Don't remember the last time I heard coyotes howling here, but tonight they're somewhere across the river.

Curious about this holiday gift book, and how my MiL found it. Self-published sci-fi, 3 reviews on Amazon and 1 on GR, the author has basically no web presence (a former trucker and maintenance guy). We shall see, how curious!

Reading back through notes, a good one on the perspective shift from "self-authoring" to "self-transforming": from a theory of change based on a strong sense of self to one open to no-self.

[From a biz psych book that was good but basically 200 pages of that point, "Immunity To Change". Adaptation comes from changing what you identify with, and that can be easier or harder by this meta stance.]

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I am "Forgotten Work" by Jason Guriel, an absurd speculative dystopia novel about a cult-following of a forgotten band written entirely in rhyming couplet verse. It's bringing me a lot of joy, as it seems absurdly tuned to my tastes.

Ok, maybe I'm starting 2021 by finally getting back to learning Overtone/SuperCollider, gonna make some sounds!

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@calcifer I'm also finishing up reading Wilkerson's "Caste" which is a similar matter of naming a contributing system often conflated with a related one: Kendi's "Stamped from the Beginning" describes racist ideas as a product arising from discrimination serving power; "Caste" directly describes the mechanisms of that system of discrimination in maintaining elite power. It's not obvious that the caste system could stand without racism, but ignoring caste blocks attempts to solely address racism.

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A generalization of settler thinking offered in hope that future grievance may be avoided 

@emsenn @theruran
I think the problem of the settler mindset is that violence simplifies interactions. We grew up with parents, police, teachers, employers, etc. deploying various forms of violence in order to commodify interactions. Treating other people as individuals with complex motivations may be learned, but it isn't taught except in compartmentalized ways. It should be a consistent goal in our relationships to promote that richness, but with the education we have, it is a last resort. It's a matter of constant vigilance to learn from and about others, to be honest about ourselves, and to avoid reducing those around us to survival instincts out of the habit of living with (and seeking) supremacy rather than equality

Any fluff piece or movement that speaks of rising up or overcoming anything other than immediate violence is likely about achieving at least small s supremacy rather than coming to terms with complexity and accepting problems on a human scale that's respectful of people who can't tap privilege to do the thing that makes it simple. If such an article was any less connected to reality, it might as well be titled "let them eat cake"

Decompressing from the edge of consumerist white american xmas here, pushing on how to live in the status quo with love but not accept and live with the status quo, and while this loving funky discordant meditative album is not about any of my shit, it's centering me on whispers of the existence of answers tonight.

Rainy day, twenty years since I tried this old favorite from Kasahara.

This new Avalanches album is just perfectly what I needed now. Somehow nestled right up with their 2000 debut, somehow adjacent to the Girl Talk album we deserved for 2020. More space.

I'm down with ditching Goodreads, and tried a couple times. But I've found the recommendations hard to evaluate (mostly unknown?) and honestly finding books to read isn't so much the problem GR addresses for me (I've got more than enough books). I enjoy the social feed on GR, but feel less constrained by network effect lock-in as not so many real-life friends active.

Is the social side on TSG worth investing time in, or is there a books-or-reading-only mastodon instance out here?

Making morning, in the kitchen edition. Glögg macerating, hot cocoa mix blended, chex mix toasted, veggie chili spices and peppers and beans measured. Fingers still tingling from chopping two pints of habañero to brine ferment. Bread dough proofing, ramen stock reducing. Open borders, frontier friends!

nextcloud admin blah blah 

Nextcloud, installed as pi vm. How much will I push myself to de-Google by the new year? Probably will need to convince myself of backup/snapshot process some more. User files are mapped to a NAS drive at least. Probably this is to play with before re-building to admit to directly managing the db at least too. Can I live without the Collabora replacement for docs/sheets? Probably a PinePhone would push me to move away faster. :)

Winter is here, our Flickers are back swooping between the trees today.

Just wrapped up a round of my 3 year old's Dadaist interpretation of the board game Monopoly:

O or O or O

Roll the die until it lands in the middle of one of the three Os in the name printed at the center of the board. You win.

web sysadmin bs 

I mean, to be fair I should have started with docker, being closer to my own dev comfort zone, and it looks like masto has more effort put there than nextcloud, I just thought maybe I could do less. Not sure why.

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web sysadmin bs 

Currently not enjoying trying to install a local nextcloud instance. Lots of moving parts; don't particularly desire to go back to its preferred raw deconstructed LAMP world; snap seems very fragile to network interruptions or something dull so far; the list of reasons nextcloud is not a Debian package is basically my list of hesitations. Do I try docker next? This is going to be the same reasons, mutatis ruby for php, that I don't want to admin my own mastodon, eh?

"The deadliest public enemy of freedom and truth is the majority!" - Henrik Ibsen, "Enemy of the People"

[It's a great line, but also transparently elitist in context.]

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