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Just scrolled through on the birdsite. Every ad I got was for AMZN.

This could still be the last year billionaires got to go to space.

Just put it on my todo list, "start an anarchist bookshop and coffee house that's definitely not in our prim downtown." What about you?

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Our town could use a grittier anarchist coffee shop than it's got, how about yours?

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But look at that failure of imagination - I challenge you, and me, to try to picture a world where advertising to five year olds just does not happen, because we couldn't possibly. Oh how much would have to be fundamentally different. (Maybe on the scale of ecosystems or bug colonies having constitutional rights? Idk. Certainly un-American.)

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marketing, policy, parenting 

I have a pretty firm view that advertising to kids should be illegal - or at least, is evil - but also have no expectation that will change. So it goes, gonna raise a weirdly un-American kid on that stance alone, just like my parents quixotically did for me.

What if I got really into model train diorama building, but it was also a hex grid terrain suitable for Ogre etc campaigns? I'm not fluent in either world, but the combination appeals to my 14yo echo.

Reminded of a very surreal 3 hour car ride in Brasil being introduced to Os Paralamas Do Sucesso on cassette upon meeting my friend's mom's boyfriend - friend and mom rode in another car, so between us we had 25 overlapping words of English and Portuguese and 25 minutes of meeting before diving into this nostalgic musical trip. No great meaning found, just good natured making the best we can.

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@sixohsix i'm starting to think that the heathcliff artist is one of the great artists of the neo-dada movement tbh

Fred dropping by overnight
Tree frogs on the windows
the stormy dawn gray.
Scrrrr-ack. Scrrrr-eak.

Do you ever think how much easier and thoughtful your life would be if you'd kept a file folder dossier and incident tracking spreadsheet for each friend you made along the way?

Seems its time to begin the every other day check of - we know fall has arrived when it's no longer potentially interesting.

Opinions on the lightest/least blogging choice to install on , any step up from jekyll-ites?

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"Yet, take away the badges worn by the dozen officers who clubbed us, and the backing of the justice system well versed in controlling Black bodies, and we have all the elements of a hate crime."

-- "Letters to My White Male Friends"

This book gets stronger as it pushes up against today, but it's mostly about systems in our heads, not cops.

After 3.5 years I have cracked another phone screen. The cost to have someone else repair it is a , the cost of doing it myself is no doubt greener than a new phone, but involves purchasing a number of effectively single-use tools. Bleh. For now, keep using it til I get a cut.

I'm on vacation, we've finally made it far enough north to escape the heat doomdome, I'm conflicted about everything but waterfalls, much of that conflict feels like hyperactive excitement and enthusiasm.

You inspire me, friends.

Re-reading my notes on "The Great Derangement" by Amitav Ghosh, it opens with discussion of fiction and probability, that the modern novel is fixated on "believability" and therefore modern mundane gradualism over the mythic. This has to work extra hard to conceal the exceptional unlikely moments that drive narrative, and that we need for meaning (and survival after global carbon consumption economy).

First ripe tomato of the year tonight, a yellow cherry, that unbeatable fresh in season flavor even in the little wedge cut to share with the family. It's going to be a good summer.

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