People of Hackers.Town, are you going to in-person DEFCON this year? [Yes] [No] [Maybe]

I'm worried about the Delta variant despite the measures taken by the conference. Vegas is known for high-risk behavior and there are reports of vaccinated people coming down with Covid.


@daviss A travesty. The community needs to reclaim.

I had a chance to hear Jeanelle Austin and Robin Worlobah speak about how the community managed the intersection. It was inspiring.

cc: @robin4mpls @jeanelleaustin


The City of Minneapolis, in coordination with Agape security, dismantled the barricades and reopened George Floyd Square to traffic this morning.


Great opportunity to hear Nathan Schneider talk about the intersection of cooperatives and technology at the Decentralized Web Meetup this Wednesday.

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It really feels like we're waking from the liminal dream state now. So much latent energy, ready to rush forth, ready for new possibilities.

Flames! Lights! Action! Well worth the drive to the Sacramento Spark Drive Thru. Loads of Burning Man art, music and spectacle! Read all about it at

Until next time Phoenix! Thanks to Juan and Ryan at Dark Hall Coffee and the fine folks at The Coronado for welcoming me. I'll be back! @darkhallcoffee @thecoronadophx

Remember when @amazon Delivered Dance and DJ

This email from 9-9-99 by @mikemcgonigal is nothing like what you'd see today. I remember @ezrakilty mentioning that he worked with @djkevincole in those early days!

Don't let the relief of a guilty verdict stop the march towards systemic change.

Another trip around the Sun. A year of transition and adventure. A year of beauty and joy within our pandemic struggle.

Outside of a Dog, a Projector is Man’s Best Friend. Inside of a Dog, It’s Too Dark to See

Star light, star bright... a photo taken in 2015 that still inspires hopes and wishes.

Gus says: you know of course that you are sacred, right?

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