An open letter to Pew Research from leading social scientists:
"Naming generations [alla 'millennials' and 'zoomers'] and arbitrarily fixing their birth dates promotes pseudoscience, undermines public understanding, and impedes social science research"

Statement on Developing Worker Cooperatives in Unionized Workplaces from the USFWC Union Co-ops Council

The conference page for the conference on May 6 is ready! Have a look!
You can share it by sharing the link...

I am part of the Co-op Circle and it starts at 7 AM my local time (ugh), but I will be there!

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Friday at 1500 UTC: Sociocracy and Co-ops. There is still time to register (US10 minimum, but some free spaces available).

Next Friday, the Union-Coop Council of the US Federation of Worker Co-ops presents a webinar on the Union-Coop model (unionized worker co-ops). Register today! It also happens to be the 10th anniversary of Act 10 in Wisconsin which eliminated collective bargaining rights for state workers.

In my blog post this week, I talk about Co-op Wars and how dangerous the 70s were--it wasn't just the adults! I survived being a free range kid, but I didn't live in NJ:

Really inspiring to see how much @USFWC has grown during the Annual Meeting. Great for worker co-op, great for our communities, and a hope for the future of the US!

Has anyone signed up for Mondragon University's on-line course for platform co-ops? Or took the first offering? I've signed up and would be interested in study pals..

Oh, I forgot, the USFWC Union Co-op Council (which I chair) had an incredible discussion about a papermill in Wisconsin and how the USW ignored its commitment to worker co-ops, but the local community is working hard to created a co-op to buy the mill and save jobs. Best week of Co-op Month ever!

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This was an incredible week. Two conferences and a special StM training. NCBA/CLUSA devoted a week of workshops on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in co-ops (talk about walking the talk). Likewise, Regards to Rural (Rural Oregon Initiave) also focused on inclusion, equity, and allyship in rural development. The St. Mary's training focused on creating true deomcratic and "type 2" co-ops. Many hours of video to come--watch them!!

wrapped up our 7 part webinar series on Marketing Our Cooperative Advantage. Some really great presentations and a very fun panel discussion that (almost) had the energy of being in-person! All videos will be posted by end of Monday, but 5 available now:

It was pointed out to me on Friday that today is the 50th Anniversary of the "Friedman Doctrine" (now mostly known as the Shock Doctrine). My

for those of you in the Cascadia bioregion. . . this is a new project by someone from Salem, OR. It is really only 1-2 people right now, but I jumped in as a resource.

My quote for 2020: "Everybody's got a plan until they get punched in the mouth" Mike Tyson #2020 is the latest entry in cooperative social networks. I'd be interested to hear what people think.

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