Turns out our dog, Bella, is sneaking off next door, going in through the cat flap, jumping up on the sofa, and licking our neighbour's bald head!

Lost it today with a flat-earther covid-denier at work. Don't know if I was right to yell at him but there's only so much idiotic preaching I can take. Headphones tomorrow.

Take the red pill - what's changed?
Fuck all.
No Men in Black, no Big Illusion.

"Van Allen Belts."
"New World Order."
"The Virus Is a Hoax."

That's blue you fool...

"There's fifteen blokes...with magic
and they've tied up all the world."

You took the blue...

"Everything's a lie -
just suck it up until you die"

Take the red pill - take your time.
What if you were him?
or her or him or them?
What if you were there, or then?

Red says fight and strive
and love and learn and be alive.

Take the red pill, friend.
And fight with me until the end.

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Land Workers Alliance 2020 Calendar

Support the affiliated union by buying one of these beautiful calendars. Each month
depicts a group working to build not only a better agricultural or land-rights system, but also a fairer society.
Migrant worker solidarity of Italy’s USB union
French agricultural syndicalist resistance to free trade
The Women’s village of Jinwar Northern Syria


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re: some thoughts about "OK Boomer" from a GenX perspective 

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re: some thoughts about "OK Boomer" from a GenX perspective 

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some thoughts about "OK Boomer" from a GenX perspective 

I hate that Britain's drugs of choice are alcohol and cocaine. All the coke-heads be like "what's wrong with that", answering their own question.

As punishment for lying we showed Aubergine the baba ganoush recipe.

i'd like an AI that recognises the voice of the person I'm talking to and whispers their name in my ear, possibly with a reminder of what we talked about last time we met. Would that be creepy?

I photographed the moon! Phone + telescope + shonky homemade phone/telescope adapter.

I hate acronymic mnemonics.
Hard to remember
More work than learning the thing

Anarchist feminist rant:
Stop telling yourself you are inferior.
Stop telling yourself you are superior.
Don't tell other people that shit either.
And don't let other people tell you that shit.
Rant over.

It's absolutely crazy that we hand arbitrary power to people who are experts in manipulation and often nothing else.
We then leave it up to them to bodge together the policies that shape our lives, behind closed doors and guided by interests of unknown actors.
Meanwhile, we use the power of computer networking to share trivia and shout into the void.
Surely this isn't "not perfect but the best we've got"?!?

Medium term a platform for collaborative policy making could inform political parties what we want for them.
Long term it replaces them completely.
Is anyone working on such a thing? If so, how do I find them?
If not, why not? Are the barriers technical, political, or both?

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