I hate acronymic mnemonics.
Hard to remember
More work than learning the thing

Anarchist feminist rant:
Stop telling yourself you are inferior.
Stop telling yourself you are superior.
Don't tell other people that shit either.
And don't let other people tell you that shit.
Rant over.

It's absolutely crazy that we hand arbitrary power to people who are experts in manipulation and often nothing else.
We then leave it up to them to bodge together the policies that shape our lives, behind closed doors and guided by interests of unknown actors.
Meanwhile, we use the power of computer networking to share trivia and shout into the void.
Surely this isn't "not perfect but the best we've got"?!?

Medium term a platform for collaborative policy making could inform political parties what we want for them.
Long term it replaces them completely.
Is anyone working on such a thing? If so, how do I find them?
If not, why not? Are the barriers technical, political, or both?

So I'm thinking of a politically neutral platform for developing policy. Policies are developed through transparent discussion while the platform keeps track of compatibility between policies and networks of trust between people.
As a user I can take part in developing policy and/or fork/create policies. I can also lend weight to particular people on specific topics. I define who I believe to be an expert in a particular field. The network suggests people I might trust. 1/3

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Unrequited love hurts; I do like to see a Tory suffer.

We are all (approximately) half-blind. The trick is to work out how to allocate the vision we do have.

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Fuck the right for ruining snowflakes. Snowflakes kick ass. They are beautiful and elegant and full of math. They seem harmless up close but when they join together they are fearsome and deadly. They are winter’s nano bots. They are the cold legion. Love snowflakes, fuck the right. ❄️

I did an art! Sharpie and tip-ex on broken tablet screen, stuck to the window. CC BY-SA 4.0

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Social.coop members (and others), I'm a member of the Digital Life Collective (diglife.com) and resonate.is and wondering if there's any membership crossover? If not, check them out!

thank you mastodon for not trying to sell me a bra by showing me pictures of boobs on my sister's memorial page. i wish people i know irl would come here instead of that other place

I love the co-ops in my life but my social anxiety and low self-esteem too often stop me contributing. My inability to focus on any consistent scale sometimes makes my contributions irrelevant. Those occasions take on disproportionate significance in my brain and feed back into low esteem. There's a meeting tonight and I'm scared to go.. again.

Image shows: 1: Bike stuck in mud; 2: Satnav: no location; 3: Figure standing with face in palm; Caption: Despondence; a metaphor.

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