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v2.1 of #Mastodon will have a "moderator" role with less permissions than the "admin" role that's currently present. It will also start logging all moderator/admin actions in an audit log!

In so far as APIs are concerned, it will also have lists (sort people you are following into different columns), I am still working on the UI for editing those though.

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I've elaborated further on these thoughts here:

1. Regarding Wikis

2. Regarding tooling, integrated vision, and costs

cc: @mayel @iona @lehighcommunalist @Antanicus @mattcropp @ntnsndr @fabianhjr @samtoland @Gin @vmatekole

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@Antanicus @lehighcommunalist @iona

We can tie the tools we use together though. like @h has suggested, developing simple bridges/bots, for eg:

- New Loomio threads/proposals auto-posted to Mastodon (or displayed in a widget) with hashtag
- Wiki with links/contents of all working documents (CoC, etc)
- Wiki showing an archive of all proposals & their outcome
- Wiki with links/contents of all meeting agendas/notes
- New blog posts auto-posted to Mastodon with hashtag
- etc

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police brutality, fuck thanksgiving Show more

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@iona @lehighcommunalist

Actually, I set up mediawiki instance on a server just this week (with multi-container docker) for a project @Gin and I are working on, and I can easily set it up to serve 2 wikis (with separate databases) from the same infrastructure:

So unless anyone objects, I'll do that so we can very quickly have a wiki! If we confirm our use of mediawiki we can migrate it to the servers later (or otherwise export the data into another system)

Happy awkwardly avoid talking about politics day.

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@lehighcommunalist @iona

Completely agree! In fact I think a wiki (despite being one more service/destination) could help with that, as all members could easily add/edit pages, as a place to document everything...

In terms of platform, we could install Mediawiki on our servers if we want an easy-to-use and mature wiki system, or we could choose to be more experimental, with for e.g.

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@iona @lehighcommunalist

We could also co-create meeting agendas on the wiki, archive our meeting minutes on there, use it to draft the CoC and other proposals, document the infrastructure, co-write blog posts and tutorials, etc

@fabianhjr Would you mind addressing my concerns about your federation policy proposal so I can move my block. I'm assuming that you and are on on the same page ideologically, but I'm genuinely concerned about ambiguous language leading to unintended consequences.

I want to be able to remove my block if at all possible.

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It would be great to have a hashtag cloud. Maybe in the left column where I have lots of empty space?

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#Kintsugi Volume 3

If you've read our previous editions & would like to participate with an article in the upcoming volume, please get in touch.

We are @kintsugi on Mastodon, @kintsugim on twitter, @kintsugim on IG. Our blog is at

We cover nearly all themes. At our core lies acceptance, tolerance & inclusion. Power to the people is what we are interested in.

Both existing contributors and new contributors are welcome.


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"I get the sense that killing net neutrality—letting a small number of rich companies profit from things that should be fundamental rights while controlling what people think—is pretty much just bringing Telecom into line with most other aspects of late-stage capitalism." (re-post from someone on FB)

Exploring tor hidden services has been a fun hobby of mine for quite some time. Thankfully, I've never seen anything too crazy. Mostly people's personal ebook libraries, which I have found some super-interesting things on. Never really been too interested in darknet markets.

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I assume we knew this

Google collects Android users’ locations even when location services are disabled

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Some days I read the news and think we need some kind of movement against tech getting even more disastrously awful. Maybe we could call it "the Free Software movement" or something like that.
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Hi, I'm here to talk about . I live with type II bipolar disorder and I'm creating an online presence because I believe I can share a valuable perspective. I do a LOT of research trying to understand , I can read and understand peer reviewed science, and I can also talk to humans and present information fairly effectively. So, here I am!

Thanks to for the space you've generously offered me. I hope to use it well :)

So if anyone has any invites for private , I would like to beg at your feet and grovel.

A pipeline worker in Lancaster, PA was recently revived with naloxone due to a heroin overdose. Not sure if I want a heroin addict welding the seams of a gas pipeline...