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So delighted to find 🇪🇺 peeps here <3

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@keiko I see. Well, I guess it depends on what it is exactly you're referring to. For example, #p2p, #commons and #platformCoop which you mentioned work in the same direction, but they are different. As such, I think they are the best, clearest terms you could use.

The umbrella term I use for things which go in 'the right direction' is simply 'cooperation'. For me cooperation implies personal autonomy, interpersonal equivalence and mutual interest: it's clearly not domination or competition.

I’m looking for synonym and similar words describing commons based resource management or sharing/peer economy / platform cooperativism that has positive meanings.

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Thanks @paulfree14 and hi @keiko :)

What are you looking for exactly? I read your original toot, but I don't think I understand. I'm very much into governing the commons...

WANTED: I’m looking for families members, cousins of the term “sharing economy”, “Platform Cooperativism” with positive implications. What maybe the synonym for commons based mgmt applying technologies for the good of citizens? Please help.

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Speaking at Nesta FutureFest in July

I’ll be talking about how we can move beyond surveillance capitalism in Europe to fund and create alternative ethical technological infrastructure that’s not mired in Silicon Valley’s toxic business model.

futurefest.org mastodon.ar.al/media/Cg_JlQs1d mastodon.ar.al/media/a8JRnZF27

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Our online chat about Ours to Hack and to Own is scheduled for June 22, 8am (Colorado time) -- check Loomio for your timezone.
Please feel free to join us!

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Hi fam I'm a cofounder, builder, trainer, and . are my jam. I write at medium.com/@richdecibels

Delighted to be here 😘

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Any good resources for consensus/consent decision making processes? The urban farm on which I live is seeking to cooperatively purchase our property and we're looking to hone in decision-making practices.

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can i has a cheeseburger ? want an impact? act.

Just started a new kickstarter campaign to screen “ Mongolian Bling” a documentary film exploring hip hop in Ulanbaartar in the intersection of modernity and traditional cultures. More here in Japanese. plango.uplink.co.jp/project/s/

A good quick snapshot story on user data giveaway as “cyber work” or as Trebor calls “digital labor” on NPR. Should Social Media Companies Pay Us For Our Data? t.co/L6EXiKwza2

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Reasons To Be Cheerful

Had a lovely conversation over the weekend on surveillance capitalism (and what we can do about it) with Ed Miliband, Geoff Lloyd, and Mathew Lawrence for Ed and Geoff’s Reasons To Be Cheerful podcast. Shoshana Zuboff was also interviewed for the episode.

You can listen to it from podnews.net/podcast/1287081706

(Or find it on iTunes, etc.)


Crate digging archives—Stanford course on Literacy on Cooperation ia311506.us.archive.org/2/item while coughing

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Social.coop Code of Conduct Development Show more

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Okay, , the draft bylaws are now ready for consideration by the full community in Loomio: loomio.org/d/tB5wveTb/is-this--