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@emi How local startups are employing ICT to revitalize communities in Japan? Fishpass is an app
facilitates purchase of fishing ticket offered by local fisheries cooperatives. nominated for Local ICT Award on March 9. soumu.go.jp/menu_news/s-news/0

Interestingly, the book translation I'm working on now Sharing Cities too is in close alignation with Ostrom. teamhuman.fm/episodes/ep-60-ne

On Sun, Feb 18. OpenForum exploring new social system hosted by Tokyo Arts Council. artscouncil-tokyo.jp/en/what-w ‘s designer/ urban gardener Michael Lung will be there as a speaker.

A lot going on this weekend in Tokyo for coopsters. Sat, Feb17 don’t miss Design @ Communities Award where you can hear about a new coop initiative in Nara providing local solutions. design-at-communities.jp/#work

diving deep (yet) into ancient China's wisdom of agriculturalism : 農家ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E8%BE%B 氾勝之書 斉民要術 火雷噬嗑 I can't really read em kanji...better get a tattoo or what

Join me this Friday welcoming Hong Kong's urban farmer/desginer Michael Leung in Shinjuku, Tokyo: He will speak about his collective urban agriculture projects, ”Insurrectionary Agricultural Milieux". More ->ira.tokyo/event/3367/ @emi @Matt_Noyes

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Should Data Scientists Adhere to a Hippocratic Oath?


A growing amount of my time is being spent countering Silicon Valley spin:

Aral Balkan argues that an ethics code like that drafted this week could actually worsen societal harms caused by technology. He fears it will be used by corporations as a signal of virtue, while they continue business as usual. “What we should be exploring is how we can stop this mass farming of human data for profit…” mastodon.ar.al/media/NnSLeFSy5

a bit old but just what I needed. challenges around cooperation among Japan's IT industry regional groups. meti.go.jp/meti_lib/report/201

Excited to find potential examples etherium enabling decentralized skill based economy ; ethlancer, steemit , indorse.io etc. if existing qualification framework like e-CF can be incorporated it would be really nice.

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Learning about nethood.org

“NetHood is about bridging the digital with the physical space; sharing ideas and experiences, affirming differences; building together local solutions for local needs, including: DIY networking, social infrastructures, complementary currencies, cooperative housing, and community-supported agriculture.”

(Projects include guifi.net, freifunk.net, sarantapora.gr …)

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interesting practice at data+design conference Eyeo Festival incorporates "Code of Conduct" anti-harassment policy. 🌹🌹🌹eyeofestival.com/code-of-condu

keeping my eyes on students often being exploited, without proper authorship or compensations, and professors in power "take the burden" to be the lead editor. 😂

"amateur stalkers looking to legitimize or professionalize" ugh.