so my Gag and Vote Plan for 2020 is
1) Sanders
2) Warren
3) nobody

Find out just how much "Co-ops love Unions" Tomorrow on WORT-FM in Madison, the noon show A Public Affair will be talking with members of UE #1186 who are currently negotiating their first Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Willy St. Co-op after winning a certification vote with almost 80%.
You can listen on-line at

I have never had an easy time dealing with One would think that paying $110 per year for a domain name registry would include a fairly high level of customer service.

also, the Decade of the Coop was declared in 2012, so does that mean there are still 2-3 years left?

End of the decade or is there still a year to go? I say the teens end at midnight 1/1/20. . .

Today at the Union Coop Symposium we heard from the Mexico Electrical Union (SME) about their decade long struggle to save jobs destroyed by the Calderon administration. it was an incredibly moving story and they continue to fight the government to uphold the agreement that includes 13 electrical plants and 50 buildings. I didn't take as complete notes as I had hoped due to being so enthralled.

Is anyone going to the Union-Coop Symposium in Cincinnati, OH this week?

Equal Care Co-op is a platform -op with a multi-stakeholder ownership model using sociocracy circle method for its governance.

Just had a discussion about police cooperative such as they have in North St. Louis ( I'm not sure how I feel about this--it seems like a way to reduce cost to taxpayers and provide more oversight to police. Still, it is a bit weird to see Police Cooperative on the side of a squad car and kinda gives me the creeps.

This week, my topic was on the Blueprint for a Co-op Decade (which ends Dec. 31, 2019). Today is imagining 2040. From Arizmendiarrieta: “The future is never as uncertain as it is believed to be and is more conditioned than may seem to us, not as much for what we lose our interest in as for what we try to adopt and improve according to our taste.” We build the road as we travel and the first step of achieving our goals is to state them.

@GuerillaOntologist @johnnymac I'm a long way from CA, but it seems to me that what the situation calls for is a qualitatively different kind of power generation and distribution. This could be an opportunity to start building micro-grids.

PG&E as a co-op getting support. If Newsome, though, is flirting with Berkshire Hathaway. If Newsome were to push the co-op model, I think it would make his chances on the POTUS race in '28 (or '24) much better.

TL/DR: UNFI closes unionized distribution centers it bought and moves to a new non-union site. Teamsters win arbitration, but UNFI appealing. Where is NCG on this?

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