Today, I am focusing on the construction co-ops along the i-5 corridor in Washington State.

GEO member Jim Johnson has led quite the interesting life of activism and development (as well as being a worker-owner for 10 years). He's got some well considered opinions on where the movement should be focusing its energy right now. Take the time to listen to this and I'm sure you won't be disappointed. :TwinPines:

I've been posting daily during the US/Canada National Co-op Month. Today is about Blue Scorcher in Astoria: Blue Scorcher: Bread and Circles

@GuerillaOntologist I mean, I know it is public, but GEO is a pretty big platform for the co-op world and I just don't want to surprise anyone like I was with Elizabeth Hoffman's work on Union Cab.

My favorite neighborhood wifi network names:
Hogwart's Great Hall

I'm sure that you can guess which is mine. . . .

We have a homecare co-op in Port Angeles, Washington looking for financial assistance to get their insurance and agency license.

If you are in the SF Bay area or willing to relocate, Design Action is hiring:

Congratulations! to Rich Jensen on his new role in this exciting platform co-op! The founder of Sub Pop label credits his time Olympia for his development: "In his introduction to Resonate Core team members Rich wrote:

β€œIn my youth I was very lucky to land in Olympia Washington USA, "

We know that Oly is a great place for development and happy to see this multi-stakeholder co-op streaming service move forward.


Washington State's second largest CU just announced their new President and CEO and his last name is Swindler. . .

really exciting to watch the effort to bargain at Willy St Co-op from afar. Because I signed in support, i was added to the listserv. The organizers have worked to develop a network of allies within the ownership group and keeping everyone up to date. Even before negotiations have begun, they have made significant strides in protecting workers as well (allowing stewards on the floor, union bulletin boards, and an actual grievance procedure). really impressive!

I've spent the week updating the Co-op Index Tool which meant working on Atlantic Daylight Savings Time in meeting with the team at St Mary's in Halifax. Dorian kept me from being their in person, so I traded 2-3 travel days for waking up at 4:00 am and working until 1 pm.

"A Technology Freelancer's Guide to Starting a Worker Cooperative" ranks #5 on The 10 highest-rated articles on Hacker News on September 08, 2019 which have not appeared on any previous Hacker News Daily. This toolkit is 10 years old. . . .talk being ahead of the curve.

Willy St Co-op workers vote 249-40 in favor of representation by UE! Considering the shenanigans by management in the 2014-2015 campaign, this is a major statement of labor solidarity! ,

Orca Books in Olympia has ramped up its campaign to become a multistakeholder community co-op. People can now join on-line (and order on-line) or make a donation. If you are able, help keep this local bookstore (and downtown business) convert. Please share. Learn more:

The Williamson Street Grocery Cooperative will be holding a certification vote for UE on Tuesday and Wednesday. Let the Willy St. workers that you support their right to organize and collectively bargain with the collective ownership of the co-op!

This is the last weekend to get early bird pricing for the Union-Coop Symposium in November (held in Cincinnati, OH, USA). A very unique conference that brings the worker co-op and labor union parts of the labor movement into one place.

Gillibrand makes co-ops a key part of her presidential campaign. I just wish she would include $$ for urban development as well. Workers in the cities need co-ops just as much as in the towns.

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