Good morning to you beautiful people. 😊😎🌻🌞Here’s some socialist utopia for you:

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Our cat Mobi loves a good shoebox - or any box, really. :)

Cowen: “infrastructure as a lens rather than an object.” What would that look like for cooperatives? Infrastructure of human needs - what capital cannot satisfy?

Listening to Deborah Cowen’s brilliant talk on the imperial histories of the Canadian Pacific Railroad, links between settler colonialism, capitalism, labor exploitation - and infrastructure. Teaches us how necessary cooperative counter-infrastructures are as part of struggle - social reproduction, distribution, production.

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It helps you coping with melancholic feelings while riding a train.

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Do you have an affinity with activism, grass roots organising or campaigning on agriculture & food issues? Are you concerned about climate change? Under 30? ASEED are looking for people to join them in Amsterdam for a year

Start in September 2019 & help develop the "Fossil Free Agriculture" campaign
Inspired by the "Free the Soil" initiative, this campaign aims to challenge the industrial food system by focusing on its fossil fuel dependence & climate change impacts

@mattcropp Thanks for that VT insight. What do you think about the Gravel strategy? Was Diamondstone successful at pulling to the left?

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The most frustrating thing about Uber etc is that people think they're cheap because they're somehow innovative.

They're not. Uber and similars are just using an age old scam where investors' money is used to dump cheap goods on the market to kill competition. There's nothing new going on here. The apps are just window dressing for a scheme that should be illegal.

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"Lyft cannot afford to pay its drivers a living wage, or it would “absorb enormous losses.”

This is a remarkable argument for a company to make about its own business model in a court filing. Essentially, it is describing the exact logic people have been using to warn that the other shoe will eventually drop on ride-hailing apps: it’s not a good business."

#gigEconomy #gigEconomyMustDie

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Any tips on spaces, housing collectives, coffee shops, etc. in Los Angeles? Looking for lists, suggestions, laments. 🙂👋🏻

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The famous quote from Homage to Catalonia about "when I see a worker in conflict with his natural enemy - the policeman - I do not have to ask myself which side I am on" reminds me of Lisa McKenzie's comments about how for most of its history the working class has been written about exclusively from a bourgeois standpoint.
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