it's like "who's that pokemon" only it's "what in god's name is that shadowy void" and you have to choose between guy falling forward from a wall-sit and frog jumping left while wearing pants.

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listen i had to quit this run early and i do not know what is about to go down but i saved the seed on "dancing letters" and am coming back later.

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but ya a question phrased in the form of the statement like "am i close or not?"

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idk i think abt sections of this paper a lot these days. "why do we keep using these apps we know are bad for us and society?" i mean at least partly bc it's woven into daily practice and ritual. i love cruising broken ass rough internet ruins and partially finished projects, but most people don't. I think soft transitions with clear upsides are good tactics but am still trying to understand the clearly long history here

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lemme do a questioning hypothesis abt a bit of cultural difference I am sometimes confused about on fedi: sometimes I see a lot of animus against interface design talk/ux, and from what I can tell that's often because that's the point corporate platforms can afford to crush indie tech on, and minor ux gripes from ppl expecting perfection add up/miss the point. so when I approach it mainly from a strategic POV of triaging points that would alienate newcomers it gets read as one of those gripes !/

I think it's genuinely cool, I love seeing people react to something as personal and emotional as the music they listen to. I just think it's a shame that we only get to see aggregation of our personal data as a treat from surveillance companies instead of, uh, digital culture

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on this, the day of Spotify wrapped, I carry a hopeful vision that if we were not dependent on ad-driven platforms, owned our own data, and paid artists directly we could build our own cool algorithmic tools to understand and explore our relationships with art and each other

have some more using content aware fill, eg. my favorite long B, but forgot to take photos and handed them off for now

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s/o to clip guided diffusion model which just feels that all the letters should also sorta be animals too

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housemate having refrigerator art-based show, and have been trying to get computers to invent some new letters for fridge magnets.

here we have j'beep, a Capital Konos, an ornamental uuwuu, and their source images.

far from the first to say it, but being able to make up an object worth an arbitrary amount and then anonymously sell it to yourself does, empirically, seem to be a really good system for money laundering.

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NFT oligarchy? A study of 6.1M NFT trades finds a few folks at the center of the market
🐱 The top 10% of traders account for 85% of transactions & trade at least once 97% of all assets
🦍10% of buyer–seller pairs have the same volume as the remaining 90%


"get in we're going to carefully curate an archive of human culture freely available to everyone"

just doesn't have the same ring as

"get in we're going to say a bunch of word salad to cover laundering billions of dollars by shooting numbers back and forth between like 1% of nodes on the network"

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it's a shame that real decentralizing tech builds stuff like "libraries" with "personal connections" that "actually exist," instead of "money" made of "never trusting anyone" that "are scams" bc I guess that just doesn't capture people's imagination. !/

are there any (nonprofit) journals that do reviews like a co-op? for each paper published do n reviews?

i am also pro normalize treating tools like enchanted objects sometimes that you have superstitions and emotions about, whatever role that is

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and criticism can be good too don't get me wrong but we can lower the stakes I think

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