Not sure why the link got tagged but you can download the statement here:

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This is also significant becuase UCC has a long standing policy of only supporting co-ops and labor mvoements, but I believe that they correctly correlate racism with capitalism, so supporting BLM is a labor issue.

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My home co-op Union Cab made this statement in support of Movement for Black Lives. It took them a bit longer because it was a membership discussion, but it is a powerful statement. Also, while the co-op membership has historically been over 90% white, it currently has a Black man serving as President and another Black man serving as Business Mgr (the highest ranking management position).I was the last General Mgr and first Business Mgr.

Okay, I pulled the original and re-wrote this. Cities are essentially structure that promote capitalism and, therefore, racism. Abolish the City:

@mattcropp talked to your uncle in Bellingham today! thanks for the connect!

@GuerillaOntologist hey if you use my latest post on Changing the Police, please also include Tom Webb's comment. . . but don't feel that you need to use it especially if there are posts from people of color (I haven't really hyped it for just that reason)

I just realized that I forgot the quote at the end of my post today: " A society that seriously intends to plan the development of human greatness needs to be able to count on a staff of competent persons who are willing to assume positions of high responsibility and quality. This can be accomplished only if these capable people do not demand, as individuals or for their families, a superior level to that of the rest of the people."
José María Arizmendiarrieta, Pensamientos #468"

I was going to let this post just sit quietly on my site, but Tom Webb won't such an elegant comment, I want to make sure his words are read. How Do We Change the Police?

great conversation today at the UK Worker Coop Weekend on owership, membership, and stewardship. take away that I wish I had said: the language of "ownership" protects us from an attack by the State, but we have to be careful not to succumb to the hegemony of "ownership".

"There are decades when nothing happens and weeks when decades happen."--v.i.lennin. We are in the weeks of decades. We haven't time to plan we need to act.

We are heading into the final stretch for Give Big WA. Support co-op development!

I will be joining a number of incredible people for the on-line UK Worker Co-op Weekend on May 15th. My session focuses on the nature of ownership vs stewardship in a worker co-op. Can anyone "own" the commons?

“Work is, before anything else, both as a service to the community and as a path towards personal development.”-José María Arizmendiarrieta (reflection 263 from Pensamientos)

"The self-managed society will be that in which all of us, with our education and willingness to participate, are able to realize accomplishments"

The rules are:
Grab the closest book to you, turn to page 56, post the 5th sentence as your status.
Don't mention the title.
Copy the rules as part of your status.

Gritty isn't necessarily a "co-op" value, but I'm not sure that worker co-ops could succeed without it.

Gordan Edgar, a cheesemonger for Rainbow Co-op, has been blogging about life in a lockdown city and a worker co-op's struggles.

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