Registration is now open for the 2nd Annual Sociocracy in Cooperatives Conference hosted by the Co-op Circle of Sociocracy for All.
The online conference will run from 1500 UTC to 2000 UTC.

my answers to the brand survey: I ranked my 3 positive characteristics of ".coop" as follows: X "is advocated by cooperative leaders and my network" X "is reserved/exclusively for cooperatives" and X "Other: gives you an opportunity to explain what a "co-op" is when people say "what's a coop?!"

My friend and colleague has this article in NPQ today: You can learn more about the toolkit that she developed this Friday at the Union-Coops Council General meeting. The meeting is Friday, February 11 from 10:00 am pacific time (1:00 pm eastern) until 11:15 am pst/2:15 pm est. You can register for the meeting here: -coops

The first Union Coops Council call of the year is on their calendar for Friday, February 11 at 1800 UTC! We'll be hearing from Rebecca Lurie about the Union Coops Council toolkit, having some space for discussion. Register here and/or look out for attendance information coming on the listserv later on. Union Coops Council Feb 11 Registration Link:

- support the union
- are aware of their anti-union activities
- will take action including purchasing elsewhere and organizing within the coop if they continue to resist employee efforts to organize

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copied from the Union-Coop Council listserv: "For anyone who is an REI member, consider adding your voice to these threads in the Co-op Members section of the REI website. There may be other threads, these are just the ones I found:

One person in the thread recommended that REI members email the Board of Directors at and let them know as a member that you:

@johnnymac They should have called on REI to voluntarily recognize the union and begin bargaining in good faith.

I went to a Chamber of Commerce mixer this morning to connect and promote our Co-op Conversion Academy--one of the Chamber Staff told me how she loves co-ops, what a great model Mondragon is, and that capitalism sucks. I ❀️ Olympia!

"I am not a cooperator, I will never be part of a collective, or a cooperative, it’s not in my nature, I am an independent freelance journalist, I don’t ask permission to anybody to use information they publish in public places on the internet, and is available for everybody to see '" end (3/3)

"If this effort is what you call β€œculling” I just tell you that you don’t have the slightest idea of what advertising is all about in this world driven by Media where we all live.
In any case, it’s my interpretation and my own vision from the outside of what is going on in this movement that interests me very much:" continued (2/3)

After the lastest spam from Enrico Massetti pushing his "Co-ops USA" zine, I asked him if this was last the last issue where he culled other people's work and monetized it. His response: "It took me several months of researching, and a lot of effort to put together information that is readily available from cooperators, is published mostly on YouTube postings, some of which, after years of being available online, have had so far as much as 26 viewers."
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what word should co-ops use to replace "human resources"? Go back to "personnel management" or something else? "human development"? "worker support"?

An open letter to Pew Research from leading social scientists:
"Naming generations [alla 'millennials' and 'zoomers'] and arbitrarily fixing their birth dates promotes pseudoscience, undermines public understanding, and impedes social science research"

Statement on Developing Worker Cooperatives in Unionized Workplaces from the USFWC Union Co-ops Council

The conference page for the conference on May 6 is ready! Have a look!
You can share it by sharing the link...

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