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Tomorrow is the BIG DAY! 

Hey everyone. Any recommendations on who to follow? Interested in programming, leftist politics, quirky interesting Wikipedia stuff, space, and anything else it's possible to be nerdy about.

Object-Oriented is an excuse not to think about the underlying problem of data processing. Data-oriented programming is a more interesting and powerful avenue of thinking.

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i miss conservatives who had values other than "make the liberals mad".

*an elephant-thing bellows in the distance, its cacapohonic tootruption quickly joined by similar blorts from nearby federated tootlands*

I'm writing my own operating system for the x86 named 'Tupai'. Go check it out if you're interested :)

Hey everyone! I'm new to Mastadon. Is there some sort of parallel to 'hashtags' or interest groups for a particular topic?

Any recommendations on who to follow for techy news, programming, physics, space, etc.? Thanks all.

Hello, I'm Joshua, I write a lot of code and I'm current building my own operating system. Also a socialist. is a cooperatively-run corner of the Fediverse. The instance is democratically governed by its members, who generally share an interest in the co-op model, but topics of discussion range widely.

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