Another company I will never again buy from. Sony Mobile - Don't be fooled by the "Open" in their website - there is nothing open about their bootloader. And they even refuse to return your property. Apparently following their documentation is "tampering" Ping @eff

Worthwhile listen: Farmerama Radio – Vandana Shiva on loans for farmers and other interesting topics

Interesting piece:
How is Airbnb really being used in and affecting the neighbourhoods of your city?

An independent set of tools and data allowing exploration as to how Airbnb is REALLY being used around the world.

Interesting: Hostile designs are designs against humanity. They are made specifically to exclude, harm or otherwise hinder the freedom of a human being. Quite often they aim to remove a certain section of a community from a public space.

seems another area much more advanced in Norway than down under.

There is quite a few things that other countries (specially Australia as prime US lap-dog) could learn from Norway. Not just the medal count at winter Olympics. Education and sovereign wealth management are two examples (probably not some of the environmental history). is a cooperatively-run corner of the Fediverse. The instance is democratically governed by its members, who generally share an interest in the co-op model, but topics of discussion range widely.

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