A challenge to the data hoarders out there. Find the contents of the amazing music archive that one lived at archive.uwp.edu (FTP or Gopher) and was mirrored to mirrors.aol.com.

@textfiles - didn't see it in the boneyard. Ideas?


We've now entered the Cyberspace future predicted 30 years ago. Expecting a resurgence in Industrial Music..


St Patrick's Day Isolation mood...

🎵 Caffeine sugar and THC
Is all that the doctors are gonna find in me
When they do the autopsy
The micro-organism won't get me 🎵

Remember to support local artists like @boiledinlead@twitter.com


Post yur playlist plz.. There are only so many Neil Cicierega tracks out there... Save me before I start hitting the Nightcore...

True story: After too much time in the Fortress of Solitude Superman morphed into Bizarro.


Dug up some thoughts on movement strategy I wrote in the aftermath of the last financial crisis.


The gist: grow in a gradualist way in good economic times, and get aggressive during downturns...

@lindner @adam

Not only that, it's a perfectly viable platform for free speech as well. Gopher is simple, easy to set up, and pretty easy to mark up. And it doesn't use a lot of data.

If only gopher clients would come to the 21st century and grok MarkDown, that would be great. ;)

Looks like Adam Curry spoke about Internet Gopher on the Rogan Podcast, so I had to dig this out of the email archives from September '93
@noagenda@twitter.com @adamcurry@twitter.com @adam  : 1500wordmtu.com/2020/gopherser

Turbotax, you had one job.. Because of this bug surviving spouses have had to mail instead of e-file for years. I escalated with support. They said it would be fixed, but could not notify me when. Just keep trying...


@turbotax @freetaxusa

Catch it, bin it, kill it, and unionise to keep the world safe, comrade

By popular demand I started (manually) cross-posting to Instagram.


One of these days they'll have a proper API for individuals. Their current on is just super hostile...

At DNA Lounge - Hackers 25th Anniversary Movie.


Ugh, sorry about the bad quoting... is a hard life to live some times..

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The "Internet Gopher and Adversarial Interoperability" EFF Deeplink Blog post is now on Cory Doctorow's most excellent Podcast.


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The latest in my series of case histories of #AdversarialInteroperability and the role it played in keeping tech competitive is the history of Gopher, which I was able to write thanks to the generous assistance of Gopher's co-inventor @lindner@twitter.com.



Sad to hear about the death of Larry Tesler.

“Every application has an inherent amount of irreducible complexity. The only question is: Who will have to deal with it—the user, the application developer, or the platform developer?”



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