An excellent piece on why decentralizing everything doesn't work and what to do instead by @ntnsndr – "We should care less about whether something is centralized or decentralized than whether it is accountable. An accountable system is responsive to both the common good for participants and the needs of minorities; it sets consistent rules and can change them when they don’t meet users’ needs."

Soon onboarding my flight to Hong Kong to attend the 2018 edition of the Platform Cooperativism conference. Really looking forward to it!

Upwork's time tracker software "tracks hundreds of freelancers while they work by saving screenshots, measuring the frequency of their clicks and keystrokes, and even sometimes taking webcam photos of the workers".


Another blog post: how steward-ownership enabled creation of a better capitalism, and how we're applying this structure at Sharetribe

Wrote a new blog post: how to build companies that are a force for good in society: Hint: it has to do with incentives, ownership, and company structure

Super excited about our company's transition to the steward-ownership model. After this, the company can no longer be sold or taken public, shareholders have a cap on how much profit they can get, all voting rights are held by active team members, and the legally defined reason for the company's existence is to democratize the sharing economy by making platform tech accessible to everyone!

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This is such a great TED talk on how we should transform capitalism to make it truly serve the people and our society

What do people here think about the concept of steward-ownership? After reading this book by the Purpose Network, I feel this is exactly what I've wanted Sharetribe to become all these years but have never managed to put into words

How decisions should be made in an organization? I enjoyed this book a lot

My second login to, 21 days after the first one... currently replying to folks who replied to my original toot 21 days ago. Sorry about that, folks! I tuned my email notifications up a notch, let's see if that helps (so far I can't remember getting any notifications).

Hello world. My second try on Mastodon, let's see if I'll manage to get more engaged this time. is a cooperatively-run corner of the Fediverse. The instance is democratically governed by its members, who generally share an interest in the co-op model, but topics of discussion range widely.

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