Enjoyed this Atlantic article by Kaitlyn Tiffany that teases apart from the movement. And great to see Mai Sutton, Compost and Danny O'Brien get some space!

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I'm back from dirt blading at @wastelandhq Thanks to @mullingitover for capturing this special moment!

This totally feels like a Web 1.0 playlist!

Mars FM was a short lived LA radio station I just learned about. Those beats.. they are biiig


Love this thoughtful article on roofshots vs moonshots:


The trick is to make incremental possible and easy, but also allowing for new forms of "fitness" that don't suffer from the "faster horses" or "no wireless, less space than a nomad, lame" response.

@lindner Then a quick run back to Los Angeles for what looks to be an amazing Event with @doctorow


I think this guarantees I'll be thoroughly ded by the time I make it to @wastelandhq :-D

@lindner Then it's off to Bar Sinister to meet up with Neotroplis/Wasteland folks! The next morning? Atwater Farmer's Market. Then off to San Diego for everyone's favorite night out Blue Monday instagram.com/bluemonday_sd

@lindner get out to see Mirrored Fatality's intense show at Queerspace tonight at the Zebulon!


My journey to @wastelandhq begins!

Transiting LA/San Diego and parts in between. HMU!

Here are some thoughts on Decentralized Web Camp 2022

It was a magical time, so many good connections. A fertile ground where seeds can grow.


This newfangled edition of the Trader Joe's Fearless Flyer is siiiick.

@JimGalasyn wow. Gonna start a label named "undefined" and take royalty credit for the bad data they're likely sending to the rights exchanges :-D

Playa bound in a month and a half! Feeling amazing sense of gratitude for finding an amazing group of people to create adventuresome quests. If you contribute to our fundraiser I will supply you with rare artifacts from this journey!


Expirable NFTs ,circa 2006.

I remember that dead roses were a popular, gothy choice :-D


R is for Rave!

How was I not aware of the Toytown Techno genre before?


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