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Everytime I get a six-pack with the translucent plastic collars I think about how we've been supposed to be exercising our individual powers for good for the last 30 years and cutting through the loops to save the birds and or voting with our consumer feet and yet here we meet again. Would it have killed our market economy to have just outlawed the things 30 years ago?

South Carolina coastal marsh after the thunderstorms pass.

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Can any folks recommend some basic reading on the financing of cooperatives (or businesses in general)? I'm not as up on finance terms / concepts as I'd like

This book on clarified so much for me. That democracy's flaw is majority rule whether in a small club or nationally. That it produces parties, factions, and authoritarian policies from each winning side. That argued resolution of objections towards unanimous consent empowers individuals in groups to respect and accept the full individuality of each other. No real idea how it scales, but it is nested and attested at the size of small-medium companies.

Half-way through Clark's , a thoroughly dense academic survey of a cogsci approach that's largely new to me (predictive processing model, or "hierarchical generative models with variable precision-weighted prediction error coding") it's remarkable, in a fairly unified low-level explanation of cognitive function, neural structure, ai models, and imaging studies. That vague idea you have that our brains model the world and try to guess what's next? Makes sense of it.

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We've got spring blooms on the trees and in the lawn, a speckled yellow blue white carpet until I mow. Which will bring immediate perpetual summer. Go on ahead lawn, be lumpy and unkempt and gorgeous for a while more.

"Korean grandpa artist taking over Instagram"

A world where Facebook's rough night out ending in an embarrassing three-peat loss in an arm-wrestling contest lead to the unexpected forfeiture of its subsidiary and the dawning of a new era of doodling doting leadership. A folly and whimsy, rather than your grandparent's discovery of brand celebrity.

Reading a participant-history of early as they self-organize town associations and co-ops and adjust to counter-NewDeal changes and business-friendly outside press in first years. Health care, transportation, recreation, "one week set aside for no citizen meetings". It's fascinating, like without the 60s influence and enthusiastically run by accountants.

Rebuilding part of the front porch this weekend, between naps and playtimes. Feels great to have free time and a hands-on project, like coming up for air.

Not really trying to match the old full-two-by and granite gray look that's rotted at the margins with the new pressure treated mass produced boards, but create a neat boundary and transition. And somewhere less treacherous for enjoying the spring as a family.

Sourdoughs fresh out of the oven - white, whole wheat, rye, and country seedy. Doughs in the fridge for the morning bakes of croissants, caramel pecan buns, and baguettes. I love baking at home for the morning local market.

Rewatched tonight for the first time since the powerful theatre showing over a decade ago. I don't know that I need to see the recent update - this still makes such a strong case for the severity of impact and human causes, and little is out of date, only perhaps understated given the new trajectories of inaction. U.S. and Al Gore centered, ok.

"Future generations may well have occasion to ask, what were our parents thinking? Why didn't they wake up when they had a chance?"

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Modern software running on mainstream computing systems is insecure as fuck, wastes energy and resources, and works against the personal, social, and economic interests of most people.

It's about time we start to abandon these systems and their shackles, not just social media alone.

Eventually web browsers and mainstream PCs and mobile devices need to be seriously rethought as well.

Just watched "Look & See: A Portrait of Wendell Berry" a very appropriately contemplative restatement of critique of industrial agriculture vs the community positives of rural culture. Opening segment is gy!be and a dark berry-read poem over koyaanisqatsi esque footage, and I would have been fine if the whole movie was that, but it's moving as a standard interview-and-clips docu too.

At 3am the moon here seemed to pour in all our windows. Perfect light for walking through the house, nighttime but nearly not, ghostly but too bright outside for lurking mysteries.

Very proud to be friends with the folks who put together this hour-long local public radio book interview on on the ways that cheap labor policies of globalization came home to America in the tragic deaths of small town workers at an industrial chicken processor in NC in 1991 and today

Surveying documentaries, looking for a good history of movements as well as strong discussion of climate change and global response.

Current front runner is the outstanding 2012 doc ★★★★★

In 5 acts with central case studies in context covering Conservation (Sierra Club), Pollution (Love Canal), Alternatives (Greenpeace), Global (Chico Mendez), and Climate Change (UNFCCC) really excellent, diverse, key interviews and star narration.

Reading Nanni Balestrini's . Halfway through feels there's a subtle shift (after the unsubtle violence) to blurring the story's anarchy-vs-prison split with the factory and legal system experiences echoing the multiple modes of prison living.

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Drawing of a game I play with myself when bored, it’s called ‘evolution’ you draw a very simplistic ancestor animal, then draw an arrow and create an ‘evolved’ form with slightly different features to the original until you get many diffrent species (rather like irl evolution) :3