Gillibrand makes co-ops a key part of her presidential campaign. I just wish she would include $$ for urban development as well. Workers in the cities need co-ops just as much as in the towns.

Here is a link to the first episode of our Legacy Project series on converting to worker ownership. The next episode will premiere on July 15 at 10 am.

In an effort to better understand our community and strengthen ties, volunteers on the community working group are currently running a member survey. They are using a "snowballing"-type networking approach in which members reach out to other members. Please help by doing the survey and helping spread the word.

If you have strong objections to the survey, feel free to share them.

I hope we will all take the "good enough to try" approach.

Co-op friends -- please sign and boost this petition in support of the people working at Park Slope Food Co-op who have formed a union.

Orca Books has information on how to join and they sell on-line. You don't have to live in Olympia WA. ( There are three non-worker options (basic: US$100, Low income US$25-US$99, Organization: US$200). Organizational members need to be part of the social economy and will eventually be able to "curate" and "brand" a shelf in the store (i.e. "" might have a shelf on platform co-ops and the social digital economy). &N

Yesterday we held our first information session for Orca Books Coop. ( One of the community supporters offered her first edition, signed Ursula Le Guinn novel (i forget which one) for a fundraiser auction. wow!

This is one of my projects and I am really hoping that the co-op community can support it; This is a treasured local bookstore that sells new and used books. The mutli-stakeholder model includes workers, two consumer classes (basic and low income), and organizational (not-for-profit and co-ops). Check it out. We are trying to do the entire conversion through member equity since the book store model may make traditional financing difficult Please share and join!!

Does anyone know of articles about worker co-ops and the current situation in Venezuela? I know of a couple from the Chavez era but not much about the Maduro years or the current crisis.

@tbeckett @GeorgeCheney

Not devils either. The point, as Marx once said, is not to judge and condemn but to understand. Mondragon remains a touchstone, but even touchstones rest on unstable ground.

sorry for my long absence from here--too many commitments, but some of that is easing off now. trying to catch up on all the different conversations. . . .

Bruce Mayer offers an update on the 2018 Tax Law and the 20% pass-through in terms of -ops an patronage refunds (it actually works for worker -ops).

One of the best parts of teaching a class on worker -ops is learning from the students. As we wrapped up the quarter last night, I got to learn about this hidden gem in the world:

It is a French worker co-op that has found a fair amount of success in an industry that doesn't really embrace collective ethos.

@Steve i also need to pick your brain. I am working with a conversion of an existing business that is unionized. They intend to maintain the union relationship after becoming a co-op, but there are some issues and questions. If you have time for a phone call, today or tomorrow, please let me know.

@Steve congratulations on the job! Feel free to reach out to me as a resource. I might do the same to you!

Who is going to the worker coop national conference in LA? I just just got my ticket punched today! It would be great to have a meetup

For your audio edification: Vernon Oakes talks with five @ROCUSAorg Association directors about the many benefits to residents of owning their . @EverythingCoop

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