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Member of just got cited for harassment for confronting pipeline workers who were illegally blocking access to a county park on a nice day. When confronted, the security guard told said member to shut her mouth or he would knock her out.

She was cited for harassment because she wanted kids to be able to play in the park on an unseasonably warm day.

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missed the poll for choosing the time for the book club voice chat, but it worked out and I can probably make it!

It's almost three in the morning and I'm hatewatching fox news clips. It's necessary research, I guess.

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Out in Lancaster in solidarity with the American Indian Movement. Pipeline construction is destroying historical sites and burial grounds. It must stop.

This that is allegedly in the works is going to be the most Freudian thing I might ever get to see. I kind of want to be there. I wonder if people are going to try to shut it down?

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I want Elon Musk to be at the centre of a big scandal because:

1) I mean fuck him
2) Elon-Gate

Hooray, my state is having its own Constitutional crisis. Penn. GOP is trying to fire five Supreme Court judges and the Dems aren't even calling for protests.

My local public radio station is playing an hour of radical folk music. ✊😀

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Our first book has been selected! Derek Wall: Elinor Ostrom's Rules for Radicals. Cooperative Alternatives beyond Markets and States (2017)

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US women would lose $4.6 billion in tips intended by customers for them, if the Department of #Labor's tip pooling (AKA tip stealing) rule is finalized

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The punk rock internet – how DIY ​​rebels ​are working to ​replace the tech giants

Today, in The Guardian:

“I got into the web because I liked the democracy of it,” says Kalbag, who has just published a book titled Accessibility for Everyone… “I want to be able to be in a society where I have control over my information, and other people do as well … I think we have to have technology that serves everybody – not just rich, straight, white guys.”

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[Do] I reject all authority? Far from me such a thought. In the matter of boots, I refer to the authority of the bootmaker; concerning houses, canals, or railroads, I consult that of the architect or the engineer. For such or such special knowledge I apply to such or such a savant. But I allow neither the bootmaker nor the architect nor savant to impose his authority upon me.

Mikhail Bakunin

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I'm a geoscientist and co-op nerd in Boulder, CO. I work on creating affordable housing cooperatives and supplying them with food through a local bulk food buying cooperative. My day job is shutting down coal plants with data using Python as part of a worker co-op.

Also I love bikes and dense, walkable cities.

I'm part of these orgs:

Trump really is going to be the perfect scapegoat. Liberals will crawl into the arms of a serious, well spoken American fascist after this nightmare just for a little "normalcy."