Climate activist arrested after ProtonMail provided his IP address -

@jamiem How would a similar case be handled at

@ntnsndr May First resists legal attacks ( Legal requests for data are opportunities for organizing, not liabilities that must be complied with.

@ntnsndr I hope we see proton mail publish the extraordinary legal steps they took to at least try to resist the request. Even google and apple and twitter sometimes resist these things. From Andy Yen's twitter response it seems like they just rolled over.

@jamiem People throwing in "We need end-to-end encrypted, decentralised email" into that thread really need to stop repeating "good phrases they know".

@jamiem nothing unexpected, I think people that are surprised by this have misunderstood what ProtonMail can and cannot do.
This is in no way against what they claim they'll do for their users.
See their reply on Reddit:

@silmathoron The misunderstanding is not surprising, since Proton Mail advertises “Anonymous Email” on their front page:

They don’t clearly say that they will log for the police in their privacy policy and their terms and conditions. They make it look like they will use IP logging only for their own purposes. They know very well that people are misunderstanding this from earlier cases and they chose not to clarify. Despicable.


@tastytea @jamiem mhh, my bad, I did not notice this "anonymous email" part, that is indeed misleading!

@silmathoron @tastytea @jamiem the "all your emails are encrypted" part is misleading, too 🤷‍♀️

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