Gritty isn't necessarily a "co-op" value, but I'm not sure that worker co-ops could succeed without it.

Gordan Edgar, a cheesemonger for Rainbow Co-op, has been blogging about life in a lockdown city and a worker co-op's struggles.

I'm bumping this because I didn't have the setting to really allow comments. I was alerted to this when one of my mentors attempted to comment and was unable to do so. His comment is now there and I would love to hear from you as well!

This is a crucial moment for our movement. We could easily lose the majority of our co-ops but we can also fight hard to make sure that we keep as many as possible. It is ultimately up to us.

A friend coined a term for the feeling of many of us on the west coast this morning: coronabiden

Orca Books Co-op, based in Olympia, WA, needs to raise money to finalize their conversion and get the co-op up an running. Please visit, donate what you can, and share on your various networks. Many hands make light work.

After getting some comments on linkedIn re a post about Uber style co-ops, I added this post. tl/dr: a lot of great tech co-ops are popping up as worker or multistakeholder models and don't f**k with Quebec!

I don't consider myself tech-saavy at all, but even I would know better than to beta test during a state wide election!

so my Gag and Vote Plan for 2020 is
1) Sanders
2) Warren
3) nobody

Find out just how much "Co-ops love Unions" Tomorrow on WORT-FM in Madison, the noon show A Public Affair will be talking with members of UE #1186 who are currently negotiating their first Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Willy St. Co-op after winning a certification vote with almost 80%.
You can listen on-line at

I have never had an easy time dealing with One would think that paying $110 per year for a domain name registry would include a fairly high level of customer service.

also, the Decade of the Coop was declared in 2012, so does that mean there are still 2-3 years left?

End of the decade or is there still a year to go? I say the teens end at midnight 1/1/20. . .

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