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Is jitsi the OSS video conference answer, esp if I want mobile clients? Do I need/want to run my own something server if i don't want to have qualms about asking my friends to use [zoom, skype, etc] but want to regularly hold 10 person private chats?

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Planting a shit ton of plants during this quarantine. Just fuckin. Planting

The swamp is the river for the week. Longer than we've enjoyed this incursion before as they hold open the dam a few miles upstream. Sit and watch the river roll by from our porch, rather than a half mile hike. Figure the river is 3+ miles wide when this happens.

Democracy May Not Exist But We'll Miss It When It's Gone, Astra Taylor. Just getting started on this one, musings on democracy's tensions (esp with elite?) and what it would mean in more parts of life (work, community, justice). We'll see how much she wants to discuss but non-hierarchical self-rule seems centered, and the ideal of democracy as a process of refining/demanding not a static thing.

The Romance of American Communism, by V Gornick. 70s interview vignettes of former CPUSA members presenting a broad varied view of how they came to CP (family, community, union, politics or workers struggle), what passion or focus held them in through contradiction and constant organizing, and how they reacted and recovered from dissolution of this sense of total purpose (some remain activists or organizers, most pursued some other American life, some angry still some nostalgic).

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Kenya plastic bag ban: Three fruit sellers arrested in Nairobi

Did you know this? Several African countries are ahead of the curve. I only knew about Kenya before.


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Hi friends, the small (15 ppl) startup I work at is hiring a JS developer and will be hiring for other eng positions soon. I feel lucky to be working here. Ping me if u have questions!

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a few snippets from our open-source handbook:

Cold enough again this week for regular fires, conveniently I have a short stack of wood from 3 years ago that needs to be burned this season, and newly downed trees to share between the bugs and the earth and new stacks of split wood.

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When the river floods
Our swamp rises
Morning fog meets
A subtle current

Waste by Kate O'Neill: 20% of all landfill trash is food waste / only 3% of food waste from farm to plate is composted [what a tragically simple climate crime]

Actual USA Today headline:

"This simple trick stops Google, Amazon, Facebook from listening to you all the time"

Actual trick in article: turn off the surveillance devices/microphones when not using them...

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Just finished How To Do Nothing - now I’m fired up to either cry or plant trees but I can’t really do either today. I did see a pair of pileated woodpeckers in my neighbors’ yard, just as the book ended on her sighting of the brown pelicans; a sweet little coincidence that encapsulates just how exactly right this book was for me in content and timing. If you like this account you should really check it out.

"We can try to wipe the glass clean, but we are still looking through the window of our experience." - Kate O'Neill

Jenny Odell's call to reclaim attention from advertising social networks to retain more will and more connection->sensitivity->attentiveness to place and region. Discusses briefly towards the end as well as , I quite like the idea of a home-based pub/instance for when folks visit, in our case almost a Guestbook (and echoes early bbs and web guestbooks). It is a beautiful book of non-traditonal art criticism and contextualism as well.

"I concluded from my reading of classical economics that the creation of poverty is as fully intentional as the creation of wealth"

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Reading Woolf's and thinking about why poverty and inferiority are useful to the powerful. Thinking back to Kendi's and how the U.S. is a racist nation, no diversion required from our historic role to subjugate. Thinking about our southern border. Reading Vollmann's essay on that, ends by quoting , "There are many who do not know they are fascists but will find it out when the time comes."

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