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@Gargron I noticed that your article on /r/technology was deleted for being a duplicate. But, I was unable to find any evidence that it was a repost.

Have you communicated with the moderators?

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I want to go back to 2016 and buy a whole bunch of DDR4 sticks.

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First toot(!) here - very excited to be part of the and to be organising in about and all things and I already see a few familiar faces :)

shit I think I have feelings for someone. that must explain why I've gone brain dead.

Solus' ufw package installs /etc/ufw as world readable (0644). This causes ufw to have a shit-fit when you run `ufw reset`. Made a bug report.

"Obviously it was done intentionally." - lead security dev

Ok, I get the argument against security by obscurity. But obscurity and strong permissions never hurt, and THE PROGRAM COMPLAINS.

Should I be as annoyed as I am about this? I don't use ufw, but most Solus users do.

Perfectly normal police response to anti-racist protesters yesterday in , GA.

Feeling worn out and discouraged right now. Feel like I'm catching up to where I should be, but never getting there. I get's that's life.

The other day I gloated over "owning" iptables. I should have known not to gloat.

Not used to running on headless server, I decided to take a break from my client-side project and fool around with my headless server.

Made a typo in a script I wrote to install sshguard.

iptables -A sshguard -p tcp --dport 22 ACCEPT

Of course it had to be that one command.

I swear, I make every mistake in the world at least once, and hopefully only once.

This is why iptables-apply is a thing, folks.

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All news sites should have RSS feeds. In fact, they really should only be RSS feeds.

The internet is kind of stupid.

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of : The surveillance imposed on us today far exceeds that of the Soviet Union. For freedom and democracy’s sake, we need to eliminate most of it.

When the Puritans first stumbled into indigenous communities, they were appalled that the natives didn't hit their children. And then genocide happened.

/r/jordanpeterson is full of nazi recruiters going after aimless "normies" and I can't get anything done. It feels too good to disrupt their efforts. But I need to be writing.

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Christian America deeply troubles me. I say that as someone who considers themselves somewhat of a follower of Christ. The man outright condemned hypocrites and rich people to hell, and told people that no man has authority over them in moral matters (Matthew 23).

We're still victims of Roman co-option and Plato-fication of Jesus's core message, which upon reading the anarchist identifies with immediately. Americans need to read more Thoreau and Kierkegaard.

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**Disciplining the Body: The Deepening Ecological Crisis**

"Walt Whitman opens his now-classic poem, “I Sing the Body Electric,” chanting: The love of the body of man or woman balks account, the body itself balks account, That of the male is perfect, and that of the female is perfect. Can we say the same things about our bodies a century-and-a-half later? The U.S. is…"