Post-Capitalism Conference (solidarity economy, demsoc, ecosoc; virtual and free), Apr. 22 - Apr. 25, 2021

"Does Vienna Have the World's Best Council Housing? Swimming Pools, Private TV Channels & More"

Checking out Nati and Rich's webinar on decentralized organizing. Nice idea: Trojan Mice (like tiny Trojan horses), small elements of hierarchical thinking that we bring in without realizing the threat...

This Cooperative Sociocracy Online Conference today (Feb. 19, 2021 --
10am - 2:15pm EST) from @SociocracyForAll and friends looks exquisite.

Just started watching what looks like a great documentary on solidarity economy in Latin America.

Mirando un documental sobre la economia solidaria en American Latina...

@emi @GeorgeCheney @irmalila

"Remaking the Economy: Closing the Racial Wealth Gap and the Case for Reparations" Thu., Feb. 17, 2021; 2 pm EST

The World Social Forum 2021 this week has a few ESS workshops presented by assorted RIPESS and solidarity economy orgs from Europe and Latin America.

For fellow freelancers in tech intrigued by the idea of starting a worker owned tech coop, this is a great guide (and if you're in Seattle and interested in talking, please message me)

#coop #seattle

Anyone have some suggestions on folks to follow, books, web sites related to worker owned cooperatives?

I've done freelance software work for years and I'm intrigued by this type of org but haven't found great resources so far on legal structures, bylaws, etc.

#coop #cooperatives

Looking forward to meeting folks at the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union tomorrow and learning more about how they support cooperatives.

"Founded in 1907, Rocky Mountain Farmers Union represent farm and ranch families in Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming. Working together with similar state chapters across America, we are the heart and soul of the National Farmers Union."

is now officially a member of the Internet of Ownership Project Council. As our representative, I will post updates here.

"Internet of Ownership is a resource ... to advance platform cooperativism—a vision for online platforms that share democratic ownership and governance among the people who rely on them, especially those who contribute their labor and personal data. To learn more or get involved, visit:" The Loomio group is here:

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