Looking forward to reading the "Handbook on Participatory Action Research and Community Development"

The first chapter is open access, and does a nice job of introducing and .

And why they're necessary complements to each other if we want to truly "challenge the existing social structural power system".


A big thank you to Jason Wiener and his team for creating (and offering for free!) their online course, Community Enterprise Legal Design.

It has a variety of resources to help develop and other multi-stakeholder and community-oriented enterprise models.


New publication from cecop.coop, which "shows how #cooperatives can promote economic, social, and environmental sustainability in their communities in an inclusive, democratic and collaborative way."

Lasting Impact. Measuring the social impact of worker and social cooperatives in Europe: focus on Italy and Spain:


A while back I and others here and at social.coop discussed the possibility of a "study-into-action" group exploring open tech enabled solidarity food systems. I'm hoping we can pursue that in part through Prosocial Commons. They're using hylo.com as one shared platform, something #OpenTEAM are also developing (community-platform-collabathon)

I've spoken with hylo and OT folks and they're interested in collaborating with us (including Open Food Network) once OT launches their hylo platform in April...

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Introducing Prosocial Commons, Feb 22 1pm EST

#Prosocial Commons will help groups explore and apply Prosocial World's facilitative approach in a variety of contexts.

Drawing on several fields, including behavioral science, cultural evolution, and Ostrom’s work around commoning, it helps groups work together more effectively in support of shared values and goals.

I'm applying it to my solidarity economy, food systems, and community development work.

Come join us!


@LeoSammallahti writes about The Staffing Coop (now part of Obran) at #CoopExchange: coop.exchange/blog/98aae6de-f8

Hive-mind: are there other examples of or literature about cooperatively owned/run staffing agencies?
Links/suggestions welcomed!

I'm particularly interested in food and ag sector applications, where there are major labor issues a coop approach could be quite helpful in addressing.

New post introducing myself to the social.coop community, and things I'd like to work on with others:

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