OH: one of my friends has a *really* hot grandad, like he's a proper gilf

My work smells strongly of cardamon today. I like it.

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hegemonic perspectives are articulated on a level where their founding assumptions don't even need to be stated because they're so self-evident and common-sensical.

if you want to give someone's worldview a real hard knock on an individual level, beat them to it. state your contrary perspective with such deep self-assurance that they merely *imply* the propositions that, if stated aloud, the liberal would laugh off with platitudes.

and then, when they try to wrestle things back into liberal hegemonic frames, they're on the backfoot. they have to say out loud things that have otherwise been unspoken and unchallenged. and you can poke holes in them with the affect that "it's inexplicable, but kind of funny, that you believe this"

this will not convince people that you're sane and normal. but it does trouble the peaceful waters of their minds

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🗺 what to do with with an outdated atlas you ask? Rainer Neumeier rainerneumeier.de/ meticulously put thousands of slices of atlas pages together to form a bustling waterfall, which is a delight to see from near and afar (in his #uferhallen studio) 🌊


For a while they closed the queue so there was a queue to join the queue.

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For anyone just tuning in there's a wee wuman in a box in a big room in London. Thousands of people are queueing for up to 24 hours to walk past the wee wuman in the box. Everything is normal.

What are they going to do with Lizzie W's blood? I'm assuming they'll embalm her, and they think her blood is magic or whatever, so do they just tip it down the drain or drink it or make black pudding for the corgis or what?

Shamrock Rovers fans chanting last night: "Lizzie's in a box!" lol

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Ok you can fuck right off thank you.

This, right after the big scandal (proving) that EMR's are leaking medical data to fucking Facebook and probalby others? I'll show you where to file your medical records...

...In seriousness though, this probably is a good idea to help prevent medical errors and maybe (?) even improve patient care... though (emphasis on the ???)

but it's pretty shitty the toxic surveillance capitalism environment we live in that makes this such a horrible fucking idea at the moment.

I honestly can't decide what's worse, this, or the fingerprint scanners that some medical offices/hospitals have adopted to ID patients... again, probably a good idea to prevent medical errors (especially to ID unconscious or nonverbal patients), but currently no one can really be trusted with this level of data...

I'm sure the profit minded healthcare institutions and insurance companies are salivating to use this biometric data to deny care to those with medical debt, etc...

4th day in new job, co worker was sick and I had to go it alone. Had a successful day :)

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fedi meta 

Look, all of us who hold relative privilege need to accept that we're not always going to see bigoted bullying firsthand, precisely because we're not its targets. We're also not always going to see the victims complaining, because complaining publicly attracts so much more abuse that people often choose not to. This means that if we want to help make a space safe for people more likely to be targeted than ourselves, we have to listen to listen to quiet warnings and watch for red flags.

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tl;dr: if your meds are helping then keep taking them, if they don’t then ask about safe ways switch or stop, and do get help if you’re suffering from depression

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I got up an hour early thinking I was going to be late. Bored now but with coffee.

Two and a half weeks into my 4 week notice period and they've not advertised my job or even spoken to me about handover. I guess next week they'll start panicking.


Left my vape at home today. Blagged a rollie - my first in yonks - it was rank. Maybe should get off nicotine.

I have two learners. One is competent without confidence. The other is confident without competence. Why does is feel inevitable management will favour the latter?

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The Doppler effect is so silly. It’s like troll physics. “The sound waves get all squished together” like lol cmon

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