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#OtD 29 Aug 1884 the Italian working class mutual aid group, Societa Operaia (Workers' Society), in Naples launched a new medical initiative to assist the families of members who were struck by a cholera epidemic. It also sparked wider relief efforts.

If you want to move your Mastodon account from one server to another, you can keep your follows and followers if you complete all the steps in this guide:

By the way, don't delete your old account after the move, because it will redirect people to your new account and keep your old posts in existence. Your old posts will still have your old account's name, but when people click on them they'll see a message directing them to the new account.

#Mastodon #Accounts #AccountMigration

"He, too, worried that coöperative values in Mondragon were declining. “We have to keep something different inside of us, something more just, more humane, if we want this model of business to continue,” he said, frowning. I mentioned my own country, America, and he seemed to cheer up. The U.S. was a reminder that things could be worse."

The Moon is Waxing Crescent (7% of Full) 🌒

LibRedirect really gives you a taste of what the web could have been like had it not developed under capitalism.

(Thanks to everyone who suggested it to me here. I really feel the difference when I’m on my iPhone and I’m like, wait, why did the web become shit all of a sudden?) :)

#libRedirect #BigTech #alternatives #SmallTech #stopgaps

Nextcloud cares about privacy and data sovereignty.

Who owns and controls your documents, photos, chat logs & calendar items matters, and we think it should be you!

Check the easy migration options from insecure and privacy-unfriendly platforms here:

If your community/organisation/company is interested, I am keen to give on-line talks about #FrugalComputing, aka Low Carbon and Sustainable Computing.

Example topics are:

Frugal computing
On the need for low-carbon and sustainable computing and the path towards zero-carbon computing.

How to reduce the carbon footprint of your digital lifestyle

Frugal computing: developer perspective
On the need for low-carbon and sustainable computing and what developers can do about it.

But happy to discuss specific topics in this area.

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I am so so blessed and lucky. Giving thanks for everything.

The thing I really like about the fediverse is that it gives people a lot of tools and options to curate their own timeline, with filters, mutes, hiding boosts, etc. There is no algorithm on fedi that's trying to suck you in and keep you addicted to the platform, everything you see on your timeline is in chronological order.

One use of CWs I really like on here is a summary of the main point followed by content warnings, so that opinions confronting dominant systems are exposed and not politely hidden away (for instance, "fuck the police, ACAB"), while warnings are added for content that is upsetting/triggering to vulnerable people ("police brutality, antiblackness, anti-indigenous violence") so that the people affected can filter or otherwise engage with consent. The post is also boost-friendlier this way.

… and @agaric might be looking for something similar (and compatible! synergistic even!) for Drutopia, so, if you are interested in the marketing position, drop us a line too

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Hey, our audio editor is on hiatus, as most of us moved on to other projects. Our GitHub organization now mostly hosts previously unmaintained audio libraries that were brought up to speed with the 21st century.

A very cool person has been silently working on another fork, Saucedacity alone, ever since a bit after the time we popped around. We're discussing on how to carry over our work to their project.

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