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I'm looking to experiment with a private relay for small- to medium-sized instances to federate with each other. Anybody interested in trying this out?

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Among the most recognized constructed universal languages are:
- Esperanto
- Lojban
- IKEA instructions

will have a Web Inspector API in v16 for . Is anybody in the community working on React Dev Tools for Safari 16? 🙏

App update release notes read like the joke J Peterman copy Elaine wrote in Seinfeld

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The first rule of fight club is if it's your first time, you have to bring healthy snacks for everyone.

I can't be the only one who sees a resemblance between the wallpaper and...that of another operating system

Federighi: "People LOVE using X to do Y. They can A, B, and even C. But sometimes, you want to P while you Q. Well now, with iOS 16, you can. With just one tap, you can Z. And, for those times when you need to L, there’s M, so you can N your O. All without having to R. It just, works.” @wwdc

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One thing that continues to surprise me about Mastodon is people asking for money, and getting boosted like crazy for it

@wwdc One fairly niche thing I’d like to see out of and is the ability to select multiple Safari tabs and perform actions on them.

Took me at least half an hour to book a flight, the JetBlue site apparently breaking with one of the several layers of tracking protection/content blocking going on on my devices. Had to go nuclear and do it on a laptop in incognito mode. Would love to be able to debug which extension/setting was causing the issue.

This reminds me of the George Carlin joke that the Earth invented people because it needed plastic and couldn’t make it on its own

Take this dinosaur and put it in that refinery

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Just a constant struggle to arrange objects in different ways for different purposes

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Take this carbohydrate and put it next to your blood

Take this metal tube and put it on the moon

Take this gamete and put it next to that other gamete

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Basically the sole task and purpose of all life in the universe is to take something and put it somewhere else

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