You can type emoji on Mastodon without using the picker.

Type : (colon) and then a keyword, then select what you want from the pop-up menu

(For example, typing :sun will bring up emoji containing the word "sun".)

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon #Emoji peeps, I'd like to put together a discussion session sometime on the California bill to create a rather odd kind of worker co-op federation (and odd worker co-ops along with it).

I got a conversation about it going on :birdsite: that blew up a little, so I think some people from SELC, VAWC, and A Slice of NY might be into joining a convo. Anybody interested?

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The word “internet” has been so effectively hijacked by its most dystopian corners that it’s grown harder to even refer to the older element of online life, let alone bring it back into the forefront of society’s consideration. It's time we did so.

ukpol, voter ID, ERS petition 

The Electoral Reform Society is administering a petition against the UK government's plans to require photo ID (your responsibility and cost) for all voters.

As in the US, there's no justification for this other than disenfranchisement of people less likely to vote Conservative.

If you have some loose change kicking around and are dying to help put co-op theory in someone's back pocket...

#OtD 10 May 1920, dock workers in England refused to load armaments for use by Allies against the Russian Revolution. Sylvia Pankhurst played a key role in organising this, as did a woman known only as "Mrs Walker from Poplar"

@comzeradd Can I send our friends in direction of @libreops for hosting their Web and Internet services, or is there another in Greece?

#WriteFreely v0.13 Release Candidate 1 is here! It includes over a year of changes and improvements, from a new WYSIWYG editor to Web Monetization support to new OAuth provider support.

Read about everything in this latest release and, if you're adventurous, you can upgrade to this Release Candidate today:

If you give it a shot, please share any feedback or bug reports!

When systems like Kansas City's eliminated fares, they saw increased access for poor people, survivors of domestic violence and veterans.

Feared increases in crime on the system never materialized - nor did the predicted de facto conversion of the system into a homeless shelter.

Transit is a public good, and it is good for the whole public.




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@Matt_Noyes @GuerillaOntologist @daspitzberg I think that you are right about organizing. You must start with networks, communities, and ecosystems then work with them to build tools to help them not the other way around. I think it was Ned who I met in the platform coops now course who made this clear.

Also your translation of says this.

Audacity telemetry mess 

so, for those who aren't aware, Audacity was recently taken over by Muse Group, and now under project management by Tantacrul.

they recently tried to start their work on redesigning the UI for audacity by adding basic telemetry to the project using Google Analytics:

as you can expect, it didn't go well.

I know that there are lots of arguments to be had on the pros and cons of telemetry, and the privacy risks. however, I think it's good to point out @elementary as a very good example of a project which takes user feedback seriously and doesn't have any telemetry at all. they posted about it in 2019 here:

here's a good excerpt:

Some people coming from this world of vacuuming up data ask us: how does elementary know what features to develop, which areas to focus on, how many daily active users we have? The answers vary, but generally: we actively engage with users, we have a vision for where we’re going, and… why do we need to know an exact number of daily active users again?


Join me in conversation with, hosted by, on May 20 as we explore how to center the tradition of labor unions, cooperatives, and community ownership in economic policy making. Register here!


Are there any #PeerTube clients for Android that are capable of video uploads yet?

#OtD 10 May 1857, a rebellion against the British East India Company began in India. Indian troops mutinied, which sparked other mutinies and civilian uprisings. It was ultimately unsuccessful but forced the company to dissolve

Consider #NewPipe as your #YouTube App for Android. This app is more versatile, costumizable, and capable than Google's YouTube App.

And what's more important:
- you don't need a Google account
- the YouTube content is ad-free
- you can download videos
- it's free and open source
- ...

This did not occur until people started discussing on the pull request where to organize outside of their control for a fork. Organizing works.

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The Audacity maintainers have closed the pull request and committed to not using Google Analytics nor Yandex.

re: Scottish politics 

Final tally

SNP - 64 (+1)
Fucking Tories - 31 (-)
Labour - 22 (-2)
Scottish Greens - 8 (+2)
Lib Dems - 4 (-1)

That'll do.. 72 of 129 seats are pro-independence (+3)
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