I note that Community Interest Companies have similar "non-political" restrictions too. But of course non CIC companies are free to be as political as they like.

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The idea charities should try to change the country to make it better in some dimension but also not be “political” is an idea of the purest, most irreducible stupidity.

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Might have to add @EnrolYourself@twitter.com's "growing themselves, together" to this recipe! (including tasty recipes)


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Might have to add @EnrolYourself@twitter.com's "growing themselves, together" to this recipe! (including tasty recipes)

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@DarkMatter_Labs@twitter.com @nickstanhope@twitter.com @ImmyKaur@twitter.com A handful of @national_food@twitter.com , a bunch of @Camerados_org@twitter.com , spice with @ParticipatoryC@twitter.com @everyone_org@twitter.com , simmer with @transitiontowns@twitter.com & bake with @TheHum_Team@twitter.com . Serve w/ @flatpackdemoc@twitter.com &

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This is great! How had I not come across @EnrolYourself@twitter.com before!? cc @TessyBritton@twitter.com @ParticipatoryC@twitter.com & @RichDecibels@twitter.com @TheHum_Team@twitter.com whose @everyone_org@twitter.com & stuff compliment @EnrolYourself@twitter.com's "growing themselves, together" nicely

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Psst 🤫 Want to know a secret? We’ve distilled our learning from 3 years of pollinating peer groups into our new book . Discover our mysteries for free online: enrolyourself.com/huddlecraft or buy a limited edition print copy through our crowdfunder: tinyurl.com/yycohez2

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Imagine if all local authorities supported their local communities to ! @decenteredmedia@twitter.com we should probably do something around this as @bettermediauk@twitter.com, no?

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I hear on the grapevine @bradfordmdc@twitter.com are one of the only - ok maybe few LA’s in the country, providing grants to support local filmmakers . Over 80 applications, that’s a lot of local talent . Can’t wait to see the content @Channel4@twitter.com watch out 👀 twitter.com/bradford2025/statu

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This is great!

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✅ 37 original films and documentaries
✅ Showcasing the distinctive characteristics of and its people.
✅ Made by people who live across the District.

Find out more about the (great) films being made as part of
@bradfordmdc@twitter.com MAKE:FILM


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It was also mean less traffic for the remaining cars and vans too of course

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there are too many cars in London driving short distances: 50% of journeys are <3km. taking cars&vans off the road with cargo bikes means safer streets for all, encouraging more cyclists. ppl who commute by bike have a 52% lower risk of death from heart disease, 40% from cancer

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The @Conservatives@twitter.com are corrupt to the core. Yet another example if their

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Hancock's former neighbour won Covid test kit work after WhatsApp message theguardian.com/world/2020/nov

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If you eat meat, eat and

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Our latest investigation linking British chicken to vast deforestation in Brazil was a big 'ole collaboration - with @TBIJ@twitter.com, @guardian@twitter.com & @itvnews@twitter.com.

Here's the Guardian story - excited to see it on the 10 o'clock news tonight 🤞


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I assume @carolecadwalla@twitter.com means + but still, read this (shame it's not possible to edit Tweets)

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NEW: the government has privately admitted the combined impact of Covid + pandemic will disrupt multiple essential services including food, medicine & drinking water & risks plunging UK into a ‘systemic financial crisis’. From @_EmmaGH@twitter.com & me


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Gotta love @flygirlNHM@twitter.com

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The @NHM_London@twitter.com entomology expert @flygirlNHM@twitter.com is one of our comperes this Monday for bringing attention to those species, big and small, at threat from extinction. Please come join us eventbrite.co.uk/e/on-the-brin @LostSpeciesDay@twitter.com @XRebellionUK@twitter.com

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Take tree test!

Imagine yourself as a tree and ask:

Is your root system broad and deep enough?
Are your core approaches to life and work giving you flexible strength and using resources well?
Do your outputs feel in balance with the roots & trunk below?

Full details below:

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Nature can be so inspirational. Our founder Alan Heeks has written about about Natural Happiness and how we can improve our and my gardening ourselves. See this post about the Seven Seeds of Natural Happiness for an introduction naturalhappiness.net/the-seven

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I recently did the @future_scanning@twitter.com 6 week Future Conversations course and one of the best bits was Alan Heek's session on Natural Happiness which included taking the "tree test" to nourish our roots. See naturalhappiness.net/the-seven for more info :)

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Time connecting with can be so rejuvenating. We're really looking forward to re-starting our in-person at our sister project Hazel Hill Wood at some point next year! hazelhill.org.uk/

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Even without a pandemic this is batshit crazy given the

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This is batshit. There’s a goddamn pandemic happening and people are acting like everything is normal. twitter.com/globalnews/status/

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