Watching citizenfour isn't exactly the best way to have a relaxing Sunday.

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I'm involved in an app called Wobbly that will help workers to mobilize according to principles.

The founder @KingMob has himself been a Deliveroo courier, and his experiences sparked the idea for the app.

We seek to make the app into a multistakeholder coop when it's launched.

Everyone is welcome to join our discord group (, also feel free to message me.

We're looking for a , so please retoot!

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David Ackley's ideas about computing can be seen as anarchistic. The von Neumann architecture is the centrally-governed state; memory is passive, incapable of doing anything without executive action from the CPU. But this doesn't scale and isn't robust. It's optimized for speed.

Ackley says we have to forego determinism in order to build robust, scalable computations. But it seems that this requires a radically new conception of what it means to compute or even to program. meta, request for feedback Show more

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It's my impression that most mastodon instances are operated under the "benevolent dictator" model, but is that the case? Is there a survey of the instances and how they govern themselves?

@brainblasted When people ask me questions, before I answer, I like to remind myself that *nobody* knows everything, and I am ignorant of many things and always will be (despite my best efforts). Anyway, I get more joy in sharing knowledge than lording knowledge over people. I wish everyone shared that feeling. :/

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