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Lots of wildlife crossing today via 200km of gravel farm roads. The eagles and prairie dogs abundant in matched proportions.

I've been majority offline and will continue to be for a while longer, as seen from the horizon of frantic day by day life. But I feel it's worth noting the dedication to contemplative sand raking this campground host in cell-signal-free northern california demonstrates.

Entertaining perspectives on historical baggage / leverage / privilege of vs go.

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@edsu Much of Buddhism is a speculation that instead of "time," there is just motion.

I am beyond thrilled to spend a lot of my listening time for the rest of the year soaking in interviews newly available online

This podcast gives a nice introduction to the breadth of history, people, and topics the archive covers it's nice to be passing through Chicago and hear WFMT promoting it on-air too.

Started out on our summer road trip, is such a good mental shift in pattern and focus, to just reflect and watch the sun fade into night.

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Hey everyone, Moodle is looking for a Technical Architect to assist me on the MoodleNet project I'm leading.

I'd like to encourage applications from far and wide, so please consider applying.

Note that need to be within five hours of UK time - or be willing to shift your hours to accommodate.

Please boost, so that awesome, suitably-qualified people on Mastodon and the wider Fediverse see this opportunity!

Just wrapped up an incredibly socially inspiring local weekend of friends visiting. It meant missing the discussion, but reinforced some of the same ambition here. Night!

Recently sought a car loan, forgetting to unfreeze my credit report with Equifax. Back when their huge data breach came out last year I froze it, but then got lazy and didn't freeze the others.

Working with the dealer and three banks, every single one relied on Equifax exclusively to reject my application. I really thought the breach would have created more reputational harm for them with their actual customers, apparently not.

At the bookshop yesterday a woman came in and her backpack set off an alarm at the door.

"Except we don't have a shoplifting alarm." says the staffer.

"Oh. Right. That's the carbon monoxide detector IN my bag."

"Quite an interesting mobile social service you provide wherever you go. Thanks?"

What's the right way to think about the relationship between and RSS? Could a blog be an actor that publishes its posts as its public outbox? Could a blog publicly republish posts sent to its inbox?

I'm really appreciating the multiple frontends for / , curious how separable the stream social UI can be from presentations. If I have a tech blog and a photo stream, how to allow folks to subscribe to each, how to use the social UI to publish to them.

Started Benedict Anderson's which promises to be a great look at 1890s era globalization and the anarchist response, focused on the anti-colonial perspective of Cuban/PuertoRican/Phillipine actors pushing back on European state apparatus. With parallels to today.

Somedays are just full of nicely and neatly responding to irate people mistaken about what it is they are trying to do and what power they think they have over the situation. I admit that my people skills usually only empower this niceness in email and mute-able conference calls, thankfully I work from home to extend my superpowers through Thursday each week.

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We're in a one-side battle with a bunch of adversarial algorithms. Opting out is fine, but we also need to build tools that respond constructively.

Alright, ending the weekend by the next book, a solid looking set of essays and histories of cooperative efforts in Jackson Mississippi.

I anticipate a contemporary inside look at a successful local set of community-helping-itself collaboration projects, mixed with depressing realism about the challenges of doing this in the US South for a black population historically and currently at great (economic/power) disadvantage.

Everytime I get a six-pack with the translucent plastic collars I think about how we've been supposed to be exercising our individual powers for good for the last 30 years and cutting through the loops to save the birds and or voting with our consumer feet and yet here we meet again. Would it have killed our market economy to have just outlawed the things 30 years ago?

South Carolina coastal marsh after the thunderstorms pass.

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Can any folks recommend some basic reading on the financing of cooperatives (or businesses in general)? I'm not as up on finance terms / concepts as I'd like

This book on clarified so much for me. That democracy's flaw is majority rule whether in a small club or nationally. That it produces parties, factions, and authoritarian policies from each winning side. That argued resolution of objections towards unanimous consent empowers individuals in groups to respect and accept the full individuality of each other. No real idea how it scales, but it is nested and attested at the size of small-medium companies.