Wild hogs are back in the swamp, hanging out in sight of the back porch midday. Those cute piglets are quickly becoming normal sized. Git!

Sea Rim State Park (Texas) sunset from our camping trip last summer. Directly in Hurricane Laura's path tonight, thanks for the memories.

Backyard wrens and mutually tawny deer
Followed by fadingly spotted fawns
Flit at the woods dappled lip
To a backbeat of carpenter bees
Nibbling in the porch beams

To accept change as inevitable, and believe it is possible.

"Sal Si Puedes: Cesar Chavez and the New American Revolution" by Peter Matthiessen. Good journalistic labor history, spending time with Chavez in the midst of 1968 grape strikes and boycotts, and situating the events and arguments from growers and strikers in a context of immigration, exploitation, racism, pesticides, and poverty. Desperation and nonviolence at the fore.

I'll keep using Firefox until well past when I should. Been a good run and fraction of my life.

bug photography 

An endearingly clumsy experiment report on building a geodesic dome greenhouse. I want to give them a hug and a high five for their perseverance:

So many hummingbirds out in the garden this morning.

US Politics, downer 

Actually, the creeping creepy overlap between The City We Became and Lovecraft Country is much more timely and germane. A good pair, staring directly into the racist ideas of the namesake horror and twisting it to shine on itself - one for the past, one for right now.

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Just finished reading The Glass Hotel and currently reading The City We Became. Both have very central oddities that are very spoilerific, uncomfortable for me as I like to kibbitz stories with my partner but she also has a very low tolerance for even thematic spoils, and neither is likely to get a strong enough recommend from me for her to read them to discuss (though both were on her list to start)

BLM, reparations, wealth, us 

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BLM, reparations, wealth, us 

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BLM, reparations, wealth, us 

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