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Ok, starting to read Ostrom's here, having just finished Naomi Klein's rehash of the need for an intersectional alliance to paint a common vision for non-neoliberal sustainable institutions. Struck by Ostrom's "Common Pool Resources" applicability to so much of what we currently parcel out for individually maximized/optimized consumption.

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if you get enough smart programmers together all they do is make lisp, so you have to make sure theres some less-smart "control rod" programmers in the team

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@cstanhope @loppear it's not open hardware, but my favorite is the old pre-wifi Sony Reader. Very simple, automatic PDF conversion, built in stylus, apps for drawing and text notes. Most important: no store. A book is not a store. Works fine with Calibre.

Is there an hardware or open firmware e-ink ? I'd like fewer of my hours to be mediated by my phone, but only have a finite stack of paper books to read.

This Harpers article from June, on post-9/11 detentions of innocent muslims and the ongoing case against administration officials for violating their constitutional rights is gloriously lit. I love Harpers (and Reuters, where the author works.)

(Catching up on my dead tree reading.)

Love this n+1 article that uses a probably-not-great book on millenials to make some great points about cultural institutions.

"institutions built by the old are repopulated by the young, who adjust them for new circumstances … the integrity of social institutions over time—works … on the individual level: … distinct, agonizing life choices, … are living out those institutions predictably. [If not enough people do] society can’t look tomorrow like it does today."

Heard about this interesting journalism study in Science over the weekend ( via the podcast for an interview with one of the ressearchers )

One of the participating organizations posted up this key point (that the research also called out): the effect on discussion and opinion was surprisingly large even though the publications in the study have small subscriber bases

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The first time I used a Mac with OS X I was in a computer store and I managed to get the Terminal open and a weird sales guy came over and asked if I was a hacker. I said no. Then he said that smart people like me would someday enable outer space colonies on Mars and Venus. What a cool weirdo. #smallstories

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I tire of the character count discussion, and yet once again gave up posting a paraphrased pull quote on the birbsite to share an article because it was impossible to shorten that much 😙

Long challenging essay on acting in some useful measure as an acknowledged white privileged person towards the far-beyond-individual-means obligation that reparations to blacks, indigenous, and the climate-impacted-global-south represent.

Hits most of my caring buttons, from honesty about long deep scales to bottom-up organizing and personal inter-generational motivation to intentional community.

It's been a month and I'm still not sure what insight to draw from these bright blue gallon paint cans filled with giant sea scallops left on the sunny sidewalk.

Started work on an serverless classroom collaborative mapping story-telling tool, inspired by Clearleft's defunct

Professor wife needs something a little more focused and student presentation-oriented than google maps, perhaps it will end up being useful to others.

It's nice to have a clearly defined personal project with a deadline.

Mapbox, AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, S3.

More good on

"If nationalization of industry was based on actual popular control of industry [not state bureaucratic control] - worker and community control, with the groups federated together, that would be a very different story. It would be extending the democratic system to economic power, and unless that happens, political power is always going to remain a very limited phenomenon."

Understanding Power with , his media journalism critique (The Propaganda Model from Manufacturing Consent) that the structure of corporate news ensures debate only among elite-acceptable positions really emphasizes that listener and reader supported approaches to informing the public are the structural solution we need, limited resources or no.

A third of the way into The Hate You Give by Angie Thomas and it's perfectly done so far, plausibly complex scenario from headlines anywhere, teenage fears in the interlocking systems of school, home, family, cops that you can't beat. I can't yet imagine how I want it to end.

Enjoyed #Walkaway on many levels, but not an obvious recommend. (★★★★☆) Show more

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First functional use of the new 3d printer:

Wife dropped her phone. Want to move its SIM into an old junk phone until we can get it repaired. Need a nano-to-micro SIM adapter. So we... downloaded one from the Internet for free?

I mean it is kindof obvious that's what one does with a 3d printer but the first time doing it feels awfully like we've got star trek replicators now.