Nicholas Carr has a great review review of Age of #SurveillanceCapitalism by Shoshana Zuboff:

"Pioneered by #Google, perfected by #Facebook, and now spreading throughout the economy, #surveillance #capitalism uses human life as its raw material."



#Copyrightweek 2019 - Read why #DRM technology prevents you from truly owning what you buy in the digital world:

#copyright #fixcopyright #SaveYourInternet


Hi #fediverse

Are you concerned about the darker aspects of tech? Like unethical data harvesting, privacy invasion, ad-tech, fake news, social erosion, smartphone addiction, online bullying, and many more harms of technology?

Do you want to work on solutions, and help raise awareness? Then join our community..

Be a #Humane #Tech #Activist !

Who we are, What we do, And how you can help Humane Technology too. Just follow the link..

#HumaneTechNow is an alternative and radical events agenda. It lists events at autonomous and community spaces that are generally either free or entry on donation

It would be great to see more events from other places around the world listed.

#squattheplanet #freespaces #radar

*please boost for visibility*

Thank you @aral for introducing me to Beaker Browser and the dat:// protocol for P2P web browsing

Incredibly cool:

Anyone tried it is an instance of jitsi that has some nice features. It's been working well for me for the last week.

On air tomorrow— catch the sound of urban Mongolian youth. Documentary on Mongolian Hip Hop - Asia Insight - TV - NHK WORLD-JAPAN - English

As Facebook Raised a Privacy Wall, It Carved an Opening for Tech Giants (New York Times, 18 dec. 2018)

« Internal documents show that the social network gave Microsoft, Amazon, Spotify and others far greater access to people’s data than it has disclosed. »

#privacy #vieprivee #facebook #gafam #degooglisons @Framasoft

National Comingout Day. Ef em. I neither like the word “national” nor “coming-out”. Why not “universal ever-expanding closet day”. I don’t like forcing some people to live with extra burdens of the task of coming out while everyone else gets inexplicitly labeled as hetero.. oh wait, there’s fully automated luxury gay space( nuh)

I finally got to writing down a list of free software tools that members of my web development cooperative use to run our business - Many thanks to those that helped me, bugged me and supported me with research on this one!

photos from the special Mongolian Hip Hop event I hosted in Tokyo introducing the documentary Mongolian Bling and performance by two young Mongolian rappers

Just attended an amazing webinar on Sharing Economy in , most notably, is one step ahead in the direction of home-sharing with ,

My translation about Loomio, Enspiral, and FoodCloud and others showcasing positive impacts of employing commons-based resource management or sharing economy to community's capacity building appears on ANA's in-flight magazine "Takeoff" for domestic flights starting from this month. Hats off to SEAJ, Sharing Economy Association of Japan for this opportunity!

@emi @Matt_Noyes you may be able to skip some of these explanation if you are posting the article on English media outlets that write about PC or that are critical of how internet is today. But you need additional filling he gap explainer in Japanese publication.

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