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Water Is Life PA @lehighcommunalist

@mayel what do you think about including social media sharing links on . I really don't like them, but are they a necessary evil in my use case?

Thinking about whether it is a good idea to have social media sharing links on my website. I usually just block them... But, I think it would help get the message out.

@Gargron hit it with a hammer. Report your results.

Having to sit through a Bank of America ad before a Ken Burns documentary on PBS is .

@shoutcacophony people who think Hillary Clinton is a leftist. lol

I don't get how has a reputation for being left wing. It's chock full of reactionaries.

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The cops shouting "Whose streets? Our streets!" while making arrests: We know. You are the goddamn State. That's why we fight back to take them back from you.

I hear the cops are training for the pipeline protest. I'm committed.

question regarding singular they for neutral expression: Should it be "They is/was" instead of "They are/is"? Seems like maintaining subject-verb agreement would help reduce ambiguity.

This is the best video addressing the problematic and insane nature of liberal feminism. youtube.com/watch?v=3glomsCM5m

Gene Thunderwolf Whisler () on statue after meeting with Lancaster County Supervisors - 9/12/17https://streamable.com/aly7r

At a meeting with the the Lancaster County Commissioners to discuss getting the Columbus statue removed in downtown .