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If the holdout is - say - a beloved elder whom you haven't seen in a year due to lockdown, then the temptation to keep Whatsapp installed is hard to resist.

What if there was a way to lower those collective action costs?

It turns out there is. Watomatic is a free/open source "autoresponder" utility for Whatsapp and Facebook that automatically replies to messages with instructions for reaching you on a rival service.



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**Amazon had keys to USPS mailbox used for union ballots: Report**

"The mailbox has emerged as a key piece of evidence in the union's bid to overturn election results."


#news #bot

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Surprised by how little attention has been paid to the fact that EU carbon price is breaking record highs - after the 2008 crisis it was reduced to basically zero, after the Covid crisis, it has reached 55 euros per tonne.

To put into perspective how big this is - the target was to reach 23 euros by 2030.

This is massively good news!


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An essay on the moral imperative

To pirate scientific journal articles

If you're a researcher who needs to read through literally hundreds of articles a day

And downloading them through legit sources takes ten times as long (if you can even get them)

Which is absolutely a waste of your time, your funding agency's money, and an impediment to the progress of science

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"What’s remarkable about these figures is that they are less than world average GDP per capita ($11,300). In other words, in theory we could achieve all of these social goals, for every person in the world, without any additional GDP growth at all, simply by investing in public goods, and distributing income and opportunity more fairly."

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When I took a photo of the old man's cat sleeping on this chair at the beach, I told him that I really like cats. His eyes brightened when he replied: “So do I!”

#Qualitätskatzen #Cats #ねこ #Neko #CatsOfMastodon #Mastocats #Greece #Gavdos
(photo: @kernpanik | license: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

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FB link 

REI employees are calling for a "withhold" vote in the current board election. An easy way to signal support for putting cooperation back in the cooperative. (Let's not go the way of MEC!)


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Headline: Flutter 2: Google's toolkit for developers takes a big step forward

Me: Yeah, okay.

Buried in the article: Canonical will make Flutter the default choice for future desktop and mobile apps it creates.

Me: Wait... what?!


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Re: Your Privacy 

We care about your privacy.

Your privacy is delicious to us.

Your privacy is juicy-sweet and crunchy and wine-dark red and breathes a rich, savage musk-like scent, heavy on iron and with notes of truffle and mushroom and old, buried bones in the forest floor.

Your privacy dribbles gently down our lips as we chew, and after long, fragrant, eternities, swallow. Gulping, wolfing it down.

We would do ANYTHING to keep you handing us your precious, precious privacy.

Please click.

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Sci-Hub: Elsevier and Springer Nature Obtain UK ISP Blocking Order — TorrentFreak

Major UK ISP TalkTalk is reporting that in response to an order from a court in the UK, it is now required to block subscriber access to Sci-Hub. The injunction is reportedly the result of an application by academic publishers Elsevier and Springer Nature, who have teamed up in other regions to block access to 'The Pirate Bay of Science'.


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For academics answering questions after a seminar they give (or asking questions at a seminar they're attending), this article might be useful to keep in mind.


You are soliciting feedback when presenting. Not all feedback is equal, and you are free to ignore certain comments or questions because they're not applicable, or low priority.

There will be certain comments or questions that are critical to handle. Focus on those

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Doing a little reading about grading. This has been around a while, but is open access.



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>How to bring a language to the future


"Last year, scientists changed the official guidelines for naming genes because Microsoft Excel kept misreading them as dates. In other words, scientific tradition buckled before computer formatting. The same thing, Ahmed warned, could happen culturally.”

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reporter: of course there is always the possibly that the former president could face criminal charges

me: he will not

reporter: sources close to him have stated this is something he is worried about

me: he has nothing to worry about. he's never been held to account for anything and he's not going to be

reporter: now that he is a private citizen there is nothing protecting him

me: nothing but money and power and fame and more layers of privilege that an onion

reporter: so we will see what happens now

me: what will happen is nothing

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There seem to be people who haven't seen the light of the donut and go it alone, some as angry as the capitalists who don't even need to see it. So much for empathy.

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A sign that you've become a co-op movement old had is that, at least once a year, you find yourself gently talking an idealistic upper-middle class 20-something out of the idea that a collective land project is a good use of their time and resources...


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