary in our forum.

Please check out the page and if you feel so moved, join the conversation...and toot widely!

More good on

"If nationalization of industry was based on actual popular control of industry [not state bureaucratic control] - worker and community control, with the groups federated together, that would be a very different story. It would be extending the democratic system to economic power, and unless that happens, political power is always going to remain a very limited phenomenon."

What is the connection between systemic violence and our agricultural & food systems?

For anyone in the / area who cares about healthy food, farmers markets, and , there is a great looking event coming up Oct 16-17.

Here is something of a prologue:

"Roots of violence, Seeds of Peace"



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