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On birdsite people looking for a certain neoliberal mistakenly @ me. Looking for a good way to respond... Any Die Linke folks here who want to help with some good snark?

Everything in our world will soon be technology-mediated. @anildash offers some wisdom on how we can make these changes in a net-positive way. Recommended.

It was a blistering July day in Las Vegas, with temps hitting 109. Inside the SIGGRAPH 91 convention hall Yello's Rubberbandman looped on the speakers. On each chair: a red/green paddle.

I was a student volunteer, stamping the finest hands in Computer Graphics. Those hands (and my own) each controlled those paddles. Then 5000 people looked up and saw a Pong Game appear on the screen.

And then.. the machine started playing us.

Surprised no one has mentioned the RChain / Resonate announcement yet. Two coops cooperating. Really interested in seeing what results.

Heard a CashCall radio ad to refinance and “buy the bitcoin dip”. Shades of 1999 when our WaMu loan officer told us invest our down payment...

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@lindner I want that too. Key is making the model compatible with investment, and making a co-op structure that allows for the very fast material decisions that startups need. But all of that is possible! Co-operative structures can have very productive, fast management hierarchies while remaining accountable to their members and there are many positive business use cases.

Someone posted the 2016 talk by @aparrish a few days ago here. I found it to be one of the better ways of illustrating concepts.

Software is really just Variety Attenuation (The Law of and Requisite Variety). And the complexity of your model has to reflect the system under control. (Good Regulator Theorem)

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Imagine a github for

brainstorm features....

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Since I'm on a roll with unpopular opinions these days...

When it comes to privacy and safety, people in your community, friends, family, mates - those are the ones who are interested in violating your privacy.

Victims usually know their rapists and murderers.

Friends-admining-for-friends-and-family is the WORST model there is for user privacy and safety. Hands down. The worst.

If safety is a goal, people should either run software themselves or be a needle in a well run megacorp haystack.

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RT @phildini - Hey anyone running a small Mastodon instance want to form a collective to share on-call, resources, tips for keeping these things running, etc?

cc @vmatekole @mattcropp @eloquence

brb checking my memcached commits on github.

I also think there's a future for a Branding Agency specializing in vulnerability names. We're no longer content with CVEs any more.

Aggregation Theory (2015)

If there's one article you must understand about today's technology industry it's this one.

I think that the movement needs to consider aggregating workers and suppliers across the spectrum, beyond the niche. Interested to hear others thoughts.

Keep getting "504 Gateway Time-out" errors on

Anyone else? Guess I'll have to find new friends :)

Greetings folks. Glad to be here!

I'm here because I want to help promote Platform Coops. This is the future I always envisioned back when I was on the Gopher team in the early nineties.

Currently supporting Resonate music coop effort, Riot/Matrix, Known, Mastodon, and OpenCollective.

Interests include Digital Preservation (developer on Perkeep) and decentralized protocols.

Day job is at Google, but I'm not your typical Googler.

More at