Can't substantiate this, but I feel like there's a significant overlap between folks who say everyone needs to learn to "manage up" and those who claim most people lack the soft skills to work in a coop. 🤔

The 10 points in full:
1. Ensuring respect for planetary boundaries
2. Phasing out intellectual property
3. Socializing physical infrastructure
4. Socializing platforms
5. Socialist internet decentralization
6. Socializing data economy & digital intelligence
7. Banning forced ads & consumerism
8. Banning tech for police, prisons, military, and nat'l security agencies & replace with community safety
9. Socializing R&D
10. Ending the digital divide through reparations

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TIL about Michael Kwet's 10-pt plan for a "Digital Tech Deal". My first thought was, What do the folks on here think about it?

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