For those that want to review the post-9/11 tech downturn and not finding them on the Wayback machine here's where the FC Archives ended up.

Thanks for writing this Ben. Hopefully there will be a correction and not a bloodbath.

And let's remember that tech is not immune from seeing it's excesses burned off. Those with hubris should read the archives of Fucked Company to see what happened post dot-com crash, post 9/11. It's sobering reading.

What do you call a group of confused deputies? Asking for a friend.

Traveled to the dystopia cyberpunk future where I jacked in my Google Glass and was able to stay in the moment and in character. So many magical moments.

Want all the TikTok videos?

1. Go to profile. Scroll to bottom
2. Open web console.
3. Execute this Javascript, replacing USER
x=''; document.querySelectorAll("a[href^=https\\:\\/\\/www\\.tiktok\\.com\\/\\@USER").forEach( e=> {x = x+ e.getAttribute("href") + ' '}); copy(x)
4. Open a command shell
5. Enter yt-dlp on the command line and paste the URLs from step 3!

As someone that is using Known for all my POSSE/PESOS I'd love to see some modernization of Known especially if it can leverage useful parts of the ecosystem for best-in-class frontends.

Would love to see a clean extensible design and would support the effort! There's a small pot of money, so maybe it's been waiting for this moment?

That time the LinkedIn SF Office and the How Weird festival intersected...

If you want to do something about the situation in Texas, folks on the ground seem to be suggesting donating to @TEAFund

The Circus Bella preview show in West Oakland was a joyous fun time! Many chances to see them, check for future shows.

Eyes to the sky. Found the darkness, the shooting stars, and peace in the wee hours.

Recasting Algorithmic bias as security vulnerabilities with specific harms and a bug bounty is brilliant! Now I want a "Project Zero" team to go out and find these.

I reconnected with my purpose yesterday at George Floyd Square in Minneapolis. I paid my respects and formed bonds with the community so we can work towards common goals. So uplifting because collective action starts with individual connections.

People of Hackers.Town, are you going to in-person DEFCON this year? [Yes] [No] [Maybe]

I'm worried about the Delta variant despite the measures taken by the conference. Vegas is known for high-risk behavior and there are reports of vaccinated people coming down with Covid.


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