We're proud to announce the upcoming release of Funkwhale 1.1 around March 15.

For the first time in Funkwhale's history, this release was supervised and published entirely by Georg, a new maintainer of the project, instead of our usual @agateblue ;)

Georg has published the first release candidate today, and we encourage admins to give it a try and share their feedback so we can spot and correct bugs and regressions.

You can learn more about this release at blog.funkwhale.audio/~/Announc, and governance.funkwhale.audio/d/a will give you all the instructions to update and share your feedback.

Many, many thanks who to all the people who contributed to this release and to the project as a whole ❤️

Great excerpt from a fascinating paper about the Danish labour movement and coops.

The decline of social democratic parties is too focused on policies and not enough on organising methods, and when it does, its focused too much on union and not enough on coop organising.

The key mistake we made was not starting new coops as new industries emerged when people started to diversify their consumption habits as they could afford more than just groceries from a coop store.


#OtD 27 Feb 1937 Woolworth's sitdown strike of women workers in Detroit began. 150 women occupied their workplace and won improved pay and conditions, and helped galvanise the militant workers' movement sweeping the country at the time libcom.org/history/detroit-woo

CryptPad is a privacy-friendly free open source online office suite, you can follow at:

➡️ @cryptpad

It can be self-hosted, or you can use the official instance. More info available at cryptpad.fr

It's collaborative and anonymous with "zero knowledge" encryption, so no one can access your data except you and those you choose to share with.

#CryptPad #FOSS #GoogleDrive #GoogleDocs #Office365 #OnlineOffice #Alternatives #Activism #Privacy #Productivity #Office #SelfHosting

These tech discussions can also very well be placed in the agora.degrowth.net/c/groups/co category, or directly at projects in lab.allmende.io/degrowth.

Do you have a knowledge base in mind?

We can start from lib.rs/search?q=mdbook, iterate through github.com/Doctave/doctave and come up with a larger repository like github.com/LessWrong2/Lesswron or github.com/publiclab/plots2 later on.

I also like mustersprache.commoning.wiki/

It seems its the backlinking and graph visualisation you are interested about, am I right?

#OtD 26 Feb 1860 the Wiyot massacre took place when white settlers murdered up to 250 Indigenous Wiyot people at Tuluwat, California, then expelled them from their land. But they and their descendants kept fighting and by 2019 got back most of their land. shop.workingclasshistory.com/p

#OtD 26 Feb 2012 Trayvon Martin, an unarmed Black teenager, was murdered by a neighbourhood watch volunteer for being Black and wearing a hoodie. After his death there were protests across the US and #blacklivesmatter was born month libcom.org/library/open-season

📰 Feb. 2021 status: We are turning the monthly CryptPad updates for the internal XWiki newsletter into public blog posts. These will be an opportunity to regularly catch up on new features, research projects, etc

The first one is up on our blog: blog.cryptpad.fr/2021/02/24/st

#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @joe Excellent animations plus livestreams of them being made

🌟 @tails - Version of Linux with maximum privacy and anonymity

🌟 @akiraux - Libre UI/UX design tool for Linux, currently alpha testing

🌟 @apertus - Developing open hardware movie cameras and FOSS for filmmakers

🌟 @Minetest & @illunaminetest - FOSS alternative to Minecraft, now much easier to use

🌟 @FreeCAD - Free open CAD software for 3D printing, architecture etc.

1/ Over the summer, millions of people were introduced to police abolitionism by educator Mariame Kaba (@prisonculture@twitter.com) through a short piece titled "Yes, We Mean Literally Abolish the Police," which ran in the NY Times. Now Kaba—one of the foremost contemporary abolitionists—is back with a collection diving deep into transformative justice organizing. An urgent book that cuts through the bullshit to offer an approach equally visionary and pragmatic, this is a must read!

2/ Find "We Do This 'Til We Free Us" and Mariame Kaba's previously published workbook, "Fumbling Towards Repair" on our website at firestorm.coop/products/15741-.

Additionally, don't miss the inspiring 90 minute book launch for "We Do This 'Til We Free Us"—featuring Mariame Kaba, Shira Hassan, Kelly Hayes, Rachel Herzing, Erica Meiners, and Tamara K. Nopper—streaming at youtube.com/watch?t=140&v=xWL9

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#OtD 26 Feb 1930, 3000 unemployed workers demonstrated for jobs or relief payments in Los Angeles outside city hall during the great depression. The protest was broken up by police firing tear gas

On March 30th, I'll imagine "What Would Open Source Look Like If It Were Healthy?" as my entry in GitHub’s Office of the CTO speaker series.


My (ridiculously ambitious?) talk will be livestreamed on Twitch.

Videos from the recent conference on The Theory and Practice of in Cooperatives are now online: sociocracyforall.org/coop-conf

📈 Donations through Liberapay have increased to more than €10k for the first time this week, thanks to the 7584 patrons who are supporting 1035 creators.


#IPTV is a #publicdomain list of internet #television channels.

IPTV is a dynamic list of publicly available internet protocol television (IPTV) channels. IPTV has m3u entries for thousands of channels in many languages, categorized by country (by default). These dynamic lists can be input into an m3u player (like #VLC) and viewed live. IPTV also provides a web API for getting channels as JSON.

Website 🔗️: github.com/iptv-org/iptv

#free #opensource #foss #fossmendations

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