masto question image description 

What's best practice for adding image descriptions?

Twidere lets me add a caption to an image but doesn't let me see the caption (or at least not intuitively). Is that because I don't use a screen reader? In any case I guess it's not reasonable to assume everyone who benefits from descriptions uses a screen reader.

I've seen people put the description in the text. Is that an unambiguously better way?

Are there any alternatives?

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Genuinely really important thing I heard tonight: experienced comrade said that the thing she's seen destroy movements most frequently is misogyny. specifically, femme comrades being pigeonholed into gendered work that is critical to holding spaces up (e.g. secretarial work) but isn't valued. when they bail because of this, shit inevitably crumbles.

tension neutral massage 

I say things that make you angry...

...while giving you a back rub

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Tangentially-related observation: 

Also catching people claiming the desire for non-hierarchical and horizontal structures as being the problem for, like, what's happening right now because "that didn't stop anything."

Yeah, okay.

Just say you don't like anarchists, don't want to work with us, don't want to even try those tactics (because you definitely haven't), and move on.

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us pol maga antifa 

on twitter is a delusional place right now - a window into the maga mind. One sane comment was 'half the right wing are all "IT'S ANTIFA FALSE FLAG" the other half are "IT'S ME"!

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Please boost if your account is safe for non-binary people. :nonbinary: :nb:

UK pol 

We're being fucked over right now worse than any time in my life. I grew up in the 80s ffs.

From Wikipedia: "Arsole is only moderately aromatic"

Anyone have any experience working with Fluke calibration? I'm applying for a job there as a calibration technician.

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Did you know that if this crowdfunding campaign fails i'm going to join leave anarchism and join some other sect? #Belarus #Solidarity SUPPORT BELARUSIAN ANARCHISTS. NOW OR NEVER!

Okay, its not paranoia. There is a dead bee in my ear. How the fuck do I get it out?

It's only okay to use derogatory race words if you are the target (eg black people can say n*****). So why do so many people think it's okay for men to rap about women using derogatory language?

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The worst thing wasn't the pain but not being able to use earphones, so I had to listen to my workmate's shitty music all day.

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I got stung on the ear by a bee this morning. Now I'm paranoid it crawled into my ear and died. I found the stinger but didn't see the bee.

Nursery rhyme numbers

eeny meeny miny moe, and hickory dickory dock derive from old celtic number words.

We filled in the gaps by borrowing/corrupting modern celtic words.

eeny meeny miny moe quick say shah hickory dickory dock.

eeny-dock meeny-dock...feed




People who oppose migration should be prevented from moving house, even if their home burns down or washes away.

I present the MEWP (mobile elongated walnut pincher)...

Turns out our dog, Bella, is sneaking off next door, going in through the cat flap, jumping up on the sofa, and licking our neighbour's bald head!

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