HaymarketBooks.org is doing one of those $1-or-so ebook sales through tonight. Too many good possibilities, I've nearly finished the ones I got a year ago in Verso's sale so let's see..

White on persimmon logs, orange on elm. Did they live in the trees before they were cut down? Before they started dying?

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Excited to start Belinda Barnet's "Memory Machines" history of pre-web hypertext.

I'm 6 books behind again on author gender parity for my this year, every Male author I read from here to NYE likely makes the goal impossible.

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Every trip to the grocery store I'm shocked by the overwhelming majority of breakfast cereals that are coated in a extra layers of sugar (and usually neon), as a parent who never had such things at home growing up. And yet I think we can cut ourselves off fossil fuels in my lifetime, what insanities we accept each day.

Made the faux pas of attempting to buy wine at the grocery store 20 minutes before the Sunday hour at which such purchases are permitted in this Bible Belt state.

Compounded my error by replying "Under His Eye" to the hourly checkout worker tasked with enforcing my morals today.

I'd forgotten about for a couple years. Passing thru WI reminded me how excellent it can be, like Radio Open Source, in uncovering a topic.

This week's episode on work - on the failure of most jobs to support a balanced life (w A. Quart), on BS jobs (w D. Graeber), on the work ethic as historical anomaly (w J. Livingston), on worker cooperatives (w N. Okuk), all woven together with Studs Terkel clips, ticks so many boxes for me.



Maybe after these it'll be a good time to read Gilbert's Planning Democracy on agrarian localizing in the US about the same period.

To Remember Spain by , to be followed by Spain In Our Hearts by Hochschild, always with Homage to Catalonia echoing in the background.

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these days: Discovery of the World by Luciana Castellina, a memoir of an Italian teenager at the end of WWII emerging into the communist / anti-fascist world. The Friendly Orange Glow by Brian Dear, a history of the midwest (UIUC) early computer culture around PLATO as an educational platform. Southern Horrors and others by Ida B Wells, anti-lynching polemics from 1890s echoed in today's MBL.

Maybe there are / will be aggregated account readers, so that I can have accounts on multiple community instances I have affinity to or for specialized publishing interfaces, but oauth those follow timelines into one viewer and be able to engage in discussion as any of the personalities. Also leaves off the server administration of self-hosting to a more manageable level. Not sure I like the implied proliferation of accounts, though.

I admit, I'm still trying to wrap my head around practices for federated social media. Self-hosting still seems desirable for control of your name, but these stacks are still complicated, so something like masto.host seems 👍 And local timelines / community is important - the recent thread about being able to view other/multiple instances local timelines in the client seems 👍

Add in pixelfed, where alternate interfaces / accounts seem to make sense despite federating on the reader side... oof.

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this NASEM committee report on , interesting to see a) the extent to which e.g. mosquito species eradication by sexual reproduction appears doable today b) whether eradication or altering susceptibility/resistance, very genome and reproduction specific c) some impressive initial studies summarized on turning drives on and off.

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