Big right-to-repair win: FTC blasts tech giants for making it so difficult to mend devices


Launch of Translate Science

We are a new working group that wants to build tools to make #translations of scientific articles/reports/books, abstracts, titles and terms more accessible and (thus) stimulate the production of such translations.

#Introduction #Introductions #translation #science #scientificLiterature #ScholarlyLiterature #OpenScience #OpenAccess

Just installed the #Cospend app on my @nextcloud instance and damn it is nice:

Another third party service (Splitwise) replaced by a bit of self-hosted code.


Do you want to run your own little corner of the #Fediverse, but you don't have the technical knowledge to install and maintain a server?

A managed hosting company can handle all the technical stuff while you run the instance.

The most popular and longest-running managed hosting service for #Mastodon is @mastohost at:

Another popular managed hosting service is Spacebear, who offer instances for Mastodon, #PixelFed, #PeerTube and #HomeTown:

Since a recent update, Bookwyrm can also import books from @inventaire to diversify the search results a bit. Other book sources are as well as other Bookwyrm instances, but you can also create books and editions in Bookwyrm itself. More connected sources are planned, stay tuned!

#Bookwyrm #Inventaire #OpenLibrary

#OtD 7 May 1945, Nazi Germany surrendered unconditionally, leading to the end of WW2. However, the struggle against fascism would continue as many fascists were either reinstalled into positions of power or allowed to reintegrate into society without punishment for their actions

Me Too! Google Play Store to add privacy information for all Android apps

Google announced the introduction of a privacy information section on the entries of Android applications listed in its Google Play Store digital distribution service starting with Q1 2022.
"Today, we're pre-announcing an upcoming safety section in Google Play that will help people understand the data an app collects or shares, if that data is secured, and additional details that impact privacy and security," Suzanne Frey, Product VP for Android Security and Privacy, said.
We've just seen with Apple's roll out that only around 4% of users opted to enable the tracking in their settings. Apple defaulted it to disabled, so it will be interesting to see what default Google chooses, and whether they will have that option. It would be rather pointless having privacy labels without some way the user can choose to opt out. Seeing a majority of free Android apps are advert driven it will also be interesting to see how this shifts that ecosystem.

easily host your own Secure ScuttleButt (SSB) pub in a docker container


next company I have a bigger say in will set up an "our mistakes and false assumptions" side to track these in public.

"A just-issued report by the US Federal Trade Commission confirms that anti-repair actions by large companies are hurting small businesses, undermining your ownership rights, and hurting the planet."

"This is the point where I would like to just say how lucky I was to grow up in Finland. With an education system that is completely free, and one of the best in the world, I simply came from a background where it was entirely sensible to treat Linux as a hobby...

I very much realize that a lot of people in the US don't really understand the kind of freedom that gives you in life. You really can choose to just do what you love to do, because you can afford to.

#OtD 7 May 1974, hundreds of East African Asian women at Imperial Typewriters in Leicester, England were on unofficial strike against pay and differential conditions to white workers. Despite lasting ‘til August, the strike was unsuccessful

Mastodon 3.4.0rc1 should be out soon, I've almost finished preparing the changelog.

Ideally this would work as follows:
* Auth with your fedi-account from another instance (must not be blocked)
* Be able to view the instance as a native user (local timelines, full profile views, etc.)
* Apps can add support by allowing you to view content from both instances without having to switch profiles
* Have your main profile show up in full on the other instances (either through caching or some form of internet symlinking)

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I love #mastodon and the #fediverse in general but one thing that would be nice is to be able to, instead of having to sign up with a separate account on another instance of another service, it'd be nice to be able to use oauth or something similar to be able to have a presence on that instance without having an entirely separate account.

I was put off using #geary—the nice-looking, #gnome default email client—some years ago, because it would not connect with your address book, and you would need to manually enter/paste email addresses for anyone you hadn't sent an email to.

That's fixed now... reconsidering.

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